Roses are Blue

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter Eleven

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Chapter 11

We pulled up to the zoo as it opened the gates. Peyton had her pacifier in her mouth as we pulled up into a parking spot. She was looking around the place, kicking her feet in excitement. She really was a happy kid. Loves to go places, loves to be in her car seat, and loves to see everything going on around her. I never could understand where she got it from. I know I never liked to see other people, but I do love to see everything going on around me. “You ready to have fun, Baby Girl?” I asked as I took her out of the car seat. She held on as Reese took out the stroller and set it up. I put the wiggling girl into the stroller as she looked at Reese from the top on the stroller.

“We should go in now.” He smiled at me. I nodded putting my purse at the bottom of the stroller. I couldn’t believe I was even here. I mean I wanted to come here since I’ve started to live here, but here with Reese? It’s crazy. He paid for our tickets, his and mine since Peyton was free. This zoo was just outside the city. It wasn’t the biggest but it had a lot to see. It was full of different exotic animals with a child’s petting zoo as well. Peyton wasn’t always big on the stroller. She loved to walk around since she learned to walk. I know she’s young and all, only being about 10 months now, but she was speedy. We started to look around the place but she was getting antsy. She wanted out of the stroller, and onto the ground.

“Alright Pey, you win. Come on.” I unbuckled her and put her shoe covered feet on the ground. Reese smiled at her as she ran walked up to the buffalo cage and help onto the fence. She was in wonder. She’s seen animals before, cows, horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, and a donkey one of the people next door owned. But these animals were different. She looked back at me her big hazel eyes glimmering. I put my purse in the stroller before walking after her.

“Mama.” She said walking off to go to the next animal home.

“Stop going so fast Peyton.” She put her hands up. She wanted to be picked up. I picked her up so she can look at the tigers. She pouted before putting her hand s out to Reese, who was right now pushing the pink stroller. He took her as put her little hands to the glass.

“Do you see the big kitty, Peyton?” She nodded as he talked quietly as I took the water bottle out of my purse taking a drink. She looked back at seeing the bottle and whimpering. I put the nozzle into her mouth as she drank some water. She was truly happy right now as I put the water into the cup holder on the handled of the stroller. I should feel left out as Reese and Peyton walked around and I just stayed back pushing the stroller, but I didn’t. I could stop the feeling of my heart swelling as I watched them. He held her close to him when we pasted the more dangerous animals but let her get close to the other ones.

“Having fun?” Reese asked me as we walked to the giraffes. It was getting close to lunch so it wasn’t as crowded. Peyton wasn’t as energetic as it got later. She was getting even more tired. The giraffes are going to be the last animals we see before we go to eat and Peyton naps. For that reason I brought the stroller, not because she is a dead weight to carry around, but because she needed a nap and we could let her sleep in the seat.

“Yeah, getting hungry really.” He kissed my head.

“Almost lunch time.” Peyton was walking in front of us when someone ran passed us to see the giraffes and slammed into her causing her to fall to the ground. I watched in horror as she started to sit up to look at me. She hazel eye went dark as her face scrunched up and she started to cry. Reese picked her up quickly as her face become red. “Shhh baby it’s alright.” He put her on his shoulder as she held on crying. Reese sat down on one of the benches and stroked her hair I took her hands into mine looking them over. I inspected her arms and legs as Reese slowly got her to stop crying. I gave her her pacifier as she watched Reese her eyes still red. He rubbed her cheek gently as I cleaned the scrapes by washing them off with some water and some napkins one of the Zoo keepers gave me. They saw what happened and offered us some help. Peyton tried to kick me off and was crying but I cleaned the scrapes and wrapped them up from the First-Aid kick that the Keeper had.

“All done baby.” I said stroking her hair. I wiped her snotty nose with a tissue as Reese tried to the lull the crying back down.

“Poor thing. The lady had no right to just do that.” I nodded looking at my daughter. The keep looked at her. “Do you want to feed the giraffes, Sweetheart?” Peyton just looked at her, sucking on her pacifier Reese put back in her mouth. The Keeper gave her a carrot as she opened the gate for the giraffe to come over. Peyton watched as it came right up to the edge to eat. “You have to put it up, like this.” She gave a carrot to it to show her. Reese lifted Peyton as she looked at it with big eyes giving it the carrot. It put its big tongue out and licked her hand as it took the carrot. I snapped a picture on Reese’s phone of her staring at the Giraffe as it ate the carrot from her hands. I had dropped my phone into a puddle when I was getting into the car to come her. I was now phoneless now since it broke. I had texted my Mom that it broke from Reese’s phone and I called Mace and left a message saying I’d find a way to get the money to get a new one. I snapped another picture as Peyton reached up to pet the giraffes head. The keeper smiled.

“Mary here is very gentle with kids.” Peyton pulled her hand back and turned around in Reese’s arms and pressed her face into his shirt.

“Thank you so much.” I smiled at her. “I think it cheered her up.” She smiled at mine shaking my hand.

“It was no problem. I hope she feels better.” I nodded.

“I think we’re just going to be going home. She’ll just want a bottle and to get her nap.” The Keeper smiled.

“It’s a good idea. I hope you and your husband have a good day.” She nodded at us before walking away. I stared at her retreating body wide eyed….

When we got back to the house I changed Peyton and laid her in her crib with a warm bottle and a blanket sending her right off to sleep. I walked out closing the door before I rubbed my face and walking into my bedroom and changing from my outfit. I changed into just a long short shelve shirt. “Hey Reese? Can you come in here?” I heard walking before he came into the room.

I stepped back into the bed room turning to see Reese stopped, standing in the doorway. “Why have are you just standing there?” I said pushing myself up on the bed.

“I was just taking in the sight of your beauty.” Reese said slowly stepping closer. A mixture of nerves and heat made their way through my body. Reese had been so wonderful to me and Peyton since he found out about her. I made a hand signal for him to come closer.

“I want you to come here and lay with me, please?” I asked quietly. As he lay alongside me I wrapped myself in his arms, tilting my head up for my lips to meet his.

“I want you.” I whispered letting my body and mind take over. I reached to pull off his shirt as he brought his hands to mine.

“I want you too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to…” Reese started to say before I crushed my lips to his. That was all he needed to be convinced.

Reese threw his shirt on the floor as his hands reached mine, lifting it over my head his hands made their way under the cups of my bra. Gently twisting between his fingers as his lips worked against mine his tongue dancing with mine.I felt him slide my panties down my legs, his fingers finding their way back up and to the heat between my legs. My back arched wanting him more. His finger dipped inside of me slowly.“Reese!” I moaned. I needed him inside of me. Urgency took over my entire body as my hands made their way to remove his pants and boxers. I felt his erection press against my leg. I gasped when I reached and took it in my hand.

“Are you sure you ready for this?” He whispered sliding his erection up and down. My mind starting racing with thought of whether or not he would fit inside of me, but I shook my head yes as he took my lip in his teeth playfully nipping. His hand expressed my body as he pressed the tip to my opening. “If you want me to stop tell me.” He whispered as his lips kissed along my jaw to my neck.

I felt my insides stretching to take him. He went slowly allowing me to adjust to his size. I gripped onto his shoulders digging my fingers into his skin. He started rocking inside of me slowly before picking up the pace. After a couple of minutes my back was arched and my hips were bucking against his. I wanted him deeper inside of me.

“Reese,” I moaned over and over. My fingers digging along the backs of his arms, my body vibrating as the heat spread throughout me.

“Halyn!” Reese moaned back. I could feel him speeding up trying to get deeper and deeper. Our lips crashing together as every single inch of my body exploded like the 4th of July fireworks. I felt Reese let go as he filled me up. I held him close to me before he rolled off me and pulled me into his arms, so we were switched. “Wow.” He kissed me.

“You can say that again.” I mumbled into his warm skin as my face was pressed into it. He kissed my head.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” He smiled before gently putting me on the bed. He kissed me before walking to the bathroom as I cuddled my pillow. I heard the toilet flush before footsteps coming back. “I’m gone for three minutes and I’m already replaced?” I looked up from the pillow at him. “I see how it is.” He sat down on the bed his back facing me. I turned to him as he gently stroked my hair.

“I’m sorry about your back.” I smiled slightly lifting my hand to run over the red scratches on his back. He smiled lying down again next to me. He kissed me running his hand down my torso and over my hip. “Peyton should be up soon.” I whispered closing my eyes moaning.

“We can be quick.” He mumbled kissing from my jaw to my ear.

“I want to try something.” I whispered running my hands down his body kissing along as I went down…

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