Roses are Blue

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012




Chapter 2

I was up before Peyton and the sun getting everything ready for today. I know I needed to go food shopping but Virginia got enough food for the next todays for Peyton and me. I had to thank her. I was only working half the day today, to get the ropes of everything. So 9 to 2. I had the baby monitor clipped on my pajama pants as I went around the kitchen making breakfast for the two of us. I just finished the eggs when I heard movement through the baby monitor. I turned off the stove making my way towards Peyton’s room. She had her pacifier in her mouth as she stood leaning against the bars of the crib Holden had made for me as a baby shower gift. It is beautiful. It has carved pieces of wood at the bottom. It was a crib version of a sleigh bed. Peyton had her ducky blanket in her hand snuggling close to it. Somehow her blanket fell over the bars of the crib and her face crumpled as she reached for it. The pacifier fell out of her mouth as she started to cry. “Mama.” She cried to me.

“Oh baby it’s okay.” I picked up the blanket and gave it to her open arms. I put the pacifier away before picking her up out of her crib. I carried her to the kitchen slipping her into the high chair. I put the small amount of eggs I had made for her as well as the normal banana and mushy peach I had brought from home. Peyton smiled at the gooey mess before putting her cubby little hands in it. She loved the peaches Mom picked off the peach trees we had planted together when I was little. Mom inherited a bit of land when her mother dead when I was 5.  It was farmland. We didn’t know what to do with it half of it so Mom, Mace, and I started at plant trees and bushes. We now have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and apples.  I always loved picking fruits with the family. Peyton pushed a hand full of carefully cut up, smashed peaching giggling swallowing.

“Nam, nam.” She giggled as I made myself a plate of eggs and fruit. Peyton smiled showing me her two little teeth in her mouth.

“Eat up baby.” She put another handful in her mouth. I finished about half my plate before I rushed to fill up a bottle for her for lunch. I fixed up her diaper bag with the power for her formula and the made bottle before putting the leftover eggs into the refrigerator. I looked at Peyton as she finished up her fruit. I picked her wiped down her hands with a baby wipe, as well as her face. I picked her up walking into her nursery to change her into a cute little outfit. I was able to be changed and had Peyton packed up and was over at Virginia’s at 8:15. I knocked on the door as Peyton held onto her ducky. Virginia smiled at me opening the door.

“Morning Sweetheart.” Peyton held onto me looking at Virginia before snuggling into me shirt. “How was your night?” I walked in moving Peyton in my arms so she was laying her head on my shoulder.

“It was good. Mace called at about 2. I was up at 6. Peyton has eaten breakfast and is all fresh and clean.” She smiled as Peyton clutched onto me. I sat down easing her off of me and onto the floor watching baby cartoons on the TV in front of us. She had her hands flat on the coffee table as she stared at the screen giggling. I put the diaper bag down on the floor smiling at her before looking at the clock. 8:30. Peyton was bouncing up and down watching the colorful shapes sing and dance. I kissed her head before going into the kitchen. “I should get going.” She nodded at me.

“I’ll see you at two and we’ll work on when you’ll drop the little beauty off.” I nodded knowing it’s better to just leave the little one here without her knowing I was going or she’ll cry. I walked out getting my keys from my purse and got in the car leaving the car seat with Virginia. I pulled out of my parking spot and made my way to a diner about 20 minutes from the apartments.

The apartments were on the edge of town away from the craziness of the busy town. I’m not even sure if I could take Peyton into the city now to live. She’s so young. She’s lived in a town with only 1 traffic light and everyone who knew everything, and about 400 people. Now, she’s living in a city with an estimated 2 million people. I pulled up the dinner as people scurried about on the streets and into the dinner’s doors. I parked into the parking lot of the diner and got out making my way in. The owner of the diner said she was going to show me around a little before I went into working. I used to work at one of the restaurants in our small town before I came here to make ends meet but when everything fell around me Mace had me quiet and move on.

The owner smiled at me as I walked in. “Haley nice to see you. I’ll just show you around.” I looked at her.

“It’s Halyn, not Haley.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Whatever. The kitchen is back here. Harper will be showing you the ropes.” I nodded as she opened the doors letting me walk into a small room with lockers in it. She pointed to one of the lockers.

“That’s yours Haley. Enjoy it. Harper will be here in a minute to show you around.” I sighed. This was nothing like back home. The people here are impersonal and won’t even remember your name when you tell it to them. I know my name isn’t the easiest. My parents wanted to have unique names. Everyone has one; well expect Andrew but he was an odd one anyway. Even after everything that had happened with Peyton’s father and how he-

“Hello?” My head turned to look at the girl standing in the doorway. “Are you Haley?” I sighed.

“Halyn. But yes.” She smiled at me.

“That’s a pretty name. I’m Harper.” I smiled at her closing the locker I had shoved my purse in. “I’ll be showing you around. First rule I’ll teach you. Stay away from her as best you can.” She turned to look at the owner as we walked out of the room. “She’s not the nicest person ever.” She shook her head handing me a check book and an apron. “Don’t lose the book or you’ll be screwed.” She shook her head. “I did once and it was hell.” I nodded tying the apron around my waist. “I’m here if you have any questions. If you need any help just ask. I’m here for you.” I smiled at her as she handed me a pen. “Good luck!” She said as she was pulled away to a table. I was able to get the hang of everything fairly quickly till about 11. It was really picking up then. But by about 1it started to slow down again, but there was a group of guys making it hard to work with. I was speedy, thanks to my small size. There was a group of teenagers who were trying to make my life hell. I walked up to Harper and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I need some help.” She turned to look at me her face softening.

“Sure, what’s up?” I pointed at the group of boys.

“They won’t leave me alone.” I huffed annoyed she looked at them.

“I’ll take them for you. Can you just take table 13 over there for me?” I nodded quickly at her.

“Thank you.” I sighed in relief. She patted my shoulder making her way over to the table as I walked over to the table she was talking about. It only had one person, a handsome man, sitting at it. I walked over to the table pulling out my pad. “Hi, I’m Halyn and I’ll be your waitress today.” He looked up from his menu. He smiled at me. It was such a sweet, handsome smiled I couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Are you ready to order?”  He smiled.

“May I have a black coffee?” I nodded scribbling it down on the pad.

“Anything else I can get for you?” He shook his head smiling at me. “I’ll get that for you then.” I was able to get him a cup squirming through all the others who were rushing around me. I put the cup down and poured enough coffee for him to put anything he wanted in to it. He smiled at me. He was a good looking man. He had short blonde hair and these amazing blue eyes that were sending my insides into quivers. His clothes were nice. Not compared to mine. They were defiantly not bought at Wal-Mart or Target.  “Have you decided what you want to eat?” He nodded.

“Can I have a cheese burger?” He asked his eyes searching my face as his pants, where my guess his phone was, started to ring. His eyes left my face to look down at his pants. “Is there any way I can get it fast?” I nodded going to put the coffee away gracefully before putting the burger in on rush. I went to a couple of other tables that were left, but my eyes kept flickering over to the man with the blue eyes. He was talking on the phone quietly, sipping his coffee every so often. I watched as his lips moved gracefully speaking unknown words into the end of his phone.

“Hey! New girl!” I tore my eyes away from him to look at the cook. He was staring at me strangely. “Are you going to take this food? Or should I just dump it on you?” I shook my head taking the plate as he grunted at me. I made my way towards the table putting the burger down for the man. He smiled at me.

“I’ll call you soon. Good-bye.” He hung up the phone putting it into his jacket pocket. “Good I was getting hungry.” I smiled at him putting it down on the table.

“Anything else?” I asked him. I’ve never felt like this around anyone I’ve never known before. Well I’ve not been around any new people really either since no one really ever moved to our small town. But this was different. He made me quiver every time I met his crystal eyes.

“Just some more coffee, please.” His eyes crinkled in the slightest way as he smiled.

“Sure.” I said shaking my thoughts making my way to get the coffee pot. I picked up the cup and started to pour coffee in it as one of the boys from the table before smacked into me launch followed. The man caught me easy but the coffee spilt over my shirt and hand. I dropped the pot in pain making it shatter on the floor as the diner fell silent and a laugh rang through the room.

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