Roses are Blue

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter Three

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



Chapter 3

“Nice job klutz.” My eyes watered at the pain of the hot coffee on my shirt and hand. I felt hand lifting me off the broken glass around me.

“Are you alright?” I looked over at those blue eyes as I was sat on the bench. “Halyn?” I blinked at him. He picked up his napkin wiping away at the burning coffee on my hand. I snapped out of my state of shock wincing. “I’m sorry.” His eyes were full of concern.

“I’m alright.” I looked out into the silent diner. They were all watching me and blue eyed god. I moved to get out of the booth only to trip and fall on the glass. Thankfully blue eyes caught me so only my hands hit the glass, but he sent my stomach into quivers.

“Careful.” He said putting me on my feet. I could hear the table of boys laughing at me. I pulled my t-shirt so it no longer was burning my stomach. Harper was looking at me concerned as people started to laugh with the table. The water that was forming in my eyes from the pain started to form into tears. “Hey it’s okay.” I shook my head and walked off to the locker room past everyone as they laughed at me. I could feel the blood dripping out of the little shards of glass in my hand. I took short deep breath before pulling off my apron and shirt sitting down on a bench. I looked at my hand blowing out a lung full of air out. The door knocked and Harper stuck her head in.

“Hey, you alright?” I nodded sitting in only my bra. She walked in and sat next to me. My hand are shaking, my skin was all red, my hands bloody. I looked like a mess. “I’ll cover for you. Go the hospital.” I shook my head.

“I can’t afford it.” I said in a small voice. I took a deep breath. “I’m alright. I just need to go home.” She nodded. She took out her pad and wrote down on it before tearing it out. She handed it to me.

“Here. Here is my number.” She opened up her locker and pulled out her jacket. “Take this so you have something nicer to wear than a dirty wet shirt. I nodded at her.

“Thank you.” She smiled patting my shoulder. “I’ll give it back later…” Her eyes softened at me.

“Don’t worry about it. Call me later.” I nodded pulling on the jacket. It was big on me. I’m a small girl. Harper is taller than me. I’m only about 5 foot 4. I have a small frame, narrow shoulder. My brothers say I’m adopted because I don’t look like them because I’m small, and they’re all buff and tall. Boys. I pulled out my belly button ring and pushed it into my pocket as it was hot from the coffee and uncomfortable. I pulled out my purse and made my way out of the diner.

“Hey, Halyn.” I turned to look as I pulled my keys out of my bag. The blue eyed god looked at me. “How you feeling?” I smiled at him.

“I’ve been better, but I’ve had worse.” He cocked his head at me.

“I feel bad about this whole thing. Why don’t you let me take you out to dinner?” I raised my eye brow at him as he smiled at me.

“It’s not your fault. Dinner is not necessary.” He gave me a thoughtful look.

“How about I tell you I like you and I would be honored if you let me take you out to dinner?” I smiled at him opening my car and putting my purse on the passenger seat.

“I don’t even know your name.” I laughed gently at him. He extended his hand.

“Reese Armstrong.” I looked at my hand before giving him an apologetic look. “Oh yeah. Sorry.” He gave a nervous laugh putting his hands in his pockets making me laugh again.

“Halyn Meyer.” He smiled at me.

“So dinner?” I gave him a thoughtful look. Dinner couldn’t hurt. But what if…What if he was like him? What if he wanted to just hurt me? “You know to make up for having coffee dumped down your shirt.” I looked up at his eyes as they trapped me in there blue depths.

“I guess.” His smiled grew bigger before turning into a grin. I took a piece of paper out of the car and a pen. “I guess I’ll go to dinner with you.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I wrote my number down on the paper handing it to him. I had cloth wrapped around my hands so they didn’t bleed everywhere. Reese, blue eyed god, looked at the number before smiling up at me.

“Tonight?” I looked at my hands.

“I don’t know. I have to see how these go before making plans. Call me?” He nodded thoughtfully looking back at my hands.

“You want me to take you to the hospital?” He looked back up at me. “It’s no trouble.” I shook my head instantly.

“I’ve had worse.” I chuckled. I wasn’t going to go out and tell him I couldn’t afford to go. I didn’t want him to know that I could barely afford to take care of my daughter. And I was not going right out and saying I have a daughter. I love her and cherish her, but to just bring random guys in, no. Even if Reese send me into quivers, I want to protect her. I love her. “Call me.” I smiled at him getting into the car as he smiled pulling his phone from his pocket as I started to drive away. I pulled up into the parking lot of the apartment complex. I parked and made my way towards Virginia’s apartment. I knocked as she opened the door. “What happened to you?” She asked as I walked into the room.

“Long story.” I sighed sitting down on the couch. “Where’s Peyton?” I asked her as she got a first aid kit.

“She’s napping at the moment.” She opened the box. “Hands up.” She unwrapped my hands and gently pulled the glass out of my hands. My hands didn’t bleed much as she pulled them out putting the pieces of glass into a bowl. “Not too bad sweetheart. They’ll heal on their own.” In the end she had to stitch up one cut I had on the back of my hand but not much. Virginia used to be a nurse and knew how to stitch up cuts. Thank god because I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. Virginia was giggling like a school girl as I told her all about Reese. “I’m just saying Reese sounds like a candy!” She giggled. I shook my head as she looked at my stomach to see if it needed to be treated for burns. She said no need to as I pulled away just in time before it got worse. It hurt like a sunburn, but as I said. I have had worse. I wiped down my belly button ring with an alcohol wipe before putting it back in. Peyton woke up and squealed as she saw me and ran into my arms. I kissed her face happily holding onto her. I held onto her as I made her a bottle. “Tell me more about this chocolate boy.” She smiled as I sat down with Peyton as she suckled away at her bottle.

“Oh Virginia stop it.” I kissed Peyton’s head as she held onto me. I missed my baby.

“So this date?” She giggled again clapping her hands. My phone started to ring making Peyton pat at my pocket while I got it. I answered in slowly.

“Hello?” I asked as Peyton stared at the TV suckling on her bottle.

“Hey Halyn, It’s Reese.” Virginia clapped her hand as she heard him.

“Hey.” I blushing as Virginia wiggled her eye brows.

“How you feeling?” I looked down at my wrapped up hands.


“So dinner tonight?” I looked at Peyton.

“I don’t know.” Virginia slapped at me taking the phone from my hands.

“Dinner? Of course! Where shall she meet you? Oh that is a lovely place! Okay! I have her there by 7! Alright, good-bye.” She hung up the phone and handed it back to me.

“Virginia!” I said as she giggled standing up.

“I’ll be over at a quarter after six to watch the little baby. Be dressed and ready. It a nice, but casual place.” I picked Peyton up as she giggled pushing us out. Peyton looked at me as I shook my head and unlocked the door to the apartment. I kissed Peyton and put her down as she ran around before finding a toy and plopping down on the floor. I pulled off the hoodie Harper let me borrow and threw it in the hammy down washing machine. I was able to put in a full load with my jeans too. I walked into my bedroom and pulled on a pair of light blue jeans. I settled on a striped white and yellow tank top and yellow flip tops. I cuddled my baby in my arms on the couch as she giggled playing with her ducky blanket. She was still young and took several naps a day. I had her changed into cute chick pajamas with a pink pacifier in her mouth. She was fast asleep when Virginia came over. I put Peyton into her crib, kissing her head.

“You sure you want me to go?” I asked Virginia closing the door to Peyton’s room.

“I’m sure. I printed out the directions to the restaurant. Here you go.” She smiled patting my cheek. “Go have fun. Mace said you haven’t since you’ve had Peyton. Go have fun.” I nodded taking the directions to the place and a new bag before leaving. Just thinking of Reese made me a quivering mess. This can’t be good…..

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