Roses are Blue

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Four

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Chapter 4

I pulled up to a beautiful Italian restaurant and parked the car. I looked around before my eyes landed on Reese. He had his hands in his jean pockets as he looked around the parking lot. He spotted me and a grin broke out across his face. He walked over his eyes shining. “Hey.” I smiled at him.

“Hey I’m glad you came.” His eyes twinkled as he looked at me. I smiled.

“So am I.” He put his hand on the small of my back as we walked into restaurant. The hostess looked up from her book and looked Reese up and down. Her eyes moved to look at Reese’s hand clutching my lower back lightly. She glared turned to glare at me making my swallow.

“How are your hands?” He asked leaning his head down to whisper lightly in my ear. I closed my eyes as I felt his warm breath tickling my ear. I forgot about the girl glaring me and shuddered as he moved his fingers gently over the thin cloth of my tank top. “So?” I turned to look at him. He smiled at me pulling me ever the much as the girl glared as she helped a group of people who were talking to her.

“Better.” I looked down at the gauze covering most of my hands. “I got a couple stitches but nothing too much.” He looked down at my hands as the family moved away from the hostess. She gave a toothy grin to Reese as we walked forward. I looked down as she glared at me like I killed her family. My brothers always said I wasn’t one to stick up for myself.

“How can I help you today?” She grinned happily at Reese. The restaurant was buzzing with people running around and the noise level was over the roof. It was insane how I was almost looking for the comfort of Reese here, yet I barley know him. It scares me. I blinked being snapped out of my thoughts as Reese talked.

“Reservation for Armstrong.” She looked down at a list before nodding. She picked up two menus.

“Follow me.” She walked away. Reese had his hand lightly on my back as I followed her. Reese pulled my seat out for me to sit in.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him as he sat across from me at the table. The hostess gave us the menus giving Reese a flirty smile and leaving us. I opened up the menu as Reese stared at me. I met his gaze. “What?” I smiled at him. He shook his head his lips twitching into a small.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He smiled opening his menu. I looked back at my menu blushing at him.

“You don’t look half bad.” I smiled weakly looking at the foods on the menu. “How do you know what to get?” I asked looking up at him. He smiled as the waiter, thank god it was a guy so I didn’t have to deal with another flirter right now, came over.

“What can I get you two to drink?” I looked down at the menu before back at him.

“Can I get a glass of red wine? I need a drink with the day I’ve had.” I said looking over at Reese. He nodded.

“Same here.” He smiled at me. “I could use a drink.” I looked back down at the menu as the waiter put the two glasses down on the table before filling them up.

“Are you ready to order?” I looked at Reese before nodding.

“Can I have chicken parmesan?” He nodded looking at Reese.

“You know what? Me too.” I smiled at him handing my menu to the waiter. I picked up my glass of wine and took a sip of it. Reese smiled at me.

“What?” I asked him looking up from swirling the dark liquid in my glass.

“Tell me about yourself Halyn. You intrigue me.” I smiled looking back at the liquid in the glass.

“Like what?” He shrugged.

“How about your family. Where you from? You don’t look like a city girl.” I looked up at him.

“I’m from a small town a couple hours away from here. I moved here yesterday. How about you city boy?” He smiled at me.

“Grew up here by whole life. Born and raised a city boy.” I chuckled lightly at him. “So any sibling? Or are you an only child?” I started to laughed putting my glass down so I didn’t spill it. “What?” He asked looking at me, his lips twitching.

“I’m not an only child, far from it.” I giggled covering my mouth. He looked at me curiously. “I have six old brothers and one younger one.” He whistled.

“Damn. Seven brothers. That’s crazy.” I nodded giggling at his face.

“I know. Imagine being me.” He shook his head. “What about you Reese? Any brothers or sisters?”

“No, no seven brothers. It was just my mom, dad, and me.” He said sadly. I put my hand over his.

“You want one of mine? I don’t mind sharing. You know what you can even keep them.” He smiled at me his eyes twinkling.

“So just you and your brothers?” He asked taking a sip of his wine. I shook my head.

“Nope. My Dad, my mom, Mace, Hudson, Holden, Levi, Archer, Andrew, me, and Jude. Never mind the 15 cows, about 38 horse, 10 chickens, and 4 dogs.” He stopped his glass half way to his mouth. I giggled at his facial expression.

“You’re kidding, right?” I shook my head smiling, truly happy for the first time in a while. It felt, good.

“No, I’m not. My Father runs a horse ranch. I guess having so many boys around is a good thing.” I smiled at the waiter as he put down our food.

“You intrigue me.” I took a sip of my wine blushing. “Maybe one day I can see that ranch of yours.” I looked at him as he watched me.

“Maybe.” I took a bite of my food. “This is really good.” I said taking another bite. He smiled at me.

“This is one of my favorite places to unwind. When it gets stressful.” I looked at him.

“Stressful job?” He sighed nodding. “You want to talk about it?” He looked down and shook his head rubbing his short hair. “I’m here if you do.” He looked up at me smiling giving me silent thanks. We sat talking and laughing telling stupid crappy stories to each other till my phone rang and I yawned.

“You can get that.” He smiled at me as I picked up my phone answering it.

“Hello?” Reese smiled at me calling over the waiter to get the check.

“Hey Sis, where are you?” I looked at the phone.

“Crap, hey Mace. I’m actually out right now.” I smacked at Reese’s hand as he put down his credit card. I took my mouth away from the phone. “Stop it let me pay.” I said to him he laughed putting it out of my reach handing it to the waiter.

“My makeup dinner, I pay, you eat.” He smiled at me finishing out his glass of wine.

“Halyn who was that?” Mace asked carefully listening. Damn Marine ears.

“Mace I’ll call you back in like 20 minutes, alright? Love you.” I hung up the phone pushing it into my purse. “At least let me help pay.” He smiled shaking his head.

“No, my treat.” I picked up my container of extra food as Reese signed the receipt before putting his card back into his wallet. I stood up as Reese put his hand back on my lower back. “Now let me be a gentleman and walk a beautiful woman to her car.” I smiled at him as he walked me out of the restaurant.

“Thank you, for tonight.” I said getting my keys out. He put his hand to my cheek.

“Tonight is something I will now forget.” I could feel his warm breath on my lips as I looked up at him. He is tall. Over six feet. I’m small. He leaned down even closer. “Thank you.” He whispered before pressing his lips in such a gentle way. My lips suddenly molded to his as fireworks went off in my stomach. It was something I have never felt before. He ran his fingers through my hair making me arch my body into his. My cell phone buzzed with a text message making me break the kiss.

“I should get going. It’s getting really late.” He nodded putting his hand on the back of my neck.

“Will I get to see you again?” He asked running his thumb over the skin. I opened my eyes to look at him.

“Yeah.” He brushed his lips against mine.

“I’ll see you.” I nodded breathlessly getting into my car. He smiled at me walking away from me. I sat there trying to catch my breath. Oh what a breath taking kiss.

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