Dream Trap

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



My eyes got wide and I couldn't believe it, in front of me was my grandmother.  I was breathless and crying silent tears.

"No need for that my dear, you aren't dead even though you tried hard to get there.  I guess the Goddess has other plans for you child."  She hugged me tightly and I felt a calm steal over me and hugged her just as tight.

"Gran I have missed you so much.  Right now the way my life is, I'd be better off dead and safe with you."

I felt another presence come towards me.  "Well my daughter, if that is how you feel, I can take this second chance back.  I was hoping you would be more receptive."

I bowed my head to her.  "No offense meant your Holiness, but my life was a living hell before from beating to the next.  How can that be a life at all?"

She placed her hands on my shoulders.  "My dear I understand how hard it has been for you and if you accept my deal it will get harder before it gets better and the things you will learn will be invaluable.  This will be more physical pain than emotional and each moment will make you stronger.  What do you say child?"

I thought for a moment and then looked at the Goddess.  "If I accept there is no turning back is there?  I mean if I decide to back down later I can't, can I?"

She shook her head.  "No you can't bow out after you agree.  IF you decide to go through with it there will be way to get help.  Take Kylese for example, she will train you and teach you things.  I am going to give you a few gifts as well, a couple of things to make it a bit easier.  First of all I give you the gift of a quick perception.  You will be able to learn fast by watching and observing.  IF you see it, you can do it.  The second gift I give you is that you will meet two people that will help you along the way, they will travel with you.  Does that help you a bit?"

I nodded.  It would help, but I would have agreed without the gifts.  You don't have to waste your power on me.  You are a Goddess and I am just a poor excuse of a mortal."

She pulled me close and held me tight.  "You my dear are destined for important things in your life.  I can't let you waste your life.  Your grandmother begged me to spare you when you jumped.  I looked ahead then, to what you are to become and I put you through this to see if you can become the wonderous person I saw in my vision.  See if you can aspire to something most people would only wish to be."

I hugged her tightly.  Thank you, Thank you so much.  I will do my best to make you so proud."  I looked at my grandmother.  "Both of you.  I guess I have to go now."  I ran to my grandmother and held her tight.  "I guess this is goodbye Gran.  I Love you so much.  I am glad that I finally got to say goodye.  All these years I have felt horrible."

She shook her head.  "No need my dear I have heard you all these years.  Live your life with no regrets Lyne, that will make me happy.  Rememeber to keep talk to me love.  I will always listen and who knows I might visit you every now and then.  If your heart is heavy and you feel you are at the end of your rope, call to the Goddess and she will help you along the way.  My love is always with you heart, now take care."

I woke up with someone splashing water on my face.  I sputtered a bit and sat up.  Kylese sighed with relief.  "You gave me a scare you crazy girl.  We thought we lost you for a minute."

I hugged her tightly.  "You didn't lose me, I just, well I just needed a different kind of rest.  How about tomorrow we do a different kind of training.  I would love to see the different fighting styles you use."  She nodded.

"I think that is a great idea, you should be able to see what you will be learning.  I will set up everything for tomorrow, eat and rest now you have been through a lot today."

I laughed.  "I don't know if an emotional break down consititutes as going through a lot, but I learned how I got here.  This is my second chance at life."

She looked at me surprised.  "I knew you were touched by the Goddess, it is a wonderous thing.  Now I will take you to get food, then we will get some rest.  You know how to push past your limits, now you need to listen to your body.  Tomorrow's another day and we have a lot to do."

I smiled and followed her to what looked like a mess hall.I looked at her questionably for a moment before she smiled.  "We do cook for ourselves, but every now and then we all get together and celebrate.  Your coming was a cause for celebration.  So tonight we feast and tomorrow we have an exhibition just for you."

I was speechless.  "Thank you all so much for this, I don't know what to say.  I am not much to celebrate though."  I grabbed a plate and sat down at a mostly empty table, which only lasted until my feet touched the floor.  There were three other girls that sped over to me sit with me.  I smiled as I took a bite.

"I'm sorry, I know it is rude of us to try and make conversation while you are eating, but we had to make sure you were alright.  Ky was very worried when you ran off like that."

I swallowed my food as fast a I could without choking.  "I am sorry if I scared anyone.  I had just reached my emotional limit, my body couldn't take anymore."

They took a deep breath.  "It seems so hard.  We were just wondering if it is true that you are touched by the Goddess.  We are so sorry to be forward but as the saying goes 'curiosity killed the cat.'"

I laughed.  "Curiosity may kill the cat but once satisfied the fat finds it has another life.  I spoke to the Goddess when I passed out, she told me that this is my second chance to live my life."

They sat with shocked looks on their faces and I smiled.  The youngest of the three looked at me.  "That is amazing, you must certainly be Goddess touched for her to come to you while you were unconcious.  I am Deliah by the way.  The other two with me are Evayne and Sasha.  We have been training for about three years now."

I nodded to each of them in turn.  As you have probably heard my name is Madalyne, but you can call me Lyne for short.  Goodness knows everyone else has."  They each shook my hand and smiled.

Dinner was animated and I had fun.  I chatted with a few more people, but before too long my eyes started to water and my eye lids felt like lead weights.  Ky came to my rescue then ushered me off to bed.

As soon as my eyes closed I was deep asleep.  Again I got to see my grandmother and it brought me so much joy.  We sat down at her kitchen table like we used to when I was younger and discussed the events that led to my being in a different world.

"I know it won't be easy to stand up to that which has haunted you for so long.  Tonight we get it all out and wipe your slate clean.  Tomorrow you walk onto that training ground a new person.  Along the way you will have to adapt to new things or there is a chance that you could die.  I know it sounds horrible, but I know you can do it.  Now tell me everything my dear, let the pain out."

I took a deep breath and began at the beginning.  The night was long and full of pain, but with my Gran by my side it was a healing like I had never had full of tears and hugs.  By the time I was done I felt more alive than I had in many years.  She gave me one last kiss then disappeared.  The rest of my night was peaceful and without a single nightmare.  It was such a wonderous feeling.

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