Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Not so sweet revenge

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Submitted: December 23, 2010



Time seemed to slip past us as we lay on the ground after the explosion. I slowly sat up and looked around at the debris that lay all around us. I had a loud ringing in my ears and spots throughout my vision as I tried to get my barings back. I then slowly got up and assessed my damage before I moved over to the others. They were still unconcious, but all still alive. I moved over to assess our only means of transportation, but it was too damaged, debris through one side and out the other. I stomped my foot, shook my fists and then hit the ground. My family was once again in trouble thanks to me and there was nothing I could do about it. I looked behind me to check on the others when I saw Brook start to stir. I quickly moved over to her despite my body's best effort to thwart all my ideas of movement.

I sat her up and pointed to my ears. She looked at me sideways for a moment before she understood. "I can hear," she mouthed at me. "Can you?" I shook my head and she nodded in comprehension. I helped her to stand slowly and looked her over for injuries.

I noticed that she was keeping weight off her leg and I pointed down at it for a moment before I remembered that I could still speak. "Is your leg alright?"

She looked down and then at me and nodded. "It's all good, still able to go."

I nodded to her and looked over the others before smacking Ava awake. She moved her hands up to her face and then tried to sit up. I shook my head and pointed to her ears. In automatic understanding she shook her head no. "Does it hurt anywhere?"

She raised her eyebrow at me and smiled wanely. "It hurts everywhere, but I don't think it is anything major."

I nodded and then moved over to Cherry. I inspected her before I gently slapped her face. She came round but seemed to be out of it a bit. I pointed to my ears and she shook her head. Two with hearing and two without. Thank goodness Ava was our best tracker. I sat Cherry up and inspected her back. She had a few pieces of metal imbedded in her skin.

She shook her head as I moved to pull one out. She grabbed my attention and mouthed to me. "More important things right now. We need to get back to the ranch. He isn't going to play."

I nodded my head and moved over to Ava and Brook. "We need transportation back to the ranch. Is there anything you guys can think of?"

Brook smiled at me before she picked up her cell phone and made a call. When she was done she looked back over at us. "Pick up ETA is 10 minutes. We need to get to a wide road though for extraction."

I nodded and collected Cherry before we all headed out for a strip of wide land that looked like an old air strip. Not even seconds after we got there four jets appeared and landed in front of us. I looked at Brook confused, but she just smiled. We all hopped in and we were off to the ranch as fast as the jets would go. What took us all day to drive took an hour by fighter jet. We landed in a field close to the farm where Alex and Kade were awaiting us. I quickly ran and hugged them both just glad that I could see them again.

We got into Ava's SUV and headed over to the farm. Once there we scoped out our situation. It wasn't pretty, but it would be easier on our own turf. Cherry and Brook moved quickly to take out the guards at the front of the property so we could go in undetected. It seemed a bit too easy to us and it wasn't until we entered the house the we truly understood why. Awaiting us patiently inside were thirty guards armed to the teeth. They hid well in the entranceway undetected. I looked at Ava, Brook and Cherry. We smiled at each other before we were led to the downstairs office. The men held on to us tightly, but that didn't bother us. As we approached the door I relaxed in the man's grip, a way that I had learned for them to be thrown off.

"Hello my sweet Imi. So wonderful of you to join me finally. I have missed you over the years my love." Chris ran his fingers over my cleavage before he looked at Ava and Brook. "It is good to see you two as well. This will be so much easier than I thought. Who knew you would finally become stupid enough to come in together."

"You know Chris. Time definately doesn't change people. You are still a pompous wind bag who doesn't know when to shut up. I will ask you this once and only once. Where is my family?" Chris' meniacal laughter filled the room. "Well your husband and son are right where I left them. Your succulant daughter on the other hand, I tired of playing with her so I gave her to a few of my men. They haven't had a chance for fun lately and well, she was just begging for it." I felt my anger rise in me. "You know, it was a mistake to mess with Ava, Cherry, Nora and I, but that just put the final nail in your coffin you sick twisted son of a fuck."

I wrenched out of my captor's hands and launched myself at Chris. He smiled even more before he launched me into the far wall. I felt my breath rush from my body as everything went hazy. I felt breath on my neck, fingers caressed my skin, and all before I saw his vile face. "You my sweet Imi have always been so interesting in bed. Always know how to please. I will have it from you one more time before I kill you." Each caress of his fingers sent bile into my throat and I was trying so hard not to empty the contents of my stomach, trying hard not to show him any weakness. I felt myself grabbed off the floor and slammed into the wall. The resounding crack of my ribs caused me to scream out in agony. His psychotic chuckle filled the room as he tried to rip my clothes off. I looked past him, beyond him as I tried hard to block out the inevitable. It was then that I heard the universal sound of fear.

The sound of a shotgun pump moving into action had to be one of the best motivators I had ever found. That sound was focused on Chris. I opened my eyes to see Mari with a shotgun in her hand along with Marek and Kieve. All of them were poised at the back of Chris' head. Mari moved forward, her fluid movements showing pain. I felt my heart drop as my little girl came around my side to shove a shotgun into Chris' face. "You really fucked up didn't you." She took the butt end of her shotgun and rammed it into Chris' groin. He doubled over yet kept his hands in full view. She then proceded to beat him repeatedly with her shotgun before firing one shot off right into his knee. I felt the satisfaction that roiled over me as he screamed in agony.

The words that came from my mouth held the finality of his fate. "I told you I would kill you slowly. Shall we begin now Chris?"

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