Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - A beginning to an end

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



It took all of us a week to finish the deck and put up all of the decorations. We then stood back and marvled at our handywork. Ava put her arm around me and smiled.

"Now that is a job well done if I must say." She hugged me tighter and started to laugh.

I nodded. "Yes, I must say this turned out better than my original idea. Is everyone ready to set up."

She looked over at me and I smiled. "Of course it is Imi. The caterer's will be here within the hour to set up and then of course the DeeJay and the videographer. Trust me, everything will be in place by the time that they are ready for the party and the guests to arrive."

I nodded. "Great, so how about we all go get cleaned up and changed so that we can enjoy a party. What do you say?"

There was a resounding cheer that went up around the people that were working with us. "Alright then let's go enjoy ourselves."

Ava moved with me over to the main house and took the upstairs shower where she got cleaned up and changed. I, on the other hand, stripped naked and enjoyed a luxurious bubble bath. I went under the water and rinsed out my long hair and as I surfaced I felt hard muscles as they slid in behind me. I smiled to myself and pushed back on Kie. I heard and felt the chuckle that resounded in his chest.

"That is such a wonderful way to greet me, my beautiful loving wife. How was your day my love."

I moved my hands behind me and put his arms around me. "My day was great, we finished just in time and now I am in heaven with the this bubble bath. Now you are here and you can wash my back for me."

He laughed. "You know there are other much better ideas for what little time we have before the party." He flipped me around to where I was facing him and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I don't know if you quite understand what you do to me, but then you must for you do it all the time. With the way you brush your hair out of your face, to the way you look all hot and sweaty. The simple things. Oh how much you turn me on."

I giggled as his hands came around me and pulled me tighter to him. "You know there are times you say the most wonderful things. No wonder I married you." I pressed my body to his, my hands worked their way up his torso and around his neck. The feel of his skin sent shivers down my spine as I wrapped my fingers into his damp hair.

A moan escaped him and I could feel the response of his body on mine. Kie automatically started to kiss my neck and moved down to my chest. I felt my body get hotter by the minute. The moment he entered my body I felt myself shudder in relief. Each moment of him inside me brought me to a euphoria I hadn't known before.

What seemed like minutes turned into hours and I still couldn't get enough of him. As the water started to turn cold, our bodies sated, we moved over to the shower. We cleaned up again before we both moved to get dressed. I pinned up the long brown tresses of my hair before I stepped into my dress for the party. I looked over at Kie and my breath caught in my throat.

"Oh love, you look dashing. I love the outfit you chose." I let all of the want and need filter into my eyes for him to see.

I smiled at him and he looked at me. "Imi, you are a vision of perfection. I am glad that tonight I get to show you off. I am the luckiest man in the world."

I giggled as I placed my hand on his arm. "Remember what tonight is all about. They are going to be leaving us soon my love, and thus we all start a new life."

He nodded as he escorted me from our room. It was to be a night that they remembered for the rest of their lives.

I hate when I predict more than I bargained for.

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