Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Slow and painful death

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



I looked over at my daughter and saw not the girl that had been there five minutes prior but a woman of such deep understanding that I was proud. She eyed me carefully before she moved away and back towards the house. I knew how much it hurt her to let go of him, but she was going to be making a new life for herself and she knew that the long distance would only drag them farther apart.

Kie looked at me for a moment before he headed over to us. "Is everything alright love?"

I nodded. "Yes, I just saw my little girl turn into a woman before my eyes is all. She was so mature about something that hurt her so much. I am proud yet sad at the same time. I remember the sadness in my life and I don't want that for her."

Kie hugged me tightly. "I know my dear and I wouldn't want that for her either. Without the darkness we can't see the light though, can we love? For her to go through a little bit of pain now could pay off for her in the long run when she moves to NC. She just might like it there, and she just might find that person strong enough for her."

"I just hope that she doesn't let it eat her up inside, she doesn't deserve that." I watch my daughter as she had a discussion with a girl I had neve seen. I tapped Kie on the shoulder and pointed him in the direction of the conversation. "Do we know that woman?"

He looked for a moment before he saw the expression on Mari's face. "No, but it looks like Mari does and she isn't happy to see her. How about we move over there and check it out."

I nodded. "I agree." We moved slowly over there stopping every now and then to say a hello or a thank you to a stray guest that would pass our way. As we got closer to our daughter the raised voice of the woman assulted my ears.

Woman* You know Mari it was so much fun to torture your perfect lily white skin while you were under my command. I should take you back with me right now, but alas the compound is no more. I will get you back in my care soon enough, you can bet that.

Mari* Daliah you know you couldn't be more wrong. How about you and I take a walk and talk about this a bit more. Maybe I could show you what you missed out on under your dead mistress's care. I could show you what a normal life looks like, you know that one thing that you want more than anything?

Daliah* If I were you I would be very careful, I know how to hurt that which you love most. Do they know sweet Mari what we made you do to your own blood. What those scars on him really are. It was so much fun to watch as you mutilated him.

Mari grasped the woman's arm tightly and started to pull her off the dance floor and to a secluded part of the ranch. "You know Daliah, we did what we had to so we could survive, but you didn't break us and that galls you so much doesn't it?"

Daliah cackled before she started to cough. You know, talking like that makes me want to take you away right now and just play with you and leave you for dead, but your mommy would come for you. Oh yes, of that I am sure. I will bide my time until I get my han-."

I rushed over to see my daughter had plunged a long dagger into the woman's heart. I gasped as I looked at my daughter yet her voice carried clear. "Consider this a last gift from your mistress you guttering whore. You should have done something about me while you had the chance."

Daliah's breaths came in gasps. "I did you insolent child. Did you think I wouldn't find a way to hurt you. You should never accept a drink from a stranger."

I grabbed the woman by the throat. "What did you put in her drink? What the fuck did you put in her drink you stupid bitch."

Her gasping laugh made me cringe. "A poison to which there is no cure. She won't live too much longer. I knew my life would end tonight, but she will live in agony for many weeks before she passes. A fitting punishment I must say."

I gasped at looked at my daughter who dug the dagger out of the dying woman and walked away without a backward glance.

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