Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - pain and epiphanies

Submitted: January 11, 2011

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Submitted: January 11, 2011



Days passed and I watched as my daughter slowly started to pass away. I worked day and night to try to help her to no avail. I pured over books, literature and the internet trying to identify the poison that was affecting my daughter so. Each day was more agonizing than the last and I cried each time I had to go to my daughter as she was throwing up blood. She held on to me tightly as a spasm of pain contorted her face.

"Breathe Mari, just breathe. I know you are so sick of hearing it but the breath is the key to the body."

She nodded to me and took deep breaths. I felt the tears run down my face and I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to lose my daughter, my little girl to some herbal poison that someone concocted. I sat with her day and night as she got worse, spoon fed her the meals that she couldn't eat and helped her do the things that she had been doing her whole life. She sighed when I laid her back in bed and closed her eyes. I knew she wasn't sleeping, but that she wanted time to her self.

"Get some rest my love. I am going to go back to my research there has to be something I am missing." I moved closer to her and kissed her forehead gently before I left the room.

I moved down the stairs as quietly as I could and started to pace in the living room. "Think Imi for the sake of all that you hold dear think. You have tried all of the herbal ones that you could think of, what else could you be missing. If it isn't herbal and it isn't strictly medical and you haven't found a cross concoction then what else could it be. Think, think think." I paced the room over and over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my boots on and headed outside.

I started towards the barn and started to work. It cleared my mind and really helped me to realign myself. I was madly shovling through the stalls when Brook came over to me. I was so angry and I couldn't stop the pain and hurt rushing through my body. Brook took the shovel from me and held me tightly. I clung to her and cried, screamed and pounded my fist into her shoulder.

"You need to start thinking outside the box Imi, it is the only way we are going to solve this. I think we need to start looking into maybe something that was sythesized, something that started out herbal but was turned into something else."

My head shot up from her. That's it. You are a genius." I kissed my sister in law on the cheek ran towards the house, kicked my boots off on the porch and got into a quick shower before I went back up to my daughter's room. I woke her up gently and smiled at her.

"Meri, Meri wake up, I got it. I need to draw some blood, but I think I can get it now. Your aunt Brook is a genius, without her I wouldn't have figured it out. What do you say Meri can I draw a bit more blood?"

She nodded and put her arm out. I grabbed a few vials and started to draw her blood. She sucked in a breath as the needle pierced her skin. I worked quickly to get the blood so I could get to the lab to work on trying to figure out what was wrong with my daughter.

I put the bandage over her arm as Marek came into the room. I rushed out and headed for the hospital before the blood could coagulate. They looked at me oddly as I headed for the basement, but they knew what I was up to. As I entered the lab the tech looked at me.

"Lady you look frantic what is it?" The tech, which I learned later his name was Donald looked at the vials in my hand.

"I got it Don, I got it. I need a FULL panel work up done. I need a full narcotic work up as well as soon as possible, the longer this thing is in my daughter's system, the more damage it does."

He nodded and took the vials from my hand. I took a piece of paper off the printer and sat down at a desk nearby and started to go through a mental list in my head of natural cures that I would have been able to use to help her. I then started to make a list of the medicines know to help. I felt so tired, but I worked through hours and hours of knowledge that I had picked up over the years. It seemed like moments later that Don handed me a packet of papers.

I quickly sifted through them and then stood up. I kissed him on the cheek and looked at him. "I need you to get your hands on some things for me. I am going to need a good pain killer since the cure is going to hurt her horribly, then I am going to need Amoxicilin and an Astringent. I will bring everything else. If you can get your hands on those things in a couple of hours I will have her admited and we will start her treatment.

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