Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Evil plans and party favors

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Submitted: December 13, 2010



I nodded my head and smiled at her. "I already convinced him that they needed them, I just never told him what I had in mind."

We both looked over at Kieve and smiled. He sighed and moved over to Talia knowing that we would like time to speak of our plans.

"Imi I can make a gigantic cake for them and decorate each side to match their personality. We can do a 'Two side of the same coin' type of party."

I nodded as I tapped my finger on my jeans. "We could extend the deck out and make it a dance floor, get a photographer, videographer, DeeJay and lights technician."

Ava raised her eyebrow. "Isn't that going a bit overboard on it?"

I shook my head frantically. "They leave me soon Ava, I want to make the best out of the last of the time we have. In the summer Marek goes to boot camp and then in the fall Mari goes to State for her four years in College before she studies in Paris. My babies are leaving me."

Ava hugged me close as I felt the tears roll down my face. "They aren't actually leaving, just making their way. It happens to the best of us and they are that. Strong, willful and sometimes down right mean they are. You raised them well and now you have Talia to do the same with. We went through a lot with them and my goodness, I think here soon we are going to have a wedding to plan between Mari and Reese. Those two have been inseperable for years."

I nodded. "I want to go all out for them. Maybe do a masquarade for them and make it wonderful. I want them to have lasting memories no matter where they go."

"Oh Imi they will. With a mother like you I can bet they will. You have been wonderful to them, given them the strength they needed, a shoulder to cry on and been there when times got tough and they dug in their heels. You are a great mother and I know they are very proud of you and they are so happy about Talia. Who knows maybe a couple of more sibblings may be in the works for you and Kie. I swear the two of you are rabbits."

I laughed and nodded. "I can't get enough of him and it is wonderful. If you feel like calling us rabbits hey go for it. We aren't ashamed by it, not in the least. Anyway, you subject changer. I figure since their birthday is in a month we need to get cracking. I will have the deck and enclosure built along with ordering the lights and the DeeJay. I could really use your business sense though."

She barked out a laugh. "Alright I will call the ographers and get prices and examples for us. How about if we just do something semi formal for them that way we can get great pictures and video, but it won't feel so stuffy."

I bowed down to her with a flourish. "I will concede to you here Madam Ava and trust your judgement. Now we really need to get going. We still have to go pick out the vehicles for the kids and I need to pick mine up. Do you think that when we get them we can keep the cars at your place. They are in and out of the shed way too much at our place for them to stay a secret long."

Ava nodded. "Of course. Also, I won't be able to stay with you guys long after work. Alex and I are about to go on our second honeymoon so he and I are going to spend the week planning and packing."

I laughed and nodded. "Hey you two do what you got to do. We love you girlie you know that. Now let's get the kiddos and get our shopping done. Who knows I just might have a gift shipped over to your place, just for you and Alex."

She shook her head at me. "You are crazy. Does Kie actually like all those corsets and garters that you have?"

I laughed and turned red. "Not only does he like them, he expanded my collection and the next girls night I just might have to show my favorite one off to you."

She shook her head laughing as she picked up her little boy and grabbed her diaper bag. "Same time next week you better remember. One or the both of you. We can't be standing the love birds up. They are melancholy without each other."

I smiled. "Same time next week. You know I won't forget. Maybe I will shake up the play gym next week, show off a bit of that body I have worked so hard to get back."

Ava gasped. "Imirial Miunet Lake don't you even think about it. You will scare the poor backwoods moms into insensibility and make their husbands try to chase you about. We don't need Kie in jail, he does great as a daddy."

He looked at Ava. "I wouldn't go after them. You could bet your ass I would go after her though. She is fighting trim again Ava, that I can promise you."

She steadied her gaze at him. "I bet the constant sex had nothing what so ever to do with that am I right?"

Kie blushed and picked up Talia.

Ava laughed triumphantly. "That's what I thought."


Talia Carmela Lake

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