Love Forever Bound

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - The End

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I ran through the door to her room to see that they were doing compressions on her chest. Marek ran over to me and held me tightly crying.

"Momma, I tried to call you but the call wouldn't go through. Her heart stopped it just stopped."

I held on to him tightly as they pulled out the defibrulator and got to work trying to shock my daughter's heart into beating once again. The tears rolled down my cheeks as they started to shock her heart. After the third time I gently pushed my son away and moved over to the bed. They were going to shock her again before I stopped them and gently moved them away. I reached into my purse and grabbed out my ointment and placed a bit on her forehead and over her heart. My daughter's lifeless body was on the bed and I was preying that with the medicine already in her body, that when her skin absorbed the ointment she would wake up. A doctor tried to force me away from the bed, but Ava moved forward and grabbed him. I nodded to her and looked at the IV bag as it hung over my daughter's bed. I heard talking all around me, but I worked slowly to try and find the problem that caused my daughter to be lifeless.

"You can't use conventional medicine on this girl right now, with the antidote that was cooked up for this, doing that is the same as killing her." Ava's voice resonated in my head as I worked quietly over my daughter. My head jerked up and over to Ava who looked at me in turn. A nurse walked in and I moved over to her quickly.

"What did you give my daughter earlier? What was it that you added to her IV. Please, please I need to know. What did you give her?"

The nurse looked stunned. "I gave her an antibiotic, the doctor told me to place it in her IV. I- Is everything alright?"

Ava moved over to the nurse, and grabbed the front of her scrubs. "What antibiotic did you give her?"

The scared woman looked at me and then back at Ava. "I gave her amoxocillin. Doctor said it wouldn't have any affect on anything that she was already taking."

I moved towards the IV again and started to drain the now blue liquid out of the holding area of the drip. As soon as it was all gone, I reattached it to the bag. Ava was fuming as she let the nurse go. I watched as the now undiluted mixture made it's way back into my daughter's body. Slowly her color started to return and her hands twitched a bit. I moved over to the nurse. "I want the doctor responsible in here right now."

The nurse nodded and quickly left the room as Ava still paced. I watched as the seizures started then the vomitting as her body tried to expel the liquid that didn't belong. She was still unconcious by the time her body had gone back to normal and I was worried. The antibiotic could have caused some long term damage to her and as soon as the doc got into the room I gave him a piece of my mind.

I relieved the doctor from Mari's case and started to work on her myself. It was three days before she awakened only to find out she didn't have the use of her legs. I reassured her that through treatment she would be back up on her feet in no time. It was then that she cried.

"Momma, momma I met him. I met our birth father. He is amazing Momma, told me to tell you that he loved you and he trusted in your ability to bring me back. It wasn't my time yet and he was worried when I showed up. Everything is how it should be though. I know what I am going to do. Momma, I am a fighter, I am going to walk again no matter what, but not in time for gratuation."

I held her tight and smiled to myself. No one could break us no matter what and my daughter was such a wonderful example of that. "So what are our plans now huh. After graduation what are you going to do?"

She smiled at me. "You know Momma, I think that I want to be a nurse, to help people. Work in the shop that you and Aunt Ava create. The work you have been doing for the people around here is amazing. I want to be a part of that. I guess while I am getting my degree I will become an apprentice and help you guys out. Also do you Public Relations if you would let me that way I can still take photos of things that matter to me. First things first, I need to walk again.

I nodded my head. "I know you do my dear and I couldn't agree with you more. North Carolina has the best facilities there are so how about right after graduation we start looking for places, you start school and we will work on your rehabilitation at that same time. We are hard working, multi-tasking women. You know we can do anything."

She nodded her head. "Yes, we can and Momma thank you so much for saving my life. It must have been hard for you to go through all of that. Thank you so so much."

I held her tightly that day and helped her every day after that. On the day of their graduation I was so proud to see the look of achievement in her eyes. As they called both Marek and Marika I smiled. He rolled his sister up to the stage where they were both given the key to their lives. The massive party that followed was amazing and it seemed like the day after that we were all packing up and moving to a new state on the other side of the country where we would start a new life.

Mari enrolled in her online schooling that she did four times a week in between the physical therepy that she had started. The day that Marek left to finish his paperwork for the Marines was the proudest day of my life. My two beautiful children on their own road to life as Ava and I made our way as well. Kie was happy to help us out, but he liked even more that the proporty we lived off of had a bit of acreage for him to plant and cultivate. You can take the man out of the country but you can't take the country out of the man.

Thus is our family content. Oh and little Talia has the time of her life in her daycare, such a little heart breaker my little Talia. What the future holds for her, well the possibilities are more than endless.

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