The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A Day with the boss

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Submitted: February 21, 2011



Morning came long before I was ready and I felt a bit sluggish.I slowly got out of bed when my alarm went off and headed for the shower.I heard movement in the living room and knew that Georgia was already getting the kids breakfast.I turned on the water and felt the relief of the hot water as it pulsed over my skin.It felt so wonderful to relax before I had to go to work.It was going to be a stressful day with the boss watching our every move.I slowly got out of the shower and headed back into my room.Molly growled and I stopped right where I stood.She came over to me and moved me a bit before she let me continue.I saw on the bed wrapped in a towel and felt my clothes laid out next to me.I sighed, never again would I get to see the expression on someone’s face or see my kids smile, or know what they looked like when they grew up.

I quickly grabbed my clothes as my phone rung.I sighed and answered as I quickly got dressed.

ME* This is Mara.

Dan*Hey Mar, wanted to let you know I am ten out, I am so sorry I am running late today, I got nervous trying to figure out what to wear.

I laughed.

Me*Thank goodness I don’t have that problem huh.I will be ready to go.The house is quiet so I am guessing that Georgia took the kids to Daycare.

Dan*Well, grab some coffee and I will be there soon to pick up two of my favorite girls.

Me*You know for being married you are such a charmer still.Honk when you get here.

Dan*Got it, later Mar.


I flipped my phone closed and walked to the door of my room.I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee as there was a knock on the door."It’s open."

I heard Dan’s shuffled steps as he walked in and smiled."You know Dan here lately you have been tired.I wonder what’s going on with you.You know we have a few minutes to talk before we go."

He sighed as I heard a chair move from behind me."You know, for being you, you are very perceptive.Some problems between the wife and I.She is jealous of the fact that I work with you and she said that if I don’t stop working with you she is going to leave me."

I sighed."You know your wife is odd.Maybe I should talk to her and tell her about my fiance before so flies off the handle.Would that be a good idea?"

He laughed."A white lie wouldn’t hurt.Maybe we could come for dinner tomorrow night and you could bring a mystery guy.I think that would be great to help her out.I don’t think anyone else could handle how crazy you are and how neurotic you are."

I moved around the counter and shoved him lightly."You know if I didn’t like you I would have beat your ass for that one.Alright, I will have Rick come over and pretend to be my fiance.Goodness knows I still have an old ring from my last engagement.I bet Rick and I could pull it off."

He got up and hugged me."You know I don’t deserve you for a partner.Thank you for that so much doing this.I bet it would make Stella back off.Her main issue is that you are single.Well, Mara it’s time to go.Round up your things and let’s get gone.Gonna be a hard day with the boss breathing down our neck."

I put my cup down in the sink and grabbed my purse along with my phone.I let out a whistle and called to Molly who was by my side instantly.I walked out the door with them and locked the door.As Molly led me to the car I opened my phone to call Rick.It rang three times before he answered.

Rick* R.C.R. Farms this is Rick how may I help you.

I giggled.

Me*Wow you sound so official it is so hott.

Rick*Hey sexy long time no talk to.How are you today.

Me* Under scrutiny the boss knows my secret and wants to make sure I am doing my job and he isn’t just paying me to sit on my laurels.

Rick*Sounds rough.I miss you girl, when can we see each other again?I am worried because I thought with what happened down by the lake you wouldn’t want to see me again.

I gasped

Me*No, that isn’t it at all.I have been super busy with work and I had to pull an over night.Oh Rick I have wanted to see you.How about tomorrow night we have dinner, but I have a major favor to ask.

Rick laughed

Rick*Now that sounds ominous.How can I help you tomorrow night?

Me*Well I kinda need us to act like we are engaged.My partner at work is having problems with his wife and she is mad because he works with me and I am single so she thinks he is going to cheat on her.I can’t lose him as a partner so we figured to tell her I was engaged to get her off his back.If you aren’t up for it that’s alright, but-"

Rick*I’ll do it.Not a problem at all.What time should I be there?

Me*We figured about 6pm would be good, it will give Dan time to go home, change and pick her up.Would that be a problem.

Rick*Not at all.Not in the least 6pm it is.

Me*Thanks so much and how about you and me have some time to ourselves tonight.I should get off about 5 kids will be in bed around 8 so how about a dessert on the back porch around 9?

Rick*I would like that, very much.I will see you then.Have a great day at work Mar.

Me*Thanks Rick.Talk to you later.

I hung up the phone and smiled to myself as I felt the familiar pull of Dan’s car into the parking lot at our job.Once he turned off the car I got out and moved with Molly into the building.I heard gasps and murmurs of how large she was.I pointed to my desk and she went and laid down.I laughed as the boss came out."Good to see you Mara, I thought with our talk yesterday I scared you laughed."

I laughed."Not a chance, are you ready for an eye opening day?I can promise you that I am neurotic when it comes to how this is done.Dan should have switched cars by now."I walked towards the exit but heard a growl from Molly that stopped me in my tracks.I felt then a rush of air move past me and knew that Molly was warning me to stop.I got to the door and whistled loudly causing Molly to jump to my side.I laughed at the dumbfounded whispers as we both walked out the door.

I heard Bossman shouting orders behind me as he walked out the door.I opened the backseat door and felt the car shift as Molly got in.I closed the door and moved towards the front seat as Dan came over to the car.

"We got our assignment and Boss is going to follow us there to see how we do this.I know you never let me carry the equipment but maybe today would be an exception."

I laughed. "Not a chance, I do it by myself every day why should today be any different.Let’s get going, lots to do and I have a feeling today’s video is going to have to surpass every other day so far."

Dan laughed as he drove."You know I think you are right, but are you sure he is going to be impressed by how we get our stuff done."

It took about half an hour to get to our destination and Dan and I were laughing as we pulled up outside.He had already given me the rundown of our story for the day.I let Molly out of the car and moved to the back to get our equipment.In the silence around me I didn’t hear my boss sneak up on me.

"Do you need help carrying anything?"His voice sounded worried as I grabbed my bag and tripod out of the back of the car.

"Nope, I don’t need a thing, I have this down to a science.Sit back and enjoy the show boss.Molly came up beside me and followed Dan into the building.We got into the elevator where it was a bit cramped with the boss in as well.Once we got to the place for the shoot I started to set up as Dan explained how we were going to do the interviews so I knew which cues to use for editing and I sighed as he told me there was to be four interview, it was going to be a long day.....

Hours later we were done and I had packed everything up and started back down with Molly out of the building so that I could start my editing for the video as Dan worked on his piece that I would add in later.The boss got into the driver’s seat and watched as I did all of my editing before Dan told me that he was ready for his stand up in the video.It took us ten minutes to do both his stand up and voice over before I edited them into the video and then played my final product for the boss.I heard silence after it was finished and I got worried.

"Well, what did you think about it?I mean even for doing a bit of rough editing it sounds good to me and you can’t even here the cues I used to edit it."I was starting to shake as he hadn’t answered me yet.

"That was absolutely amazing.I didn’t know that you could do something like that.Is that how you have been doing the videos since you went blind?"

I nodded my head.Dan and I came up with a system and it has worked for us ever since.I have to say that it is fun and the stories are always different.We have waded into some shit I can promise you that.I have been in the swamps, waded through things I couldn’t get off my skin for days and all for the story.So do I still have a job?"

I felt the car shake and tilted my head to the side a bit."I- I’m sorry I forgot.Not only do you have a job you are safe no matter what.I won’t let them get rid of you even if the whole world knows it, you are an amazing camera operator even with the affliction of being blind.You live your life like there is no difference and I won’t let them get rid of you, you are too good."

I sighed. "Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.I was really worried when you didn’t say anything for a moment."

He laughed."You did such great work, I forgot you were blind.I will be making some changes around the office to help you out a little bit more though.I don’t want you to be put out of using the editor because other people can be rude and move things.I think a few new policies are going to go into effect here soon and you will be able to edit your things at your desk.I will have it outfitted for what you need.I will meet you back at the station Mara.Great job today."

I nodded my head as I felt him get out of the car.I felt movement again and knew that Dan had let Molly in the back seat and he was ready to go.It had been a long day and all I wanted to do was get home and bask in my victory before I had dessert with Rick.

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