The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - A bit of a shock

Submitted: February 21, 2011

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Submitted: February 21, 2011



It was 5:30 before I got home and I was so tired. I opened the door and got rushed by my munchkins. I smiled and hugged them. I was so happy to be home as I took my shoes off and heard Georgia in the kitchen, that I sighed. Georgia giggled as I moved onto the barstool.

"You know if this is how you feel when you get home from work, you need a different job."

I laughed. "You know it wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have the boss with me all day. Do you think that you could do me two huge favors?

She sighed. "Depends on what they are. You know I won't turn down a reasonable request."

I laughed again. "Do you think you could make something for dessert tonight for Rick and I. I need to talk with him and he will be here around nine. I figure it would be great for us to talk after everything that has happened and I could explain to him why I haven't called. I also need a nice dinner for tomorrow night when I fake my engagement to make Stella feel better. I swear to you that woman is unhinged in the head to think that I would sleep with Dan. We are friends and nothing more, yet she tries to blow things out of proportion."

"No problem. Dinner will be ready in five and then I will make something nice and sweet for you two so you can relax. Dinner tomorrow night won't be a prob, I will prep it before I go home tonight that way you will have everything ready by the time I leave tomorrow. Do you want me to take the kids as well or do you want them here so she really understands that you are tied down?"

I giggled. "I want them here so that Rick can play father figure and make it look even more genuine. He agreed to this and I have a feeling I am really going to have to think of a way to thank him for it. He has done so much for us and I really really like him. I mean we have been friends for a bit, but wow he is actually an amazing person."

I heard retching noises and then laughing. "Alright Mar, stop gushing it's gross. You know I think you two should sit down tonight and talk about where you are with this thing ya'll have. On one had you two are creepily in tune and on the other you are so pent up lately you put eveything but work on the back burner. Everything that is but your kids. Who knows, putting him in the fray tomorrow night might be a good thing. If he does well with the kiddos that might impress you even more to ACTUALLY GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP!"

I hung my head. "Don't yell at me Georgia, you know how muchI worry since people tend to flip out about my blindness. I know the docs are trying to find a solution, but I am not banking on that at all. I can adjust but it seems that I meet guys that think because I am blind I am totally crippled as well. Rick and Dan understand and treat me normal, or at least as normal as they can considering there are somethings I can't do on my own anymore. You understand better than anyone else how frustrated I am that I can't just out of the blue decide to change my outfit, or if I feel like taking a drive to see the sunset over the ocean. It is so damn frustrating."

I heard her steps come closer to me and I prepared to get bowled over. I felt her arms go around me. "You know I don't mind helping out and if you feel like changing your outfit, I will help you out. I have this issue about putting your clothes in color order by what you need to do, work, play, business, party and a few more other catagories I put in your closet. I will help if you want to dress nice for tomorrow night."

I huged her back hard. Thank you. So is dinner ready because I am starving and I want a bit of play time with the kiddos before they go to bed."

She laughed and dished out the plates to put at the table. "Of course it is done. I will call them in for you if you like."

I shook my head. "No I want to hear the roundup when Molly gets em going. You know how much that makes me laugh." I walked out the back door of the house as Molly pushed past me. I laughed and whistled.

"Molly, round em up!" I could hear the squeals and giggles come closer to me along with a heavy breath as one of them fell over. I laughed harder as I heard Tori scream "Let go of me Molly, put me down." I moved out of the door way as I heard her claws against the wood planks of the back porch. I was still bowled over and laughed as I got the kids cleaned up for dinner. As we sat down to eat I heard a knock on the door. I quickly got up and answered it with Molly by my side.

"Who is it?" My voice was loud enough to carry past the door.

"Dan, open up. I need to to talk to you."

I quickly opened the door and let him in. "Is everything alright. I mean I just left you half an hour ago."

"No it isn't. Stella left me a note. You know how she was accusing me of cheating. Seems like the guilty dog barked first. She told me that she had been cheating on me for about a year now and she wasn't happy with our relationship anymore. That she didn't want to take the kids so I could have them, packed up and left. What the hell did I do wrong. I mean I treated her right, I gave her everything and here I am dammit."

I hugged him to me tightly and let him cry. He had been with Stella for five years and now he was finding out that her love for him was a lie. "I am so sorry Danny, I know that this must be hard on you. At least you found out now instead of years down the road. You can start over I know you can Danny. You are strong enough for this. How about you take a couple of days off. I was planning on doing the same thing here soon and you get those boys of yours taken care of. I am not saying it is going to be easy, not at all, but I know you can do it."

He hugged me again, "I guess we don't have to do the dinner tomorrow huh?"

"How about we do it anyway so you and the boys aren't alone. I wouldn't mind having you for company at any time. How about 6pm you and the boys come over. I have two extra little four wheelers and they can play while the grown ups talk. I promise you that no matter what you can turn to me and I will help out the best that I can. Go home and spend some time with your boys right now, they need you now more than ever now that mommy is gone. Call me tomorrow around noon and let me know how you are doing."

"Thanks Mar, you know exactly what to say to make me feel better. You know if I would have cheated on my wife, it would have been you. So beautiful, gentle and sweet. It definately would have been you."

I was taken aback by the comment and apparently it showed on my face. "I wouldn't do that, I know you are interested in Rick, but I am just saying you are a perfect woman and he is lucky because if I was single six months ago, I would have made a move for you. Good night Mar, the kids and I will be here tomorrow. Sleep well."

He hugged me one more time before he walked out the door. I went back to the table and felt the tension around me. "Alright, what. I can feel you staring at me Georgia, what's the deal."

"Girl he just pretty much told you that he loved you and you don't have anything to say to that other than he needed to sort out his kids. I don't know if you have noticed but he isn't exactly unfortunate looking. In fact he is damn hot."

"Georgia, really I mean come on, I work with him for goodness sake. I haven't ever thought of him like that. Why would I start now huh?"

She sighed. "Not my business Mar and I need to head home. I have your sweets up on the oven so once the kids are in bed you can have your adult time." She hugged me tight as I sat. "I will be back tomorrow to take them to daycare and then we will come home a bit early so I can work on a special dinner for you guys. I know you kinda need it to help Dan get his single parent legs underneath him."

"I just think it would help if he had someone to talk to that understood where he is now. I think that is more than fair don't you?"

"Don't you think it is going to torture him to have Rick here. I bet he would just like to get you alone to talk about these things. I could tell that when you said that ya'll would have grown up time. He knew you weren't going to back Rick out of the dinner and honestly I don't think you should at all. It could make Danny think that he has a chance."

"Good night Georgia, give hubby and that brat of yours a hug and kiss from me. Take care hun."

"Night, just think some things over."

I sighed as the door closed. After dinner I got the kids into the bath and got them ready for bed before eight and had a bit of quiet time to myself to think on things. I went into my room and stripped down. I wanted to get comfortable no matter who was coming over and pulled on my favorite PJs and pulled my hair into a tight bun. I turned my music on quietly and listened to some nickelback quietly as I did the dishes and cleaned up around the house. The quiet of the evening was wonderful and I was happy that the kids had gone down so easy. It wasn't too long before nine rolled around and there was a knock on my back door. I smiled to myself and invited him in. He smelled so wonderful, a mix of leather from his boots, aftershave and body soap. The smells wafted together into something that made my heart race and my stomach clench.

"Hi, thanks so much for coming over tonight. I am so happy to see you, well you know what I mean."

He laughed as he enfolded me in a hug. I felt myself go weak in the knees and had to work hard to keep myself upright.

"Hey I wasn't going to hesitate to get some alone time with you even if it is just a few minutes. I hear that lately you have been a bit stressed out, what's been going on?"

I grabbed what smelled like cooksies off of the counter and brought them outside with us along with two glasses of a beautiful wine that I loved so much. I set them on the table and then sat in the chair closest to the door to keep an ear on the kids.

"Well that female cop from the scene chased me around everywhere, even to work and spilled my secret to my boss. He was mad at first, but I told him that she should ride along with Dan and I for a day to see how we do our job. That made today one of the longest I have had in a while. Between work, the kids, talking to my doctors and everything I haven't had a spare moment to breathe let alone call you and that made me sad because I missed you."

"What did your doctors want to talk about?"

I sighed. "They have been trying to get my hopes up that I would get my vision back, but right now I am not banking on anything in case it doesn't work. I don't want to get my hopes up just for them to go 'Oops we thought it would work."

"I can understand that, but I would think that you would be a little bit happy that they are trying to fix the mistake that they made. I mean I can understand but I can say that part of me is happy, because if you got your vision back you would be able to see just how beautiful you are."

I laughed. "I like the compliment there. I don't know, I mean as much as I would like to actually be able to watch my children grow up, being able to be with them and talk with them is enough for me for now ya know. They are my everything and I would give everything in the world for them to be happy. That is how I see it."

"That is a good way to put it." I felt his hand upon mine and it became so hard to breathe. "I hope that they do find something to help you though. I know there are so many things that you miss and I don't like that part of you is sad about it."

I giggled like a school girl. "Aww thank you. That is so sweet. You are right there are things I am missing. I don't get to see the sun rise, my children's faces or even choose something nice to wear. It does make me a bit more on guard, but it is a part of my life I have come accustomed to. Anyway, moving on to another subject I wanted to talk to you about."

He chuckled a bit. "And just what would that be?"

I took a deep breath and smiled. "Us."

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