The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Hooked on the feeling of him.

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



I heard a shuffle of feet close by me and my breath caught in my throat. I was worried about what he was going to say about it.

"What about 'Us' do you want to talk about?" The sound of his voice was a bit off, tinged with nervousness.

"Well I know we have been friends for a while, But then there was that amazing time while we were in bed and then again by the lake, for the most part on that last one. I just wonder where we stand with each other. I am going to be honest with you Rick, I really like you. Just wondering if you are the friends with benefits type or if you want more. I'm sorry but I don't know another way to put it."

My cheeks felt hot and my face was on fire. Thank goodness for the darkness or he would have been able to see how embarrassed I was.

I heard movement in front of me and then his hands on my face. "Wow, you know I never thought you and I would be sitting here having this conversation. I have been watching you for so long dreamin you would be mine. I know it sounds cheesy but as you are a blunt person, so am I. I like you too Mara and want more than anything to be the guy you come home to at the end of the day. Yes, I understand that you have kids and that you are a package deal. I wouldn't want it any other way. You are a strong woman to do it on your own and I understand that you are stubborn and headstrong, but I care for you no matter what. Down by the lake when I thought I was going to lose you it was all I could do to stay calm. I was losing the plot when he pointed that gun at you." His hand caressed my face as he kissed my lips.

My body moved of it's own accord, my arms wrapped around his neck, my body pressed to his and then the fire spread through me. I felt my body melt in his hands as I felt his touch in every corner of my body. When he moved away it felt like it was all too soon for my taste. I felt dizzy in such a good way. "Wow, that was amazing. Give me just a second to catch my breath here."

He laughed as I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry it is just, you are amazing and I miss you when I don't get to see you."

I got up off the chair and grabbed his hand. "How about we finish this conversation in side. It is a bit too warm out here for me. Not quite sure why that is though."

He laughed and took my hand as I led him into the house. I dropped the plate into the microwave before I led him to my bedroom. I heard the door close and smiled to myself. I sat on my bed and felt the bed indent beside me. I ran my hands over his arms and smiled as I felt goosebumps travel over his skin. I worked my way to his neck and moved him towards me for another mind bending kiss. He moved over and put his arms on either side of me and gently laid me backwards. I felt his hand roam under my tank top and moaned in pleasure, I felt my body move of its own accord and wanted to get rid of the clothes already. My hands moved down to his jeans and unbuttoned them. I ran my hand down in and caressed his hip with my nails.

His response turned me on even more. The animalistic growl that eminated from his chest was maddening. He quickly sat me up and took off my top, discarding it on the floor as his mouth met my chest. I slid his pants down as far as I could and caressed his skin. Each movement was maddening until we were both naked and he had me pliable in his touch. As he entered me I felt the dam of heat break in me.....

Hours later we lay tangled in each other's arms and I couldn't help but to smile. He held on to me so protectively yet gently. I felt safe in his arms. "You know if it is like this every time we are both going to end up in the hospital. I have to say though, I love how flexible you are, makes it so much more interesting."

I heard the laugh rumble in his chest. "You know I have to say that you are right. But the flexibility award goes to you. I didn't know someone could put their leg behind their head like that. You never cease to amaze me Mara, not ever. All I can say is wow."

I giggled. "Yes, well I can second the wow factor on that." I yawned and smiled. "I didn't think I was going to have problems sleeping before, I know I won't now."

"Maybe I should go so you can get some sleep." He moved to get up and I put my hand on his arm.

"No, I would like it if you stayed. If it doesn't inconvenience you at all. I would love some cuddle time if that is alright."

I felt the bed shift again and for a split second I thought he was going to leave, but once I felt his hands around my waist I sighed in contentment. "My dear I will stay here for as long as you need."

I laughed. "Does that mean that you will never leave then." I grasped his hand in mine and smiled to myself.

"If that is what you like then I won't leave, but I will have to go back home at some time if only to get some clothes and work." He laughed then. "Although I must say that I wouldn't be against being tied down so I have an excuse to stay with you."

I turned in his arms and placed my hands on his cheeks. "You don't need to have an excuse to be here Rick, I want you hear. You are an amazing guy and I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to have met you."

He chuckled. "If only my ex wife thought she had something before she threw away five years."

I gasped. "That reminds me, we don't need to pretend to be engaged tomorrow. Dan's wife left him with the kids. I did invite him and his two sons over for dinner so I could answer some questions about single parenthood for him. Would you still like to come tomorrow night?"

He kissed me before he answered. "How about you and Dan have a talk that way he can understand. I think with me there it would be a bit of a distraction and he wouldn't open up the way he would if it was just you. I will meet you after though and maybe take you for a ride to the falls we found on the property, that is if you can get a sitter."

I laughed. "Getting a sitter is no problem. I have Georgia's neice who said she would be more than happy to watch them for me whenever I needed. I can give her a call tomorrow since Dan and I are taking few days off while we both sort out some things. He needs to sort out his life and I need to sort out what I am going to do about my doctors. If tomorrow I go in for the surgury it will be an outpatient thing but then it would be a week recovery in patches and sunglasses before I know anything. I know I am used to my blindness, but I am not used to having things over my eyes. It would annoy me to no end."

"Mara, you need to do what you have to do, but it can't hurt your vision anymore to try the surgury. When it's ready who knows it might help you to see the sunrise again."

I laughed. "It would let me see you again. I only got to see you for two months before everything in my life got turned upside down. Just the fact it is a possibility makes me happy, but I have learned not to get my hopes up. I take each day a step at a time and that is the best I can do Rick."

He nodded against my forehead. "I know Mara my dear and I wouldn't want it another way. Get some rest hun, I will be here when you wake up."

I laughed. "Oh this is going to be a shock to Georgia. Well it wouldn't be the first time we have shocked her. Good night, I know I am going to sleep well with you here."

I cuddled up into his body and fell fast asleep. I felt so safe being in his arms, but I could feel a problem looming on the horizon of tomorrow, but I would deal with it when it came.

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