The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Out of his mind.....

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



I woke up alone in bed but the recorder was back on the bed with what felt like a wild rose. I smiled to myself as I hit the play button and heard Rick's voice.

Hey Mara,
Sory you didn't wake up to my arms around you but I got a call about a problem over on the ranch so I had to go. I miss you already and I can't wait to see you tonight. I promise I am going to bring you over something special to make up for it. I wanted nothing more than for you to wake up in my arms. Take care of everything you have to do today and I promise I will call at lunch time to let you know just how much I miss you.

Nope, I still miss you


I giggled at the message and moved into the bathroom to clean up. I had just gotten in the shower when I heard Georgia enter the bathroom. "You know I get here this morning and there is a redneck coming out of your bedroom half dressed with a silly grin on his face. Is this going to be an all the time thing because he scared the crap out of me. I gave him a cup of coffee and sent him on his way."

I laughed. "I don't know if this is going to happen a lot, but I wouldn't complain. Goodness knows I wouldn't come close to complaining. When do you leave to take the kids to daycare?"

She sighed. "We are leaving in about half an hour. I figure by then you will be leaving for work and we will give you a quiet few moments before you have to leave."

"I'm not going today. I need to get a bit of research done and I have Dan coming over with his kids so that he and I can talk about the whole single parent thing. I am then meeting up with Rick around 8:30 so if you could call Lotti and have her come watch the kids I would be greatful. They will already be in bed so she won't have to worry about anything."

"Wow, not going into work. How long you going to be home?"

I hummed for a moment. "I am not sure I think maybe a couple of days so I can get some of the research done that I need and deal with a couple of problems. Boss man won't mind. After everything that has been going on I am in need of a few personal days. Tomorrow the kids will stay home from daycare and I will take them riding with Rick and I. I think it might be time for them to spend time with someone other than us."

"Good idea Mar, alright well I will get them ready and we will be on our way. Your clothes are out for today. I figured you would like to look a bit more human than normal so I brought out your tank top and a pair of capris. I hope you like it. Your lace up sandles are by the bed as well so I hope you enjoy your quiet day."

"Thanks Georgia I appreciate that. I hope you guys have a good day. I think I can handle things for today, I at least want to try. Thanks again for taking the kids to daycare for me. I will be out soon because I have a feeling that Dan will show up early to talk to me. I actually expect him to be here in the next hour. He is always early. Now if you don't mind I going to enjoy the rest of my skin searing shower."

"Alright Mara, take care and remember not to burn your skin off."

She laughed as she walked out of the bathroom leaving me to relax before the stress of the day got to me. It was another ten minutes before I got out of the bath and I was bombarded by my children.

"Bye bye mommy I miss you." Tori's beautiful voice made me smile.

"Bye sweetie you have fun at daycare today. I will see you tonight." I laughed as she tried to hug the air out of me.

"Bye Momma, bye." Teagan hugged me before he pulled me down to give me kisses. I loved the sloppy kisses and laughed.

"Bye baby, you two go bye bye and have fun today. Mommy will be here when you get home and we will go on the four wheelers and go riding alright."

"Tay Mamma" and "Otay Mommy" Filled my ears as I heard the steps leave the room. I laughed and closed the door behind them and got dressed.

I finished getting dressed and then got a cup of coffee before I activated my voice recognition for my computer. I sat down and started to find out the questions I would need to ask my doctor about the surgury when I called him in a couple of weeks.

I was listening to the page when there was a knock on the door. I paused it and moved towards the door with Molly at my side.

"Who is it?"

"It's Dan, sorry I am so early but I am driving myself crazy while the kids are in daycare and being in that damn house by myself is just driving me up the wall."

I opened the door as a sense of dread swept over me. I swollowed it down and smiled. "Glad to have you here. There is more cofee in the kitchen, I will be there in just a moment, I need to finish something real quick."

"Alright, I will make some snacks so that we can munch and talk. I could really use some of your good advice."

"No prob, just give me a few minutes." I whistled to Molly to keep her by my side. Something was odd about Dan and I couldn't place my finger on it. I walked back into my office and sat down to finish saving the questions when I heard footsteps approach. I whispered "On guard" to Molly as I kept up my pace to get it done quicker. I didn't want to be trapped. I heard the steps stop and Molly huffed out a breath to let me know there was someone there. I kept up with my work pretending to take no notice of it. I finished within a few minutes and then shut my computer down upset with myself that I didn't think to grab my cell phone and put it in my pocket. I got up and tried to move from the room but then I ran into Dan.

"Oh sorry, I didn't notice you there. You need to teach stealth. Excuse me, I need another cup of coffee."

I heard a rustle as he moved out of my way. I walked slowly and carefully to the kitchen knowing that Molly was on guard and I didn't want to startle her and give away the fact I knew he was up to something. I got to the kitchen and grabbed my coffee cup off the counter and poured more in. After I put the cup down I felt him move up behind me and pin my body to the counter. His head was by my ear and started to get scared.

"Dan, what are you doing. Stop, seriously. Let go of me. I know it hurts that she left you, but this isn't the answer. Let go Dan, please."

I felt the pressure of his body leave me and I took a deep breath before I moved over to the fridge to grab the creamer. As soon as my hand touched the door he pressed me up against the fridge and ran his hand over my stomach as he worked his way down. He held my hands above my head and the pressure he had on my wrists hurt. I cried out in pain and he became even more forceful. I took a deep breath and spoke three words. "Molly take down."

I heard the growl leave Molly's throat as she grabbed him and pulled him off of me. I took ragged breaths and turned away from the fridge to face down as best as I could.

"What was in your mind Dan, how dare you attack me like that. Molly hold tight. You have two choices right now Dan, you can leave quietly or you can leave in pieces. How dare you take advantage of the fact I couldn't see you. Did you honestly think that I didn't know there was something different."

His breaths were ragged as Molly held him by his throat. I moved over to her and tapped her on her head lightly to have her let up a bit. "Dan is there anything you have to say for yourself?"

"For months you have been parading around like you are better than everyone. You shake your ass at me every chance you get and I know more than anything that you want me."

I let out a disgusted noise. "No, that would be disgusting, I trusted you as a friend Dan, I told you things about me that no one else knew and I did it because I trusted you as my friend. Dan I don't even come close to liking you like that. How dare you. Dan I want you to leave, I think I am going to get a new job. I don't think I could take being around you right now until you get your head on straight. Get out, right now GET OUT!"

I heard him get up and run towards the door just as my phone started to ring. It distracted me for a split second and he trapped Molly in the closet by the door and rushed back at me. I side stepped him causing him to sprawl on the floor. He came back at me and swung. I heard the air rush by my head and moved quickly. I knocked him off his feet and ran for my phone. I quickly answered it and screamed into the phone as Dan knocked my head into the wall. I was concious for a few seconds as I heard him laugh before I felt myself slide into the deep water and I started to drown.

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