The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - expect the unexpected

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Submitted: March 17, 2011



It was an hour after arriving at his place that we finally got out of the bed and he started to pack. I felt him put my clothes next to me and I smiled to myself. He chuckled as he moved around the room.

"You know if I didn't know any better Ms. Hodges I would say you have an afterglow going."

I laughed. "You know Mr. Shelly, if I didn't know any better I would say the same to you. Now then why don't you get packed so we can be there for when the kids come home so we can go."

I felt his hand in mine all of a sudden and I jumped then I felt my face heat up. "I'm sorry Mara, I didn't mean to scare you. You know there are times you act so normal that I forget."

I laughed. "That is alright. I like it that way, it just takes me by surprise when someone acts normal around me instead of tip toeing like I am going to break."

He led me from the room and I felt the strap to his bag and smiled. I felt the sun on my skin and reveled in the warmth of the outside and just how great it felt. I heard him open the door to the truck and I helped myself in and closed the door. I felt the sun disappear and knew he was leaning on the door. "I will be right back, I am going to give them a few things they need to know that way things will run smooth while we are gone."

I nodded. "That's fine and I love you but you are blocking the sunlight hun. Take your time but hurry because we need to be there for when the kids come home."

I heard him laugh as he walked away. I hummed to myself as I put my feet up on the dashboard and basked in the heat of the sunlight. It felt wonderful and the slight breeze made it even more blissful. It felt like seconds had passed before I heard the driver's side door open and the truck start up.

"Sorry it took so long baby, I guess I had a few more instructions for them than thought. I hope you weren't bored."

I shook my head. "No to me it felt like seconds, I must have fallen asleep it felt so good out here. I am so sorry."

He laughed. "No need to be sorry Mara, I didn't even notice. I felt bad for making you wait so long. Now off we go back to your place so that we can get the kids ready to go and I promise to help you pick out clothes, especially since I want to take you for dinner while we are down at your folks place."

My head shot up and I grasped his hand tight. "Anywhere I want to go to dinner? Please oh please?"

He squeezed my hand. "Yes, anywhere you want to go to dinner. I would do anything for you baby, I love you."

I jumped up and down on the seat like a little kid. "I can't wait, you won't need to wear anything special, just bring your appitite and love of seafood."

"I-I am scared now, my goodness. Either way whatever it is you like. Now we are pulling in now and it looks like someone is here. I don't recognize the vehicle. Do you know a silver car?"

I started to shake. "It wouldn't happen to be a silver prius would it?"

"No, no it isn't a prius, it is more like an SUV, a Chevy Trail Blazer."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know that one. I wonder who it could be."

I heard Rick open the door to the truck and get out. He came over and opened the door for me and I heard a voice on the porch. "Hey guys I was wondering where you were. Mara Mom said she couldn't pick them up so I did it for ya."

I sighed. "Thanks Lotti I appreciate it. Thank you for bringing them home, but we are going to get ready to go. Tell your mom that we won't be in town for a few days. We are all going to go down to my parent's place."

We walked up to the house and Lotti opened the door for us. Would you like me to pack the kid's clothes while you guys get things together. That way you guys can get on the road quicker."

I nodded my head. "Sure pack them five outfits each and put together a full diaper bag for me. Rick and I will go pack my clothes before we get the four wheelers into the back of the truck so we can go."

"Alright will have that done in about five minutes. Anything else you need for me to do?"

I nodded. "Could you make them a snack to hold them over until we get there?"

"Sure thing, you get done what you need to and I will take care of the rest. Are you going to take Molly with you?"

I gasped. "Oh shit, Molly. I wanted to check on her and I got sidetracked by a caveman dammit."

I heard Rick laugh from my bedroom. "I will race over and get her, she can fit in the truck as well. I don't want you to be without her any longer than you have to."

I heard the door open then close and then his truck roared to life. I went into my room and sat on my bed and waited for Rick to get back when I heard steps approach me.

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