The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A shower of pain.

Submitted: January 20, 2011

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Submitted: January 20, 2011



After a refreshing shower Dan came and picked me up for work. He laughed as he saw me since I really didn't do anything with my hair, but he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me towards the car. I whistled for Molly who then came barrelling out of the house and right into my leg. I laughed as the stress started to melt away from me. We got in the car and headed to our job for the first of two horrendous nights that plagued me twice a month. We brought Molly in with us as we went over to our desks. She quickly placed herself underneath as Dan and I gathered our materials for the daily assignment meeting. I knew the halls by heart after so long, but it was hard to avoid obstacles that people left in my way. Dan and I walked close so he could tell me what was nearby so I wouldn't trip.

"Mar, chair on your right, bump me and start to laugh." I did as he said and then we kept on our way. Everyone in the office already thought we were dating, but it was a fun ruse for us. As we got to the conference room I pulled out a seat that I used all the time and sat down. Since I couldn't see I really didn't take notes, but I did pay extra attention to our assignment.

"Dan, I need you and Mara to go to Collier's Bank and cover the after investigation of the heist from last night. That needs to be in before four. Also you two are assigned to beats for the next two nights, enjoy."

I sighed to myself. We got to sit in a room with a police scanner and listen for anything interesting. Well so much for what I wanted to do before I got off tonight. I nodded my head and doodled something on the paper that made it look like I was writing. Dan on the other hand was taking notes about the heist and what they were looking for. I sighed to myself as we finally left the room.

"You know it would just be easier if they left a sheet of paper on our desk. Now I only have an hour to shoot and edit."

Dan laughed as he whistled for Molly. She trotted out behind us like she owned the place. Everyone had gotten used to me bringing her with, so they didn't mind much anymore. If anyone suspected something, they kept it to themselves.

We switched over to our van and Dan started our trek to the bank. I laid my head back for the short trip and thought deep about how I was to catch the story when Dan interrupted my thoughts.

"Hard to tell you about the story when you aren't paying attention to me. You didn't even respond when I told you that your hair looked crazy and you reminded me of a hyena when you laugh."

I punched his arm lightly. "Dan did anyone use this car during the day?"

He thought for a moment before he spoke. "Not that I know of. We won't find out until we get there if you are going to have to adjust your equipment. You should know it by feel by now though."

I shook my head. "Dan, I think someone at the station suspects something. The last time that I had to work nights, the equipment was out of wack and everything came up odd. I can't lose this job Dan, it is everything to the kids and I."

I felt the car move as he readjusted in his seat. "You know we might need to do a drop back with Molly until winter comes, that way they don't suspect her as a service dog."

I sighed. "If bossman catches wind of this you know there is going to be hell to pay for the both of us. You won't be able to get a reporters job and everyone is going to expect me to leave since they can't legally fire me. They will make my life hell."

I felt his hand on my arm causing Molly to growl at him, I laughed. "Don't worry Mara, we will do what we can to hold them off as long as we can. Have you been putting in applications at other stations and in other places as well. I can bet that when they do, IF they ever do catch wind of this, it's going to raise a few eyebrows."

I smiled to myself. "Who would have thought huh. A blind camera operator that is the highest rating for sweeps. You have to admit Dan, I do you some good credit don't I?"

He laughed. "Yes Mara you do. All hail the mighty Mara, queen of the Camera Operators."

Our day went smooth and even with an hour deadline we got everything put together smoothly and turned in on time before we moved over to beats. It was quiet once everyone went home and I liked it that way. The only sound in the place was the police scanner as it hummed and chimed in the background. It didn't take long before the crazies were out in force causing Dan and I to laugh with the odd calls that came over the scanner. We had about three hours left on shift when the call came through.

"Attention all units we have a 246 off 5th and Tyler. Closest unit respond. Call was made my the seven year old son of the victim, two shots already fired."

Dan grabbed my hand and we ran out the door. We weren't far from the scene as the office was in the center of the city. It took us ten minutes to get on scene and just two for Dan and I to set up and plan. We stayed back out of the way, but still close enough to the scene to get good shots. I followed the sound of his voice as he moved around the personel rushing to and fro.

"An alleged shooter entered a home what looks to me over thirty minutes ago where two shot quickly followed. The 911 call was placed by a seven year old child in the residence. There aren't many clear facts about this case right now, but -."

Shots rang out all over the place and I felt the ground shake as my ears rang at the closeness. I felt a pain in my shoulder as I moved around the crime scene. I followed the feel of the hard thumps on the ground where I tripped slightly on something solid but not hard. I moved the camera off my shoulder and whistled for Molly. As I waited for Molly to make her way over to us, I reached down and felt the obstruction in my way. I gasped and quickly pulled out my cell phone, I had almost tripped over a service member, by the feel of the uniform it was a cop.

I heard Dan's voice through the hum that was still in my ears from the loud shots and he led me over to the car where he finally stopped to catch his breath. I put down the camera and ran my hands through my hair before I fell to the ground, Molly not far behind me on it.

"Mara, are you alright?" He noticed I wasn't listening so he tried again. "Mara, Mara dammit answer me. Are you alright?"

I nodded and then remembered he wouldn't be looking at me. "Fine, I- I'm fine. My arm hurts a bit, but other than that I will live. No big deal Dan. Are you alright Dan?"

"They, they just all started to drop Mara, I didn't know what to d-." I felt his hand on my shoulder and the growl resonated from Molly. "Molly stop, your master is injured and I need to look at it."

I put my hand on Molly and gripped her. "Off duty Molly, let him help me." I felt Molly lay down beside me as Dan worked on my arm.

I felt pressure as he pulled something out of my arm and then he tore his shirt to bind me up. All in all it had turned into one hell of a night.

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