The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - sisterly discussion

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Submitted: March 20, 2011



We sat down on the back porch, my head on Rick's shoulder as we spoke to each other. He laughed as I explained the rules to bullshit aned he looked at me oddly.

"Alright Mara, explain it to me slowly now, it was hard to understand with you mumbling so fast."

I giggled. "Alright here we go. you are going to dole out the whole deck and put them in number order, it makes it so much easier. You are gong to go in order and lay down one, two three or four of the number that you are to play. I will play a round and show you how to play that way you get the gist of it. I just need you to put my cards in order for me and run me through which ones are which. DAD GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND PLAY ME A ROUND. BRING ME A DRINK WHILE YOU ARE AT IT PLEASE!"

Rick started to laugh at me and I turned my head at him. "Do you always do that to get your way?"

I giggled. "No, but it is easier than getting up and walking around a place I don't remember since they remodled."

"Ah I get it, well then alright. Enjoy the game and I promise to pay attention."

I laughed. "I can bet you will have a shot glass named for you by the time we leave. I know you two will get on so well. Now watch and learn."

I heard the door open and the sound of laughter fill the empty space around me. "You know it isn't fair that you are going to play first round. Your ears are much more keen than the rest of us and you can tell when we are lying."

I laughed. "Don't worry I won't give your secrets away. Now pour that crown that I hear on ice and pass out the cards."

It took a while to get everything set up and my parents left us alone while Rick went over my cards with me a few times until I had them down pat. I felt bad for slowing down the game but my family was nice enough to understand. They came back out when I knocked on the window and we started the first round.

My dad poured a shot and I heard it put in front of me. I grasped it off the table and sank it before we started to play.

"Dad dealt so mom you go first." And so the game commenced, my mother started with ace and we wound our way around the deck. I laughed as I cought them in turn. I smiled and turned towards the smell of Rick's intoxicating cologne. "Do you get the hang of it?"

He laughed. "Yea, I got it, but I bet you won't be able to spot when I bullshit."

I giggled. "Give me one round and then I will tap you everytime you bullshit. I bet I can catch you every time."

He laughed. "What do I get if I win."

I lost it in laughter as I heard a shot put in front of me. "IF and that is a big if we can't discuss that there in front of my parents. I don't mind hearing about sex, but my PARENTS don't need to know about my love life."

I heard a chair fall over beside me and two groans. The laughter that filled the porch was Rick's and I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a giggle. "I was talking about that Mara, I was thinking dinner and a movie. Is your head always in the bedroom."

My father laughed hard. "Her brain isn't in the bedroom, it is in the gutter. It has always been in the gutter."

I heard my mother laugh. "No her brain left the gutter a long time ago and graduated to the sewer. Of course being my daughter that isn't surprising. Now how about round two, we will line up the shots and start. Rick why don't you shuffle and deal and we will put you to the test. We have to see if you are good enough for our daughter."

I giggled and thought for a second. "Momma where is Mel, I thought she was going to stick around so I could talk to her."

My mother sighed. "She didn't think you would want to talk with her so she left."

I nodded my head. "Momma, I will be right back, I am going to go grab my phone from my bag." I stood up and whistled Molly to my side. I put my hand on her back and smiled. "Lead the way girl."

I got close to the door and Molly warned me. I opened the door and walked inside. "Lead me to the table molly, I need my purse. Can you get it girl." She started to move and I felt myself bump into the table. I heard a jingle and felt cloth placed into my hands. I reached inside and grabbed out my phone. Pushed the button and said my sister's name. The line rang and then she suddenly picked up.

Mel* Hello

Me* Hey, I didn't get to talk to you while you were here. I missed you girl.

Mel* I missed you too, but I figured after the last talk we had, you wouldn't want to talk to me.

Me* Mel, look it doesn't matter. Things happen, things are said. We are sisters and shouldn't that be what matters. I would really like to see you in person.

Mel* Not funny Mara come on now. Why do you still say that when you can't see?

Me* Because I am not an invalid. I live on my own, work and take care of the kids. Why can't you see this Mel. I am doing great on my own.

Mel* I understand that, but goodness can't you see how hard it is for all of us to see you like this. You are trying to live normal but how can the rest of us see you as normal now.

I laughed.

*Me* The same way you did before. I bet if I was born like this it would have been so much different. If you would like come see me tomorow, I will be here hanging with mom and dad.

Mel* Alright, I will see what I can do. Talk to you later sis, love you.

Me* Love you too Mel.

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