The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Too beautiful to describe.

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Submitted: March 23, 2011



When we got to the Mall I got out and grabbed Molly's short lead and smiled as she waited patiently for me to grab my things. I put everything in place and then took a step to let her know that I was ready. She guided me through the parking lot and into the Mall I hadn't been in since long before I left. My mom sighed and then laughed.

"You know we really need to get you a new dress love, you don't have any new ones that I know of."

I laughed. "Not like I can see myself in it Momma. What does it matter if I have a new dress or not?"

I heard her huff. "I don't get to spoil my kids anymore and today you are getting a new dress whether you like it or not now, let's go. I want to find something that is beautiful and sexy at the same time, something that screams "I am young and beautiful no matter what you think."

I laughed. "If it will make you happy Momma, I will do it, but note the displeasure at this alright?"

I heard her clapping and jumping up and down and I giggled. She took me from store to store and nothing I felt seemed right to me. We finally left the Mall, our task unsuccessful. I felt the truck lurch and a sudden turn that almost sent me toppling over into the door, all the while my mother was apologizing.

"I'm sorry, but I forgot about this place. It was opened about six months ago, it is a beautiful dress shop. I bet we could find what you need here."

I rolled my eyes. "Alright Momma, I did promise. I will check it out with you, but if we don't find anything we are done, I am tired."

My phone rang and my voice ID told me it was Rick. I smiled as I answered.

Me* Hey baby how are you?

Rick* Those are some great trails. Anywho I called to ask if you would go have dinner with me tonight?

Me* Um sure. Anything I should know?

He laughed

Rick* Dress real nice. Your Dad told me about this beautiful place that over looks the ocean and I know you won't be able to see it, but I know you and the salt air.

I giggled.

Me* Well lucky for you my mother was taking me to buy a dress then huh?

Rick* So it is my lucky day. Well listen I need to get some things done before tonight, but I promise I will pick you up at six for dinner.

Me* Six sounds great Rick, I love you and I will see you then.

Rick* Alright baby I love you too.

I hung up the phone to my mother laughing hysterically. I followed the sound of her voice and smacked her gently in the arm. "Alright Lady what the hell is going on. You take me dress shopping and now I am going out to dinner with Rick. What do you know?"

I heard her gasp. "I don't know a damn thing. I just like you to have nice things since you never know when you will need them. Now how about I get you a few dresses to try on?"

I shook my head. "I want to pick them by feel, please. I want to have a choice. Just tell me if it isn't the right color for me. You know what colors I will do."

She laughed. "Alright start at one end and work your way where ever and we will go from there."

I moved around the store with one of the women who took the dresses that I liked. I was half way through the store when I felt the most beautiful dress. I could actually picture myself in it. I told the woman to take it straight to my mother to check.

I heard a gasp from across the store and then my mother calling me. "Mara, try it on, please, I want to see it on you."

I nodded, took the dress and let the woman help me into the dress. It was a perfect fit and I felt like an exotic princess in it. I allowed the woman to lead me from the dressing room when I heard gasps from all over the store. I put my head down and moved back towards the dressing room when I felt a hand grab me.

"Mara don't move. My goodness you look absolutly stunning in that dress. I think that is it. How do you feel in it?"

I slowly spun and felt the fabric caress me. "I feel like an exotic princess Momma, I love this dress. What about the color. Does the color look alright on me."

She laughed. "Mara dear, I think that dress was made just for you. We will take it and go home and get you ready. We only have a few hours before Rick comes to pick you up. Do you trust me to get you everything you need?"

I nodded. "Of course Momma. You do that and I am going to go change out of this. Thank you Momma, thank you so much."

It wasn't long until we were back at the house and my mother had me sitting on a chair in the bathroom and she was working on my hair and nails. I felt like I was getting royal treatment and when I stepped into the dress I felt complete. My mother grasped my leg and slid my shoes on just as the doorbell rang. She handed me a long slender wallet and ushered me out the door. I heard the front door open and Rick's voice, which made me smile.

"Sorry I am running a bit late, was trying to get everything... Settled. Wow Mara you look absolutly stunning love." I heard his cowboy boots hit the floor and I smiled. He grasped my arm gently and spun me around.

I blushed as he turned me around. "Do you like it?"

I heard his intake of breath. "Yes more than anything, I can't even begin to describe how beautiful you look right now. As I said you always find a way to surprise me. Now shall we go, I want you to myself for a while."

I smiled and nodded. "Yes, let's go. I am intrigued to know what brought all this on my dear."

He laughed. "You will just have to wait and see."

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