The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - sleeeeeeeeeeep

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Submitted: January 21, 2011



We got back to the station early in the morning covered in blood and a complete mess. The office was starting to fill and it seemed we were the center of attention. Bossman came over to us and looked us up and down before he spoke frantically.

"Are you both alright, that was completely reckless. What the hell were you two thinking, when the bullets started to fly you should have got out of there. None of the equipment got hurt right? You two go home and clean up and take the day off, don't worry about night tonight we will get somone else to do i-."

Dan grasped my hand and we walked around the boss and straight into the editing room. We pulled all of our footage and started to edit a video that would win a pulitzer prize. Dan laughed for a second about the video before the shots rang out. He put his hand on my arm. "You know you didn't even flinch when that bullet hit you Mara, you kept filming as people started to fall."

I sighed and tried hard to quell the rising nausea at the memory. "I didn't know that people were hurt until I tripped over the fallen officer. I really hope they are all okay."

The sounds from the video started to fill my mind with memories of the panic and fear that I felt back at the scene. I launched out of my chair and ran from the editing room straight to the bathroom where I got violently sick. I stayed poised over the toilet until I was sure that my body had had enough, then I moved over towards the sink. The sound of the door opening scared me until I heard Dan's voice.

"Mara, are you alright? The concern in his voice calmed me a bit. I put my hands over my face and began to rub my eyes.

"I will be, nothing a bottle of Tequila and a long day and night of rest won't fix." I moved towards the door where he stopped me and kissed my forehead.

"I worry about you Mara, you know that. You stress out over the job and wondering what will happen day to day. Bossman is right, it was reckless of us, he would have fired me if he knew just how reckless it was. Let's go finish editing so we can go home."

I nodded and walked slowly out the door and back to the editing room. I took a deep breath and then started to use my cues to edit. It didn't take me long to get everything in order and saved into the system so I could go home and was the blood off me.

Dan drove Molly and I back to the house and as soon as Georgia saw me she burst through the door. "What in the name of hell happened to you? I let you go to work for less than 12 hours and you come back injured."

I sighed and moved past her into the house as I heard her stomp over to Dan. I knew it was horrible for me to leave him to take the fall, but I was drained and in a lot of pain. I went straight to my bedroom and took a muscle relaxer before I stripped down and got in the shower. As the extreme heat rushed down on me I sat in the bottom of the tub and started to cry. I finally untied the makeshift bandage on my arm and let the heat wash away the blood that had dried and accumulated dirt from the work I did to help out the emergency service people. They all knew my secret now and I was scared. If it ever got back to my boss that I was blind I would lose my job for sure.

I stayed in the tub until the water turned cold, then got out, dried off and dressed. I walked out of my bedroom to hear a tapping of nails on my counter. I knew I was in trouble, but after I had emptied the contents of my stomach at work, I needed something to eat. I moved to the fridge and grabbed a yogurt and a spoon next to the fridge before I sat down on the couch. I heard footsteps following me and sighed at the inevitable.

"Talk to me Mara. What happened last night?" Georgia's voice was calm, but I could still hear an edge of panic in it.

"Last night we got put on beats. Usually we wouldn't go out but when the call came over the radio that a man had a gun in an occupied dwelling and that a seven year old boy called 911, we basically ran out of the station to the scene. When we got there we stayed as out of the way as we could, but apparently that didn't do us any good. Dan told me he was going to talk to an officer on scene and the next thing I know there are the sounds of hundreds of shots and I felt the pain in my arm. I tried to find Dan, but I tripped over an officer who had been shot in the artery. I put my camera down and called for Molly. I did my best to help them, but now more people know and if they tell Bossman, you know that is going to scream death sentence for my career."

She put her hand over mine. "Are you alright?"

I shook my head. "Not really, it isn't something I am going to be likely to forget. I need a bottle of Tequila and a good 24 hours sleep."

She laughed softly. "Then you do that. I got the kids for you and I will call Jack and tell him that I will be home in a couple days. I am going to make sure you are alright. At least your eating."

I laughed. "I am eating because I emptied my stomach at work when I thought back to what happened." I put the cup in the trash and the spoon in the sink before I hugged Georgia. "I am going to get some rest. My head is throbbing and not sure how much longer I can stay concious."

I walked away as Georgia told me to have a good nap and then I hit my bed and fell asleep. My last thought was "I hope I don't dream about this."

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