The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 37 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



I could feel Rick getting more and more uneasy as he sat next to me. "Why didn't you tell me abou their father."

I laughed at Rick. "Did you not ever think to ask, I mean they are 17 months apart for Goddess sake and well it isn't like I am the virgin mary."

I heard the stearing wheel squeak as his hands gripped it harder. "How much of a problem will be cause for us? I mean because you know we have been through enough and your drama is starting to wear a little thin."

I was shocked. "How dare you, you were the one that said you would stay with me through it all. I am sorry if all of my drama is just too much for you to want to be with me. I guess that I got my hopes up too high in thinking you were perfect. If a little drama scares you away, if my disability is too much for you then I am sorry. Just drop me off at work and I will call a taxi to pick me up. I can't believe you said that to me."

The rest of the ride was silent and the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. His truck stopped and I rushed out with my bag and no goodbye. I slammed the door as I shut it and heard Molly get out of the back of the truck. I was angry and beyond angry that he yelled at me even though he didn't get my side of the story.

As Molly led me into work I put my mind on the job and what I had to do, went to my mailbox and pulled out the tape recorder with my assignment on it. I listened to it and headed to get my gear. I heard a growl and paused for a moment in my tracks. I felt a hand on my arm and started to go crazy until the voice calmed me.

"Mar it's just me. I wanted to let you know that Dan is on his way to jail. His sister is here cleaning out his desk. that was the warning that Molly gave you alright?"

I nodded. "Thank you boss, I appreciate it. Is Jenna ready to go, I need to get out of here before I go after blood."

"She is headed out to a news truck right now to get things going." I nodded my head and went towards the back door with my equipment and Molly right beside me when I heard a voice yell after me.

"Your time will come Mara, count on it. Not today but someday so watch your back." I was angry. I stopped what I was doing and set my equipment down.

"Georgia, do you think I actually give you a second thought. I can see right through you, so don't bother with hollow threats."

Before she could say another word I picked up my stuff and walked out the door. I smiled to myself as I heard Jenna call my name. She wasn't the brightest person in the world and it took me two weeks to train her to what I needed her to do, but what could I say sometimes it is just what had to be done.

I hopped into the passenger side of the van and we headed off to our story. I smiled as I thought to myself the hell that I could raise for the fact that Tate contacted me. I then frowned at the whole mess with Rick and what I was going to do. I was so unsure about everything that I just wanted to curl up and cry. Nothing had been working out for a donor and the man I loved more than life itself didn't want the drama that came with loving me. I felt so defeated inside that I didn't hear Jenna when she said we had pulled up to our destination.

It took me a moment to get out of the van. I was actually starting to doubt myself and I didn't like it one bit. I shook my head violently and kept going with my work. I was not going to be undermined or feel like I wasn't able at all. I grabbed my equipment and let Molly lead me towards where I needed to be. I set up and put all of the equipment where it needed to go so that we could do our first shot when I felt a presence near me.

"Jenna, we have to get this done, we still have two more stops to makes." I was getting impatient with everything that had been going on and I snapped just a bit.

"It's not Jenna, but good thought my dear. Tell me how much fear do you feel when you can't tell who is near you and who means you harm."

Tate's voice assulted my ears and made me so angry. "I don't feel fear, do you not see the big animal next to me. Coming close was your mistake and I can promise you with one word I can make sure you don't sit for the rest of your life."

He snickered. "I bet that boyfriend of yours was pretty pissed off when you didn't tell him about me. Bad girl. I was the best time of your life and you know it was true." His hands went gently down my body and I felt like I was gonna vomit.

"No Tate you weren't the best I have ever had, not even in the top ten for that matter so stop thinking you are God's gift to man already. Touch me again and if Molly doesn't get to you I sure in the hell will. I may have lost my sight but I still have other senses that are just as good. Fuck with me and see how quickly I drop your sorry ass."

"Baby I don't want to fuck with you I just want to fuck you. That sweet body of yours, I bet your guy loves to get you in the sack so quick. You are the one I can't get out of my mind and I want to have you over and over and over even if you tell me no. That was always the best part, hearing over and over that you wanted me to stop. Made me so horny I would just about burst. Do it for me again Maribella, do it and let me feel the fear run across your skin."

I felt his hand grab my arm and I wrestled myself free. "Don't you ever lay your hands on me again. I am not the same girl I used to be, and trust me I won't let you do anything to me again you horse humping bitch. I am done with you and uh Tate, aren't you violating your restraining order."

He grasped me rougher this time, his hand snaked around and found it's way between my legs and he rubbed hard. "I may be in violation my love, but the feel of you against me is worth so much more than you could ever imagine. I bet right now you are so hot for me that you can't stand it."

I bent forward a bit and heard his intake of breath as he thought he was getting what he wanted. I came up full force and bashed my face into his. He let me go and I turned on him, kicking him with all of my strength. I didn't let up as the assult of kicks hit one after another. I felt relief when I heard him grunt in pain until I felt strong arms around me then I tried to fend those off as well.

"Stop, Ma'am stop. You need to stop kicking that man." It was a voice I had never heard before and I was a little scared of who it could be.

"He is in violation of a restraining order and he was trying to sexually assult me and me being the victim you want me to stop."

"Ma'am you worked him over nicely, now please let me do my job." He sounded final in his decision so I walked a bit farther away from him.

I went to turn around but got angry. "Don't you know you never lay your hands on a blind person without telling them first. Who are you and what gives you the right to touch me."

"I am officer hodges and your partner called us when he started to harass you."

I laughed then. "Harass me. He harassed me a long time ago, hence the twenty mile restraining order and the no contact with his children. He decided to break through all of that just because he wanted a piece of ass."

I felt a hand grab me and I pulled away and walked to where the van was. I sat in the van and pulled my phone out of my pocket, fondled it for a minute before I turned on my voice command. "Call Mom."

I waited as the phone rang and then I heard a giggling voice pick up the line.

Girl* Hello

Me* Hey Lissa is Mom there?

Lissa* Mara, are you alright you sound shaken.

I shook my head but answered anyway

Me* Yea I am fine Lissa, can I talk to Momma?

Lissa* Sure hold on a sec. Mom, Mara is on the phone, something's wrong.

I could hear rushed footsteps and then the phone being passed off.

Mom* Mara, honey is everything alright.

I felt the tears blur my vision from that one sentence, I wanted to be home so bad that it hurt.

Me* Tate broke the restraining order Momma, he came after me today.

Mom* Oh my honey I am on my way up with your dad.

Me* Momma can I come home?

Mom* Why would you need to come home dear, you have a wonderful job, a great guy and we are looking forward to a wedding.

I felt all of the pain spring loose from my chest.

Me* Momma, I hope you can wait forever for that wedding. Rick is mad at me, told me he doesn't want to handle the drama that comes from loving me.

I heard my mother gasp.

Mom* Baby girl if you need to come home you know you are always welcome. Your daddy and I will be up there tomorrow morning to help you get your things together. We built an apartment like place outback if you feel you don't want to share a room with the kids. I know they love having their own rooms so maybe, well maybe it will be good for you and we can find you a donor here.

Me* Thanks Momma, how about you give me a couple of days. I want to see how some things play out. I will call you and let you know. I don't want to put you and daddy out.

Mom* You aren't love, you didn't ask for any of this to happen to you. You are strong my dear and you will do what is right for you.

I nodded with a bit of a smile.

Me* Thanks Momma for letting me talk. I love you.

Mom* I love you too baby girl.

I hung up the phone feeling a bit more relieved. I heard footsteps approaching and froze in the seat. Molly wasn't growling so apparently they weren't out to hurt me. "Mara, Mara are you alright?"

Rick's voice sent the tears shooting back through me and I crumpled down into the seat. I nodded my head but didn't look his direction. "I am fine, so you can go. I don't want to bring anymore of my drama into your life. I am heading home soon, my mom and dad built a place for the kids and I to live on their property and I don't think anything is working out the way it should so I am going to go home. I am sorry I came into your life and caused such a problem. We will be gone soon."

I felt hands on my arms. "Don't you dare leave me Mara, I love you so much. I was just mad because you didn't tell me about Tate, but you are right I could have asked about their father anytime and I didn't do it. That was all on me and you may come with drama but I love you no matter what. Please, please don't leave me Mara. I love you and those children more than you could ever know. I was wrong this morning and when Jenna called me crying that some guy was pushing you around I thought Dan had come back to finish you off. I couldn't ever lose you, stay. Let me make it up to you and stay."

I shrugged my shoulders and looked his direction with tear stained eyes. "When you said that I felt my heart break Rick. I mean seriously break, I am not sure what I am going to do. I love you but you are right I bring a lot of drama and if I don't get my sight back, well who would want to love a crippled woman?"

He pulled me to him and grasped my face gently. "I would love her because even without being able to see, she sees me for who I really am. Mara I love you with everything I am and if I have to spend the rest of my life showing you then you can bet your beautiful ass that I will."

I giggled then and smiled. "I love you more than you could ever know. How about we go home and talk some things over."

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