The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - indecency

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Submitted: January 24, 2011



I woke up the next morning and the bed was empty except for me. I looked over and felt a tape recorder on the pillow he was laying on. I turned it on to here Rick's voice.


I am sorry that I had to leave, but I had work to do over at the ranch. If you have free time today have Molly bring you over and we will have lunch. Last night was amazing and I think since we skipped a few steps, we should go on a date. You are an amazing woman Mara and I don't want you to think that I used you at all. If you are also free friday I would love the chance to take you out. I will leave my cell number at the end of this and I hope to hear your sweet voice. I really care about you Mara and want nothing more than to make you smile. I hope you have a good quiet day and that you get the chance to come see me.


My mind bubbled and the smile would have lit up my face, that is if I could have seen it. I got up and make my way to the bathroom to splash water on my face and make sure it wasn't a dream. I then got dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank top. I could smell the coffee and couldn't hold back any longer. I meandered into the kitchen where I heard a voice I hadn't before.

"Good morning Ma'am. How are you this morning?"

I looked in he general direction of the speaker and cocked my head to the side. "Who are you?"

She gasped and then I heard a door close. "Mara, I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you last night that my neice was going to be coming today but you seemed a bit preoccupied. This is Lotti, she came to play with the kids today, they were all about to go to the park."

I nodded. "So that was what you were trying to tell me last night." I looked in Lotti's direction. "Nice to meet you, sorry I am usually fuddled without coffee. Just let me get a cup and then I will be good." I heard movement and then a clank as a mug was placed on the counter. I scowled a bit, but drank it anyway. I was in too much of a good mood to let my day go to waste. I whistled and heard the clink of Molly's nails as she walked across the hardwood floor.

I felt her bump up against me and I patted her head. "You feel like a walk today Molly, I think we should go pay Rick a visit as he invited us for lunch. What do you say to that girl, huh?" She bumped into me a little harder and I laughed. I finished up my coffee as the door opened and my munchkins ran in.

I hugged them close and smiled. "Hi sweethearts, are you going to play today while mommy is out?"

"Go to park Momma, we go to park?" I smiled into Tori's hair as Teagan bowled me over, sending me into a fit of laughter.

"Yes Tori, you are going to the park. Teagan be gentle with momma, she can't see and could have landed on the table."

He hugged me tighter. "Momm momm momm." I sighed and tried to untagle myself from the bodies of my kids. I felt Molly come over and gently pull Teagan off me and nudge Tori away. I slowly stood up, then kissed the kids as Lotti ushered them out the door. I dusted myself off and meandered back into my room for a pair of socks and then into my closet for my boots.

After I was all dressed I grabbed my keys, whistled for Molly and headed out the door. The feel of the sun on my skin was amazing as I walked down the steps on the porch and sightlessly looked at Molly. "Let's head to Rick's, as always Molly, you lead the way."

Her body pressed against me leading me in the direction we needed to go. I put my Mp3 player in my ears and enjoyed the feel of the spring sun and the gentle brush of the wind against my skin. It wasn't a long walk, but still a walk none the less. I was listening to Conjure One when Molly tugged on my jeans. I pulled my headphones out and listened around me. Her eminant growl was the first thing I heard, next was the shuffle of footprints. I felt my body shake as Molly placed herself against me as she crouched to attack.

For a moment I was nervous until I got my bearings back. Molly and I had been walking for twenty minutes which would have put us right in front of Rick's gate. We made a turn, so I had to be standing in his property.

"If you know what's good for you, you wouldn't push her." I didn't know who I was talking to, but I knew that if they pushed Molly too far it wasn't going to have a good outcome.

"Miss, can I help you with something?" His voice caught me off guard. I looked in his direction and nodded.

"I'm looking for Rick. He told me to come over about lunch time to speak with him. Is he around?"

I didn't hear any movement from around me, the only noise that resonated was Molly still growling at the man to our left. I then heard a gasp.

"My goodness, you're blind. I am so sorry, here I am shaking my head and you can't even see it. My sincerest apologies."

I sighed and touched Molly's head. "Down girl, you can't hurt the stupid it is illegal." I grabbed my phone out and dialed Rick's number.

It rang a few times before he answered.

Rick* Hello

Mara* Hey you, so I am here and I think I scared one of your workers.

Rick* Eh, they scare easy anyway. I am on my way. Give me a couple of minutes to get there.

Mara* Alright, Molly and I will be waiting on the front porch for you, I really don't need a sunburn on top of everything else.

His laugh made my heart skip a beat.

Rick* Make the guy get you a drink while you wait as well, at least he would actually be working.

Mara* Got ya. See ya in a few hun.

I closed my phone and tapped Molly gently on the head. "Lead me to the porch doofus. And you sir, I would like some ice water if you would. It would at least make up for your lack of tact and curtousy."

I touched Molly's collar and she moved me forward towards our destination. Each step sent a pounding in my heart. Molly then moved and nudged my foot to tell me to step up. She led me over to a chair where she laid down in front of me and started to growl again.

"Ma'am, I can't give you the drink with the dog staring at me like that."

I laughed.. Just think of it like me staring at you and just gimme the damn glass. Quick movements will make her chase you so move slow and she will be fine."

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