The light in the center of my darkness

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The outing of some truths.

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Submitted: February 05, 2011



It had been a week since the incident by the lake and I hadn't called the woman back. I couldn't and I knew it. I was at work with Dan and I was having a great day when I got a call from my boss.

"Mara, I need you and Dan to get back to the station. There is someone here who needs to speak with you." The sound of his voice had me a bit on edge.

"What's going on, is everything alright? We are in the middle of a story, we just can't up and leave." I was worried and scared that something had happened. Bossman had never called us off a story before.

"There is an officer here to speak with you Mara, about something that happened last week. That is all she will tell me. Are you in some kind of trouble?"

I sighed. "No, I'm not in trouble just some guy pulled a gun on me and a friend while we were out last week. Can you tell her to come back another time, we need to get this done and turned in. I hate not finishing a story."

He sighed into the phone. "Didn't she take your statement at the scene? Why would she want to speak with you a week after the fact?"

I huffed. "She did take my statement at the scene. Please tell her I haven't thought of anything else and that is why I haven't called her. I don't want to speak to them anymore. You know how cops make me antsy. Please do something to get her off my back."

"Just this once Mara and then we are going to talk. You should have told me about this, that way I could have better protect you. You are the best I got, I don't like being faced with surprises though. Is there any more to the story I should know about."

I laughed at his turn of phrase. "I don't think you want to know about my personal life boss. How about we leave it at that."

He chuckled. "I got ya. Alright but remember when you get back we are going to talk."

"Alright, alright. When we get back I will talk to you. I have been doing the editing on this one in camera, so I won't need to fix anything on it. Later boss."

I closed the phone and sighed. "You know I wish they would just leave me alone. I don't need them getting too close to this. But this bitch just seems to be sniffing a bit too close for my taste."

Dan put his hand on my shoulder. "Is everything alright?"

I shook my head. "That damn female officer has been trying to call me all week. What am I supposed to say to her. I didn't actually see anything because I am blind. That would go over like a box of rocks on a glass table. I told her if I remembered anything I would call her, but she seems to be so persistant. I know the guy knew I was blind, but he was going to shoot us. I am hoping that they won't believe him, but I think she knows and I can't have that. If she tells bossman then I will be fired in an instant. You know this stress of people finding out is starting to get to me. Sometimes I just want to tell him and get it over with, but then I would lose my job or be seen as a freak. You and I have a really good thing going here and our shoots are the best. They are going to think that I can't do my job though."

Dan put his hand over my mouth. "You know you are stressing on this a bit more than normal. Talk to the woman and hash it out. You can't put this in jepordy just because you won't talk to her. Sit her down on your time, in your comfort zone and approach her about it. She won't leave you alone otherwise." His voice was hard and I could hear the worry in it.

"Dan, let's just finish so Bossman and I can have our "talk" and I can go home and relax. You know I hate being away from the kids more than I have to be. I will think on it though, will that make you feel better?"

He laughed. "Yes, and if you need back up call Georgia or I and you know we will be there to protect you."

I pushed him and then picked my camera up while Molly led me to our interviewee. The person waited patiently as I took my call, it was the sound of Dan's voice that made me jump.

"Ms. Paxton, so nice of you to wait for us. Alright let my CO right here set up and then we will get started."

I placed the camera on my shoulder while Dan got her into a brief conversation so I could pinpoint them. I gave him the cue and we were off. The interview itself didn't take long and then we were on our way back to the station as I did the final in camera edit.

I was finished long before we got to the station and smiled to myself as I heard the familiar sound of Dan pulling into the parking lot. Unfortuately a voice met me as I got out of the car.

"Mara, It's Officer Talbot. I am sorry to be so persistant, but I really need to speak with you about a couple of things. Could you please indulge me for a few moments in private?"

I felt Dan beside me as I leaned up against the car and sighed. "This is about as private as we are going to get. I am sorry, but anything you say to me, you can say in front of him."

"Alright then, I guess it will come to no surprise to you that our suspect is screaming up and down that you are blind. Now, I know this isn't true as you see me just fine, but why would he say something like that. Is that how you get guys or something?"

I laughed so hard at her comment as did Dan beside me. "Oh my goodness, is that truly what you think." I reached into my back pocket and Dan grasped my arm.

"Mara, Mara don't. You could blow it all right here. Please don't do that. We are at the station and we don't want anyone to see that."

I put a restraining hand on his shoulder and moved closer to him. "She won't leave me alone until she knows the truth Dan, and to be honest with as much as I have been stressing lately, maybe it isn't a bad thing. You know all I do is stress about this."

He sighed. "No matter what happens I will stick by your side. I promise you that Mara."

I nodded and pulled my sensor stick out of my back pocket and lashed it out to fully extend it. I then whistled to Molly. Within seconds I could feel her heavy body beside me. "Molly could you walk me over to the officer please?" It was slow going to just get across the parking lot, but the intake of breath in front of me told me she got the point.

"You-, you are blind." It wasn't a question and I lowered my head and nodded.

"Yes, I am. I have been for two years now and I don't appreciate you calling me out like this. If my boss were to find out I might just be fired. I know you mentioned it to him so I won't lie to him about it, but you might have just cost me my job. When you asked if I saw something I almost laughed at you. I haven't seen anything in two years. What happened after the shot, well that is indeed interesting. I couldn't hear since the shot was so loud, I fumbled for my clothes and then Rick handed them to me. I was worried that Molly was hurt and that Rick had been shot. Once I got my hearing back though he told me everything that went on and we left it at that. Then you approached me and here we are now." I folded up my walking stick and put it back in my back pocket. "Anymore questions?"

"Just one. How is it that you are a Camera Operator, but you can't see?"

I giggled. "I was doing this before I went blind, Dan and I just adjusted it to where it worked for us. No one here knows I am blind, well at least they didn't. If they do now, I will have to wait and see what happens.

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