Rubberband Love

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Like They were told I was Pregnant

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Submitted: June 05, 2014



Chapter 10-Like they were told I was pregnant


I was staring out the window, trying to figure out what I would give out for auction and how the hell am I going to stay away from Brad and Heath.

Well, mostly my thoughts were centered on the latter.

I could give up on the bet, no! I could think of a million ways how Ethan could make my life miserable. I was trying to prove a point and I ended up in a bet.

"Evie!" Mom shouted


"Could you do me a favor and put the dresses in the box, we have to take them to Dana's later"

"Okay mom" not okay! I still have yet to decide what dresses I would give away. It's not getting easier, I love my dresses and gowns but I hate the parties that come with it.

I'm not much of a party person, the only parties I go to are the ones where my mom has to drag my hair out to make me go out, but that always happens. She does those when she wants to be alone, in the house, with my dad. You get the picture.

I stared at my walk in closet and looked around for the least appealing dress in my line of sight. Unfortunately, none of these are 'least appealing'. I sighed, how hard is it to let go of dresses.

"Mom!" I called out


"Could you come help me please"

"With what?" I could tell she was standing by my door

"Which of these should I give away?" I sound frustrated

"Well which of them do you think doesn't mean anything to you?"

"All of them mean something to me" I looked down on my feet

"Well, look carefully, 10 of these dresses will not be seen by you ever again"


After painfully picking out 10 dresses, I shoved them in the box mom gave to me and sealed it before I could change my mind, I looked for my phone. Where is it? I cleaned my room and I don't remember holding it.

"Mom!" I shouted "Where's my phone?"

"Why are you asking me?" She answered

I narrowed my eyes at her, she's hiding something. I held out my hand, and looked at her straight in the eye. "Mom" I slowly say

"Yes?" She replied, mimicking my tone

"Mom, give it back"

"Fine, it's in the kitchen"

I rushed downstairs and saw my phone on the counter, I walked over to it, why the hell am I nervous? It's my phone!

When I looked at it, it was turned off. What the hell? I had full battery this morning. "Mom, what happened?" I asked, turning to face her.

"Well, it fell in the sink when I was washing the dishes"

"What? How did it end up with you anyway?"

"I took it"


"So I can monitor you young lady"

"Mom, what am I going to use now?"

"You could always buy a new one"

 "I like my phone as it is"

I walked to my room and shut the door, just as I was about to flop down on my bed I was hit in the head with a pebble. I rubbed the spot where I was hit making it redder. I looked out the window and Heath was standing outside my window.

"What do you want?" I sounded so irritated

"Bad day huh?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Come with me?"

"No, we're going to your house anyway, so why not wait for me"

"Nope" This guy won't take no for an answer. Next thing I know, he's in my room.

"Get out!"

"Not until you go with me"

 "No, now go away"

 "Fine, I will see you at my house"

 "Thank you, now get out before my mother sees you in here"

 He looked amused "what?" I asked him

"You do know that your mother adores me right?"

 "That's because you brain washed her"

 "So you're saying I'm an alien?"

 "No, I'm saying, you're a human being with no brain"

 "First you call me an alien, now you call me dumb, that hurts Mel"

 "Deal with it"

 Before I could open the door to my room the 'dumb alien' blocked my way

 "Will you please get out of my way"

 "Not unless you tell me that you owe me dinner"

 "Now why would I owe you dinner, you have your own money"

"First, you called me an alien"

Before I could protest he continued "second, you called me dumb"

Before I could open my mouth he continued, this guy won't let me talk! "And lastly, I'm going to tell your mom you told me all those horrible things and I was so hurt that I had to stay in my room crying for a whole week"

I laughed at what he said "so you're telling me, you're a wimp"

 "Awe, now you owe me two dinners"

 "What? That's not fair!"

"Well, I'm going to tell your mom then"

 I covered his mouth with my hand before he could yell my mother's name. "Fine" I told him, why is it that when I encounter one of the Wilson's I end up making bets and arrangements, this sucks.

 I didn't realize my hand was still on his mouth until his slober was all over it. "What the hell!"

 "Remembrance my dear"

"You are disgusting" I wiped his slober all over his shirt and went to the bathroom to remove his bacteria on my hand

"You are over reacting Mel"

 "Over reacting? You licked my hand!"

 "Because you wouldn't remove you hand over my mouth"

 "I wanted to shut you up"

 "Then why not kill me"

 "Plase, I still have a future to think about and none of them include being in jail for murder"

 "Fine then, I'm gonna go and wash up for dinner this evening"

 "Whatever" I told him and he was out the window

What the hell did I do? I swore to stay away from Brad and Heath and I ended up in two dates with one of them. This is the worst week of my life.

"Evie, honey? You ready to go?" Mom shouted from downstairs

"In a minute!" I shouted back

 Thinking about Heath made me forget that I had somewhere to go. This is not normal. I should forget about him and his over the top ego and get on with my day. I settled for a white tank top and fitted jeans and plane doll shoes. That should be simple enough.

I went down to the living room amd saw my mother on the couch. "Ready" I told her

 "What the hell have you been doing up there, look, you made me read a book"

 I tried not to laugh at her, she's never been one to indulge in books. "Come on, let's go"

 We drove to the Wilson's in silence, I remembered my wet phone. I still have to buy myself a new cellphone. "Mom?"


 "You owe me a new cellphone"

 "You have your own money dear"

 "But you were the one who destroyed my phone"

 "Okay fine, let's go buy one after we stop at Dana's"


We were once again, enveloped in silence.



 "What exaxtly were you trying to find on my phone?"


 I narrowed my eyes at her, I'm not convinced she wasn't looking for something on my phone. "Mom" I snapped at her


"What did you find?"

 "Nothing honey"


 "What? Nothing, if you have nothing to hide then I suggest you drop it"

 "Fine" I muttered

 I looked out the window and tried to supress my curiosity, as far as I know, there's nothing on my phone, just texts, pictures. You know, normal stuff.

 When we got to Dana's, I slammed the car door and made my way towards the front porch. Mom, on the other hand, was trying to take out the boxes from the back of the car. I, being the considerate daughter, helped her.

 We entered the Wilson home and placed the boxes on the floor.

 "Gina? Is that you?" Dana said as she made her way towards the living room

 "Hey Dana, how are you?" They hugged eaxh other and started yapping away. I ignored them and went to the kitchen. Clearly, Dana was in the middle of making lunch. I looked at what she was cooking, trying to figure out what she was making and maybe I could continue because she looked quite busy.

 An hour and a half later, I was done. Atleast, I think I was. I have mushroom soup as an appetizer, chicken as the main course, together with mixed vegtables. Lastly, jelly as the dessert, it was easy to make, all I have to do now is put it in the fridge.

 As I closed the fridge, Heath's annoying face greeted me. "What the hell are you doing here?"

 "This is my house"

 "Right, how long were you standing there?"

 "Long enough, you made these?"

 "Yes" I told him as I opened the cabinets to take some plates and set up the table.

 "Let me help you" he offered

 "Thanks" we set up the table, placed the food and called everyone to the table.

 Dana's eyes widened when she saw the dining table. "Mel, honey, you did all this?"

 "Yes" I replied "I hope you don't mind Dana, you were busy talking to my mom and I had nothing to do"

 "Thank you dear"

"You're welcome"

"Shall we?"

 Brad and Heath followed their mother, funny, I haven't seen Ethan yet. Our parents sat alongside each other while I was stuck between Brad and Heath. We started to eat and our mothers were at it again, while the three of us ate in silence.

"Where's Ethan?" I asked either of them

"He's at his house, why? You miss him?" Heath answered

"No, it's just weird not seeing the two of you together"

 "Want to see some bromance, huh?"

"Ew, no"

"Will you please stop making fun of her" Brad intervened

"Then shut up brother" Heath told him

"You don't deserve her" Brad muttered, I heard him perfectly because I sat beside him.


 "Yes Heath?" Dana answered

"Can I go out this evening?"

"Where are you going honey?"

"I'm going on a date" my eyes widened at him. He wouldn't.

 "With who?"

I mentally told him not to answer that with my name but he was so deaf, he didn't get the message. Or maybe he's blind, either way he answered "Melanie"

My mother, Dana, and Brad's eyes widened and they stared at me. Like they were told I was pregnant. My mother mentally slapped me, Dana mentally hit me in the head and Brad mentally murdered Heath. I stifled a laugh because the two of them looked like they were going to have a smackdown.

When I realized I was being stared at, I slapped Heath's shoulder but he seemed unaffected, he looked more concerned at my face earlier.

"Dana, mom, yes I am going out to dinner with Heath but this is only a one time thing and we're going as friends"

I prayed that my mom would say 'no' but fate was not on my side this day. "Okay, as long as Mel and Dana are okay with this"

"Are you sure Mel?" Dana asked me, well, she knows I despise her son

"Is it okay Dana?" I asked sweetly "and yes, I'm okay with this, I have the hospital on speed dial if Heath tries to hurt me"

Heath glared at me and I rolled my eys at him. "Please mom?" Heath said while still looking at me

"Okay kids"

"Can I come too?" We turned to Brad

"No" Heath firmly replied

"Come on, Mel did say this was a friend date"

I stared at him, not knpwing what to say. "I said no" Heath told him

"Come on Heath, maybe this would be a great way for the both of you to spend some tme with each other" Dana said

"We'll spend some time in another day"

"Heath, Brad's going with you, you don't mind, right Mel?"

I realized, she mentioned my name. "No, not at all" 

Great! I told myself I would stay away from them and I end up with them! This day just keep on getting better and better.






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