Rubberband Love

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - They're human beings with a face

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Chapter 11- They’re human beings with a face


I've been pacing around my room for the past 4 hours. How can this even happen? I can’t do this, just simply looking at them makes me shudder. I can’t even last 30 minutes without embarrassing myself, how can I last a whole dinner?

After we left the Wilson residence, my mother has been asking questions like, how did he ask me, how I agreed, what I will be wearing, where will we go. You see, my mom is much more enthusiastic than I am, at least she’s finally getting her dream, which is me going out.

I gave myself one last look before meeting the two guys in our living room, yes, they’re here. As I step down the stairs three guys stood and my dad helped me through the last steps. “Hey dad” I shyly told him.

“Hey Lanie, you look beautiful” he answered and gave me a smile

“You only say that because I’m your daughter”

“I’m simply telling the truth” he winked at me “You can call me if these boys give you trouble”

“Of course, I have you and mom on speed dial”

He gave out a loud chuckle before we faced the two boys.

“You both take care of my daughter” he gave them a serious look

“Of course sir” Brad answered

“Let’s go?” Heath followed

“Sure” my palms are sweaty and the tension in the room wasn't helping. I pulled the both of them out the house and we went on our not-so-merry way.

I looked out the window and willed myself to calm down, this might not be so bad. Besides, the two of them are here so there’s no way anything would happen. At the realization, I felt something akin to disappointment at the pit of my stomach but I brushed it away.

“We’re here” Heath’s voice reverberated inside the car

I snapped out of my reverie and looked at Heath. “Where are we?”

“Why don’t you look outside and find out”

I looked at where we are and my eyes popped, he remembered. “Heath, this place”

“I know sweetheart” He took my hand and led me out the car, Brad followed behind us

“Table for three please” Heath told the waitress at the podium

It took a while before she realized the man beside me was talking to her, it was obvious she was star struck at the men by my side and there was a hint of jealousy in her gaze. I rolled my eyes at her and looked at both guys beside me. Heath was wearing a white polo with black suit and tie. Brad on the other hand was wearing an all-white tux. I looked down on myself and determined whether or not I deserve to be in one table with them.

“Don’t” Brad whispered in my ear

“What?” I looked at him

“You look stunning Mel, don’t ever think otherwise”

I felt my cheeks turning red at his compliment and simply said “Thanks”

“Right this way please” The woman returned much more composed than she was a while ago.

We followed the woman across the room and stopped by a window table. The table was covered with a blood red table cloth and a single white rose at the middle. As we sat down, a stiff looking waiter gave us a menu and took our orders, after he left, silence fell on us. This is weird for us, especially for them, Heath and Brad was once very close, I wondered what happened between them.

“So” I started and failed making conversation

“Do you like this place?” Heath asked me

“Are you kidding me? I've dreamed of going to this place for years but never had the chance. But, you knew that”

“Can’t blame me sweetheart”

Brad’s face suddenly stiffened at Heath’s pet name for me

“Brad” I snapped him out of his thoughts

“Yes Mel?” He seemed grateful that I noticed him

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Depends on the question”

“It’s a little personal”

“Okay then, shoot”

“What happened between you and Shayne?”

“Yes, brother, what did happen between the two of you?”

Brad sighed before answering “She’s a bitch, she manipulated me”

“How?” It was Heath who asked before I could open my mouth

“Doesn't matter, I broke up with her before she could do anything else”

“Like what?” Heath’s face was fuming, it was obvious that he was still protective with his little brother

“Can we please change the topic, this is frustrating for me”

“Fine, I’ll ask her myself” Heath stated

“Fine, she threatened Mel”

Heath was obviously mad now “What exactly did she say?” hey! Wasn't I supposed to be the one asking that question, I mean, she threatened me!

“She told me that if I won’t be with her then she’ll make Mel’s life miserable until we graduate”

My mood turned sour immediately, who in their right mind would do that? Right, Shayne is not in her right mind! She’s crazy! How can she make my life miserable if my life is miserable as it is. Yes, I may not be the most popular girl in school but at least I have more morals than her! She has no right to threaten Brad and Brad has no right to hide this from me!

“She did what?” Heath’s voice raised a little

“Heath” I reprimanded him, this is not the place or time to get mad at Brad

“Heath, I handled it” Brad told him

“Brad” I told him firmly, let’s not make things worse

“What happened Brad?” I asked him calmly

“I broke up with her”

“And then?”

“She told me she would make your life miserable”

“Brad, thank you for doing what you did for my sake but you had no right to hide something like this from me” I told him as calmly as I can even though I was about to burst at him

“I’m sorry Mel, I tried to protect you but Shayne was taking it too far”

“What do you mean too far?”

“She was sleeping with everyone in school”

“How did you know that?” My eyes turned double the size

“You think I don’t check up on her?”

“Brad” Heath started, he calmed down a bit


“You should’ve said something to me or to Ethan”

“Look, I’m sorry, to the both of you, for not telling you sooner”

“Why did you tell us?” Heath’s curiosity was peeked

“I needed help, I wanted to take her down”

“What do you mean take her down?” Heath’s eyes narrowed at him

“Let’s talk about it another time, our dinner’s here”

The three of us shut up and ate, we were starving. I smiled at the both of them, their relationship is healing. I felt a little relieved that this dinner didn’t end up as bad as I thought. They were actually getting along.

“Wanna go for a walk?” Brad asked and we agreed. We got out of the restaurant and started to walk, I linked both my arms in theirs and for a moment, I was happy.

After what seemed like hours, they took me home and as I opened the door to my house, my mother started questioning me.

“What happened?”

“We had dinner then we went for a walk, that’s it”

“That’s it?” My mother seemed unsatisfied, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy

“Mom, yes that’s it but at some point during dinner I think Heath and Brad’s relationship improved”

“Okay then, that’s good, go wash up and get ready for bed, you still have class tomorrow”

“Okay, night mom” I gave her a peck on the cheek and went up to my room

I woke up with a smile on my face, I got ready for school and as I stepped in school grounds, Shayne’s minions greeted me. Well, isn't this a surprise, not! It’s not a coincidence that they start showing up the morning after my dinner with the Wilson brothers.

“Good morning” One of the girls said a little too sweetly

I didn't answer them and started walking towards the main building of our campus.

“Wait up bitch” One of them grabbed my arm and turned me towards them

“What the hell do you want?” I was shaking with anger but I didn't want this to be on my permanent record so I willed myself to calm down

One of them went up in my face and told me “Just because you have the Wilson brothers wrapped in your fingers doesn’t mean you are protected”

I didn’t answer her and pulled my arm away from her tight grasp. “You don’t have a right to threaten me” I firmly told her

“I’m not threatening you, I’m simply stating a fact, from this day forward, you are on the top of our loser list”

“And what does that make me?” A familiar voice asked from somewhere behind me

The girl in front of me tensed up and backed away, the rest of the group followed her and I let out a sigh I’ve been holding far too long. Heath hugged me because he knew I needed that and I hugged him back, I tried to stop the tears from flowing down my face and fortunately, they stopped.

“Mel, I’m right here” Heath’s comforting words were ringing in my ears

“Thank you, but you know I had it under control”

“You did NOT have it under control, that girl put a mark on your arm and no one puts a mark on my girl except for me”


“Nothing, I’m trying to lighten your mood”

“Okay then, let’s go to class”

“I’ll walk you”

“What? No! You’ll be late for yours”

“Mel, I don’t want anything like this to happen again, it’s a good thing I went to school early and saw the commotion”

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

I sat on my seat and Alison’s glare was boring into me. “I’ll explain later” I mouthed at her

“You better” She mouthed back

The rest of the class went smoothly, no Shayne minions around. But I have a feeling that they’re planning something much worse. Al and I were walking towards the lunch room and I told her everything that happened from the party at their house.

“You do know that everyone in school is talking about your date last night with the Wilson brothers right?”

“How did they know that?”

“It’s all over the school’s gossip site”

“Great! That’s why they attacked me this morning”


“How did they know in the first place?”

“Some of our schoolmates saw the Wilson brothers and they took a picture and posted it on the site”

“Ugh, why can’t they just stalk someone else”

“This is THE Wilson brothers we’re talking about”

“So? They’re human beings with a face”

“Not just a face”


As soon as we sat down at the cafeteria, some girls were giving me weird looks like, glares meaning they want me dead. Awe, meaning they were amazed I got the Wilson brothers in one table. Some just looked at me and gave me a stare down, like they were trying to figure out if I was a witch.

After lunch, hell broke out. I was superglued to my chair, ripping my pants out, luckily I had a jacket to hide my butt. When I changed into my PE pants, someone took a picture of me changing, let’s just say, I had a shitty day.

After my last class, everyone was already laughing at me. But they immediately shut up and I don’t know why. I sighed and packed up my things and went out the room, three guys blocked my way and I was about to push them when I saw their faces. Relief washed over me and I was glad it was them waiting for me and not Shayne’s minions.

“Brad, Heath, Ethan” I stated their names one by one “What are you doing here?”

“Well, a little birdy told us that you were having a shitty day” Heath answered

“We are so sorry Mel” Brad stated

“Mel, I wish I knew you were bullied but these two just told me a while ago” Ethan told me

“That’s alright, I’m just glad it’s you guys”

“You mean, you’re glad it’s me right?” Heath’s cockiness is back

“No me!” Brad gave his brother a slight push

“Come on Mel, these knuckle heads clearly don’t know it’s me you’re glad to see” Ethan gave me a megawatt smile making some of the girls in the background faint a little

I smiled at them “Take me home before you kill each other”

“Please Mel” Brad started

“We’re not taking you to your house” Ethan continued

“We’re taking you to ours” Heath wiggled his eyebrows

I can feel the girls’ stares, they were killing me right now. I pulled them away from the crowd of girls that blocked the way and out the campus.

“You didn’t have to say that in front of all of them!” I scolded at them

“They needed to know that we are always going to be there to protect you” Brad was the one who answered

“By saying that you were going to take me to your house!” I didn’t care that I was already screaming

“We are sorry Mel” Ethan tried to calm me down

“Fine” I walked away from them and into their car, they followed a minute after, not a word was muttered all the way to our house

“We’re really sorry”

“Okay” I told them before getting out of the car and into our house. I slammed the door and heard them leave. I went up to my room and looked at the school’s gossip site. Oh my God! Either the guy who took the photo was an expert at taking pictures or he was really lucky. There I was, sitting in the middle of Brad and Heath and they were kissing me in the cheek! At the same time!

This is frustrating, I looked back at what happened at dinner and not once do I remember them kissing me on the cheek! Clearly edited, why can’t the people in school know that? This picture was edited for my doom.

“Evie! Dinner’s ready” Mom shouted from the kitchen, I haven’t realized I slept through my homework. Not really a good time to be slacking! I have exams next week! I lazily got up from my chair and went down the stairs.

“You look awful Evie”

“I know mom”

“Bad day at school?”

“You could say that” I muttered

“What happened?”

“Nothing mom, what’s for dinner?”

“Beef Casserole, Go call your dad, he’s in the study”


I made my towards my dad’s study, I slowly opened the door and peeked. “Dad?”

Well it looks like I’m not the only one who slept through the afternoon. “Dad wake up, it’s time for dinner”


“Hey dad”

“Hey, I’m sorry Lanie, I rested my head for a bit”

“No need to be sorry dad, what were you doing?”

“Just finalizing the last of the proposal for the rehabilitation of 7th avenue”

“What rehab?”

“Nothing you need to worry about sweetheart”

“Okay dad” He stood up and kissed the top of my head


“Yes dad?”

“I don’t want you getting in a relationship where you’re not happy”

“I’m won’t dad and I’m not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship”

“Melanie, I want you to be happy and I don’t want you to be in a relationship yet”

“Dad, I’m not in a relationship”

“Lanie, I just want you to be careful, you’ve had enough of the Wilson brothers and they hurt you physically and mentally, I just don’t want you to come to the point where you get your heart broken and I don’t get you back”

“Dad, I’m not in a relationship and I won’t enter a relationship where you don’t approve”

“Thank you Lanie”

“Dad, stop being so mushy”

“Sorry Lanie, I just don’t want my little girl to get hurt” He blinked away the tears that formed in his eyes and he hugged me tight

“Dad, I’m not little anymore but I’ll always be your girl”

“I know, this is corny”

“Dad, it’s not corny and I needed a hug anyway”

“Why? Anything bad happen in school?”

“More like it, I was being bullied” I looked away as I say those words, I don’t like looking so weak

“What?” His face turned grim

“Don’t worry dad, it was a meaningless prank”

“Meaningless or not, I don’t want anyone hurting my daughter, give me their names and I will get them expelled”

“Dad, no, Heath and Brad were there, even Ethan, they’ll protect me”

My dad sighed “Okay then but if you get hurt, I will go to your school and get them expelled, do you understand me?”

“Yes dad”

“Now, let’s go to dinner”

The next morning I woke up a little peaceful and I told myself I will ignore all the bullies unless they do something drastic that would hurt me. I’m not one for violence but if they cross the line then they would definitely regret it.

I went downstairs and kissed my parents good bye. As I stepped into the sun, three faces greeted me.

“Good morning sweetheart” Heath said

“Good morning Mel” Brad followed

“Good morning” then Ethan

“What are you doing here?” I asked them as if I don’t already know the answer

“We don’t want what happened yesterday to repeat itself now do we?” Heath gave me his signature smile and I can’t help but smile back

“Come on you two, we better get going” Ethan snapped us out of our own bubble

As we walked towards the car Ethan whispered in my ear “Don’t forget about our bet Mel, looks like you’re falling for one of them already”

“Am not” I whispered back

“Whatever” He was humming as he got in the car

As we stepped in school grounds, a crowd of girls were waiting for them. The three of them left the car, leaving me starstruck. But of course, one of them remembered I was still in the car. Brad took my hand and got me out of the car.

I was now walking by their side and they ignored the girls cheering for them, the three boys were completely in their own bubble and it made me smile knowing that they were here for me. I pulled back a little, giving them their space and it was a big mistake considering there was now a sack on my head and I was being dragged away from them. Not really how I wanted my day to start.

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