Rubberband Love

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - You Look So Sexy

Submitted: June 27, 2014

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Submitted: June 27, 2014



Chapter15-You Look So Sexy


"You're still not going to tell me where we're going?" I asked for the millionth time

"Like I told you for the past hour or so, no, I'm not going to tell you where we're going"

"You could drive off a cliff and I'd still be blind on what you're about to do” I raised my hands for dramatic effect but he was grinning at me, he's not going to budge.

I pouted my lips and slouched on my seat, and then my phone came to life. I looked at the caller ID, shit, my mother.

"Mom?" I said

"Where the hell are you Melanie?"

"I'm with Heath"

"Why are you with Heath? Aren't you supposed to be home?"


"You're making me worried Mel, with all that disappearing you do with Heath"

"Mom, can we talk about this later?"

"Come home in an hour or your grounded Melanie"


"No buts, tell Heath I'll call Dana if you don't come home right now"

"Mom, don't call Dana"

"Come home in an hour or your both grounded"

I heard my phone click ending the call, I haven't been spending time with Heath, have I? Of course, we are. I sighed and looked at Heath.

"I have to get home in an hour or we're both grounded"

"We can't go back now sweetheart. We're almost there"

"Did you not hear me? I don't want to be grounded for the rest of my life!"

"Not the rest of your life, just until you're 18"

"Heath!" I glared at him which made him smile

"Mel, we're here. I promise I'll get you home in an hour. Come on"

I haven't even noticed the car stopped moving, I got out of the car and stared at the sight before me. We were on the edge of a cliff, the city I grew up in was getting covered with darkness as the sun started to go down, taking my worries with it.

"It's beautiful"

"I wanted to be here for that"

I looked at him, he looked so vulnerable. A bit of concern hit me and I realized I do like him, like I blurted out to the entire school. That is going to be the talk of the school tomorrow for sure. I sighed, I hate being gossiped about.

"Come on, we have to get home"


He started to walk back to the car with me in tow. So we're not going to talk about earlier? I thought he was going to confront me about what I blurted out to the entire school.

I got in the car and sat in silence, seeing the sun made me calm down and I was tired. I started to doze off when I heard Heath mutter "I like you too Melanie"

I wanted to ask him about it but sleep was taking me to dreamland, and fast. I don't know how long I've been asleep but I felt like I was being carried.

"Just put her on the bed" Am I home? Clearly, since I heard my mom's voice. I felt my bed beneath me as Heath laid me down.

"Thank you Heath, for taking her home. I'll go make coffee"

"No Mrs. Ross-"



"Call me Gina"


"That's what most people call me, my husband is the only one that calls me Anne"

"Okay, Mrs.-uhm-Gina"

"Coffee, I want to talk to you"

I heard the familiar click of my door, silence settled in. I wanted to just go to sleep but I was curious on what my mom and Heath were about to talk about. I got up from my bed and opened my door, very slowly so it doesn't make any sound.

I can hear them clearly and I just sat at the top of the stairs trying to listen to them.

"Do you like my daughter Heath?" Wow, my mom wasted no time getting to the point.


"No need to be evasive Heath, I can see how you've been looking at my daughter then and now. It's the same"

"So you knew?"

"Of course, I'm her mother. I'm supposed to know these things"

"Then why didn't you stop me from hurting your daughter"

"You were kids, I didn't think it meant much. I thought it was just one of those phases, puppy love, infatuation and the like. As for hurting Mel, you are still not in the clear. You clearly did those to get her attention but it doesn't justify what you're trying to do"

"I know" that's it? Wow. Heath is not much of a talker in front of my mom

"Heath, I'm not asking you to stay away from my daughter"

"I don't want to either"

"But you have to stick with the rules, you have to stay in school and go to college. You both have all the time in the world to be together. No need to rush"

"I'm not rushing her Gina"

"No but you skipped school. I want a future for my daughter and there's no doubt that you could do it. You make her happy and she's become more confident"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Be a good influence, don't be the guy who destroys her future. If you keep putting her in bad situations, I'm gonna have to ask you to stay away from her" I gasped but covered my mouth, hoping they didn't hear that


"Okay what?"

"I'll try but there's no guarantee"

"At least you're willing to try"

"Thanks Gina"

"For what?"

"For wanting a future for Mel"

"Now, go home. Dana must be worried sick"


I started to walk back to my room but I heard my mother shout. "Melanie, I know you're there. Come down here"

Shit. Why didn't I just stay in bed? I slowly walked down stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was nursing a cup of coffee.



"Do you like him?"




"You can tell me"


"What? Can I not be involved with my daughter's affairs?"


"Mel, just tell me, yes or no"


"I knew it" she smiled

"How'd you know I skipped school?"

"Brad called"


"Yes, he was worried about you because Heath was so angry when you both left the school and he thought Heath was going to hurt you"

"But he didn't"

"I can see that"

"Mom, he's not a bad person"

"Says the teen who hated him half his life"

"That's in the past"

"Clearly, since you've been spending so much time with each other"



"Nothing, can I go back to bed?"

"You're still grounded for a week, you are supposed to stay in school, not miss it"

"A week?"

"Yes, no phone, no mac, no tv and you have to come home straight from school"

"But what am I supposed to do?"

"Do homework, read a book, cook or whatever"

"Fine” I crossed my arms across my chest like a little girl denied of a cookie

"Mel, like I told Heath, there's no rush. Of course, your father wouldn't think too much on this topic, he would threaten Heath the moment you pulled up in front of the house"

I giggled, typical over protective father. "I know mom"

"Go to bed, you still have to get to school tomorrow"

"Okay" I kissed her on the cheek. "Night mom"

"Night Evie"

I woke up to my mom shouting my name from the kitchen. I looked at the time. Shit. I'm going to be late.

I rummaged through my closet for something to wear. I decided on a black skinny jeans, some black and white three inch belt and a gray off shoulder top. That should do it. I put on my black two inch heels and tied my hair in a messy bun.

I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. "Bye mom"


I was about to open the door but I looked at my mom, and I saw someone grinning in my peripheral view. I turned to look and, of course, Ethan.

"So this is what Ms. Melanie looks like when she doesn't shower in the morning"

"Shut up"

"Expecting someone else?"

"No" but I was, I thought it was Heath

"Come on, we have to get to school"

"Okay” I followed him out the door and into his car.

"Oh and good morning Mel"

"Just drive Ethan"

"Why do you look so sexy, yet you are so feisty"


"Okay okay, I'm going"

He started the car and drove off. "So about our bet, I think I won"

What the heck? "You did not win Ethan"

"Ohh, but so close"

"Nope, I am nowhere near in love with him"

"But you like him and in no time you're going to fall in love with him and both of you are going to do everything I say"


"Keep denying it Mel, you're going to fall in love whether you like it or not"

"Maybe, maybe not"

"Fine, deny the inevitable"

I grinned at him, he is so going to lose. As long as I keep my feelings in control. How does one even control it? This is going to be harder than I thought. He is so hell bent on making me lose, how do I tell him I'm out?

"We're here"


"Remember, school? With the teachers and an hour of drooling on the table while they babble about things not known to the whole universe"

I laughed at him. "Let's go"

"Great, you're stinking up my car"

"Shut up"

We got out of the car and as expected, I got glares and snickers. Some were whispering, if you could even call it whispering. I walked towards my locker, saying good bye to Ethan. Why do I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to me?

I opened my locker and took out my books. As I closed it, I felt people stop behind me, when I turned around, Shayne. Such luck.

"What do you want Shayne?" I glared at her and her minions.

"You" she pointed at me” out of my life"

"Not gonna happen"

"Let me make this clear, stay away from them or I will make the rest of your high school life miserable"

"You don't scare me"

"Oh yeah?" She stepped closer so we're face to face

"Yeah, accept the fact that Heath is mine"

"Not for long"

"What are you talking about Shayne?"

"You know what every guy craves right?"


She smiled at me "Sex and I can give it to him and you can't because your too goody goody"

I stepped on her foot and walked away. So much for getting to class, I have to get away. I just walked and walked until I reached the garden. It looked so beautiful.

Tears were starting to cloud my eyes and I let them go. How do I even compete with that? Pretty soon Heath is going to fall for her and leave me behind. Was it true? Does guys truly crave sex? I mean yes, I know they have sex but do they find it in someone else since they can't get it with the person they're with?

Some voice inside my head told me to trust Heath, that he won't hurt me but he did. More than once and I can't even think about what Shayne has under her sleeve. She plays dirty and I don't.

A thought hit me. Brad. He said he wanted to take down Shayne when we were at dinner. How exactly? I have to ask him later. I wiped the tears from my face and fixed myself up. I can't be the girl who gives up on a guy just because some whore wanted to get her hands on her guy.

It's time to take down the queen bee.

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