Rubberband Love

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Tingles At The Small Contact

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Chapter 18- Tingles At the Small Contact

A week later, Dana and Gabe were still in the hospital, Heath and Brad are living under our roof and my life was a living hell. I wake up every morning with either mustard or ketchup on my blanket or bedsheet. I have dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep due to the television being on til the wee hours of the morning.

I don't even eat that much due to the fact that boys are pigs, they eat up all the food before I even get to the table. My mother just laughs at me whenever the boys devour her cooking and I'm left with the crumbs.

My parents still don't know about Heath and I. I don't even know what we are. We kissed a number of times but I still don't know where we stand. Are we in a relationship? Are we friends with benefits?

Brad still gives us the dirty look whenever I'm with Heath, it's like, he's waiting for Heath to screw something up and he'll swoop in and save me. Brad's a good guy and my feelings for him are still there but are overriden by my feelings for Heath.

Yes, I like him but some part of me is holding me back, like something is keeping me from loving Heath. Something is telling me I'm going to get my heart broken but that is a risk I'm willing to take. If one day Heath decides to break my heart, then I'm going to cry and suck it up.

I woke up as usual and went downstairs to find a guy flipping pancakes over the stove. "Brad?" I asked and he turned around confirming what I thought

"Good morning Melanie" he chirped, what's got him in a good mood? He placed a pancake in a plate and handed it to me.


"Why do you sound like you're seeing a ghost?"

"Sorry" I smiled at him "it's a little weird to see you in front of a stove"

"I cook occasionally" he shrugged and went back to pouring batter on the pan.

"Brad?" I asked, I don't even know why I even  blurted out his name

"Yeah Melanie?" He grinned at me and flipped a pancake in the air

"Brad, watch out!" I screamed at him and I burst out laughing because the pancake landed on his head.

"Look what you made me do" he pouted and removed the pancake on his head.

"Sorry" I giggled again. He walked towards me and stood in between my legs, I tried to close them but he slid in easily and my cheeks went red.

"Brad" I breathed out. Its getting hotter in here and him in between my legs is not helping.

"Melanie" he whispered and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. I felt tingles where his skin touched mine. Why am I feeling this way? Is this lust? I'm not feeling like I want to jump in bed with him, no, not lust.

I realized I wasn't breathing when I felt the need for oxygen. I breathed in and out and wondered what it would be like to have his lips on mine, now I sound like a bitch.

We were still staring at each other when my body stiffened when I felt a new presence in the room. Brad seemed to realize someone was in the room with us so he stepped away and went back to cooking.

"Good morning daddy" I tried to say but it came out breathless.

"Good morning Lanie" he walked towards the coffeemaker and poured himself a cup while still giving Brad the death glare.

My father sat beside me and sipped his cup. The tension in the room was palpable and the dagger-throwing-eyes my father has was not helping.

My mom entered and she sensed the tension. "Why are you all like robots in here?" She smiled as she walked to my father to give him a peck on the cheek.

"Morning mom" I greeted

"Brad, why are you cooking?" She went in front of the stove and stole the spatula from Brad. "Now, go eat and I'll cook" she pushed him and he took one pancake and stuffed it in his mouth then exited the room.

"Lanie" uh-oh my father started to talk, definitely not good.

"Yes daddy?" I smiled at him and batted my eyelashes, I didn't want to get scolded for something that never happened.

"What did I walk in on?" my father asked and my body stiffened

"Nothing" I muttered and stuffed my pancake in my mouth and sprinted to my room. Why did Brad do that in the first place? It's not like we're together or something.

I spit out the pancake in my mouth and got to dressing up for school. The three of us rode to school together for the past week and the girls at school kept givin me death glares. Some of them even pretend to be my friend just so they could talk to Brad or Heath, even Ethan.

I put on some jeans, a red tank top, a black blazer and stilletos. I sat in front of my mirror and put on some mascarra and lipstick, I held my blonde hair up and took my bag. I went back downstairs and sat in the living room while waiting for the brothers to come down.

"Good morning" Heath greeted as he walked the last steps. He sat next to me and I suddenly felt tense, I didn't cheat on him, he isn't even my boyfriend.

"Morning" I tried to smile and he seemed to notice, I wasn't in the talking mood.

"You seem odd?" He raised an eyebrow and I sighed

"I'm fine"

"Then why are you playing with your hands?" He was staring at my hands and I realized I was playing with my hands and they're turning white and clammy.

Brad landed on the last steps and walked out the door. I said good bye to my parents and we got inside the car. Brad and I weren't talking to each other and Heath was oblivious to everything around him.

We got to school and Brad asked if he could talk to me. Great! I agreed and Heath wanted to stay with me but I convinced him I was fine.

He gave me a peck on the cheek and went inside the building where a flock of girls were ogling him like he's a a prize to be won. I rolled my eyes at them and faced Brad.

"So" I nervously said

"Come with me?" He was holding a hand out for me and I glances back to where Heath disappeared. I took his hand and he pulled me towards the field.

"Where are we going?" I asked while still dragging my feet to follow him. We went behind the bleachers and I noticed a small opening.

"Just follow me" he began to crouch towards a small hole and I followed, are we in Alice and wonderland? Why is there a hole?

I followed him, it was very dark and I bumped my head once or twice, or three times! Pretty soon, I saw light, we were in the middle of nowhere! I took in my surroundings and saw trees, trees and more trees!

"Where are we?" I asked

"Welcome to Narnia" he joked and I slapped him

"Where are we?" I asked again

"We're in a jungle or something" the heck! The guy doesn't even know where we are!

"Brad, why are we here?" I asked while looking up

"Privacy" he simply answered I looked at him and he was studying me.

"What?" I asked, he tucked my hair behind my ear once again and I felt tingles at the small contact. "Brad" I croaked

"Shh, enjoy the moment" he gave a small smile and his face was mere centimeters from mine and breathing became foreign to me.

"We can't" I whispered but he was staring at my eyes and I can't help but melt.

"I'm going to kiss you now" he whispered and I gave a small whimper. I was held captive and there was no way to stop it.

"Tell me to stop and I'm going to stop" he said and all I could do was stand there. I didn't know what to do or say. I was still rooted in my spot and I can't breathe.

His lips came in contact with mine and I closed my eyes. His kiss was gentle and needy at the same time. I whimpered once again and he took that opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. We stood there, exploring each other's mouth then the need for air caught up with us.

We tore apart and all I could do was faint. And let the darkness take over. My last thought was, Heath. God! I'm a bitch.

I woke up feeling a little dizzy, I slowly opened my eyes and all I could see were green. Where am I? Am I still dreaming? My vision became clear and I saw Brad beside me and where we were. So the kiss was real.

"What happened?" I asked while rubbing my temples

"You fainted after I kissed you" he said with a smile on his face

"I thought that was a dream" I smiled and he frowned

"Want me to remind you?" He grinned and I slapped his arm

"No!" I said with a laugh

"I'm sorry for kissing you" he said, his eyes were full of sincerity

"It's fine, we should go back" I said, looking around for the exit to this place

"Mel, if Heath ever hurt you, you come to me. Okay?" He pulled me up and I landed on his chest, I'm so clumsy.

"He won't hurt me" I simple replied while removing soil all over my body

"Just come to me if and when he does" he looked at me and all I could do was melt and give a small nod. "Good" he said softly and he kissed me once again.

We went back to school and all I could think about was what happened between Brad and I. I unconsciously touch my lips from time to time to see if what happened was real.

What will Heath do if he finds out? What will happen with their relationship? What will happen with us? Why did I even agree to go with Brad in the first place?

Stupidity, I can't believe how easily I fell for their charm. What if I just ignore them both until we graduate? I cheated on Heath! With his brother! And the biggest slut award goes

I can't live like this, my feelings are at stake here. I can't live with the fact that Brad and I kissed. I can't loose Heath, and I can't loose Brad, what am I going to do? I can't just walk around with that kind of guilt.

I've been thinking about what Heath and I are and here comes Brad with his lips! I don't even know if Heath and I are a thing? He hasn't actually asked me to be his girlfriend.

And Ethan! Oh dear, the bet! I'm going to lose it at this rate. I haven't seen Ethan for a while so I'm saved for now. Or not

"Hey Melanie!" Ethan chirped and sat beside me in the cafeteria.

"Hey Ethan" I greeted back with a forced smile on my face

"Why do you look so irritated?" He asked and took the apple on my tray

"Because I am, I've had enough of you three" I said exasperated

"When you mean three?" He was munching on my apple while I don't have the energy to eat anything

"You, Brad and Heath" I mumbled

"Does that mean you're backing out of the bet" great! He just has to bring that up

"I'm telling you, I'm not going to fall in love with one of them in the next" I counted how many months left "10 months"

"Whatever you say" he stood up and left me and my jumbled mind.

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