Rubberband Love

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Pressed against my body

Submitted: August 12, 2014

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Submitted: August 12, 2014



Chapter 21- Pressed against my body


"Heath" a single tear fell down my face and he wiped it with the back of his hand.

"Mel" He replied with the same tone.

"Yes" I whispered. His eyes widened, then his mouth turned into a wide grin.

"Could you repeat you answer? I'm afraid I heard it wrong" he was playing me. He wanted me to repeat what I said.

"Yes, I'll be your girlfriend" I repeated much louder this time and it took me a minute to process everything. Heath gave me a bone crushing hug, then he kissed me. I closed my eyes to savor the moment. He nibbled on my lower lip then released me. I was still catching my breath when Heath spoke once again.

"She said yes! Thank you for everyone's help!" He told the people in the restaurant which made my cheeks much much redder.

Everyone cheered then resumed eating after a minute. I sat down on my chair, I still couldn't process the fact that I'm really his girlfriend. I'm really his girlfriend. I'm someone's girlfriend. Oh God! Thank you! I mentally thought.

"Will you please finish your food? We need to get home and tell your parents." We were grinning like idiots and it’s safe to say I was happy. I, Melanie Ross, attained happiness with the guy who gave me hell.

"Stop thinking and just eat" he ordered and I can't help but roll my eyes at him.

"Why don't I just eat you instead?" I crossed my arms across my chest and only then did I realize the true meaning of my words. He was laughing at me and I mentally face palmed myself. Why do I keep on embarrassing myself in front of him? Why do I keep on embarrassing myself, period.

"If you'll be good, I might take you up on that offer" he winked at me which caused my body to become hot and bothered. I'm kidding but he is a nincompoop, a stupid nincompoop. I stood up and left the restaurant. I was ready to catch a cab when someone pulled my hand and then I felt warm hands envelope my body.

"I'm sorry" Heath muttered.

"Its okay" I hugged him back and I felt his body relax.

"Home?" He asked and I nodded my head. His car pulled up and we got in, not before he gave a humungous tip to the valet, maybe he's feeling generous.

The whole ride home, everything came to me in a blink of an eye. I'm someone's girlfriend, I like him, do I love him? Then I remembered Ethan. Oh dear! He's going to win! No, he won't. The bet was if I fall in love with one of them, being Heath's girlfriend does not mean I love him. I have strong feelings for him, yes but I'm not there yet.

"What are you thinking about?" He clamped his hand over mine and I can't help but stare at it. It felt so surreal, he held my hand earlier but I wasn't his girlfriend then.

I looked at him and his eyes were focused on the road. I admired his features, his hair was short which made his handsome face stand out. I love his dark eyes to his kissable lips, down to his body. I swallowed something imaginary and I can feel my throat clog up. What would his toned abdomen feel like? Stop it! Control yourself!

I mentally slapped myself and looked out the window. He tightened his grip on my hand which made me look at him once again. "I'm fine."

"That's not the answer I was looking for." He faced me with a questioning look. "What's wrong? Do you regret it?"

"What? No! It just feels so surreal." I smiled sheepishly.

He grinned at me then focused on the road once again. "You'll get used to it. We're here." I didn't notice the car wasn't moving.

Before I could open the door, it was opened for me. Heath was grinning at me and I felt flattered at his small gesture. We entered the house and my mother came up to Heath and gave him a slap on the face. I covered my mouth to cover my surprise and I stepped in between my mother and Heath. He looked as shocked as I am.

"I never would have thought you would punch my daughter in the gut!" My mother shouted at him. I held Heath's hand to reassure him everything will be fine.

"Mom, I can explain" I tried to calm her down but it was no use, she was fuming with anger.

"Don't Evie, go to your room." She demanded but I didn't move an inch. There's no way I'm going to leave my mother and Heath in the same room.

"Mom, it was an accident." I tried to explain which made her face change. She was looking at me, giving me a chance to explain.

"Mom, it was really an accident, I tried to prevent Heath from punching Brad but it back fired." I looked at Heath but his face was blank, void of any emotion. I wish I could read his mind.

"And why would he punch Brad?" She placed her hands on her waist, before I could reply, someone spoke for me.

"Because of this." Brad entered the room, holding up a piece of paper with a picture on it. The same picture Heath shoved in my face earlier.

My mother grabbed the picture but my mother didn't get it. As far as she's concerned, we were just walking hand in hand at the field, headed to the bleachers to talk.

"What's this?" She looked at me.

"Nothing mom" I looked away mainly because the thought of Brad and I kissing passed through my mind.

"Tell me, I will not tolerate violence in this house." She raised her voice once again and I can't help but wince.

"Mom, its nothing" I answered once again.

"Heath, I have a question for you." My mother stepped up, a little more and I'll be squished between them.

"What?" Heath replied in a raspy voice.

"Do you like my daughter?" My mother was actually serious, no playfulness or amusement. She was seriously asking Heath if he likes me.

"Wait, don't answer that yet, Brad" my mother faced the guy who started all of this.


"Do you like my daughter?" My mother asked the same thing and his face went from amusement because Heath was being scolded to serious because he was asked bluntly.

"I want you both to answer at the same time so you won't copy the others answer. I am serious, answer with what you feel and do not even think of lying to me." My mother pointed at them while talking. I swallowed something imaginary again while waiting for their answer. This is me we're talking about, I'm not exactly hot, I'm not popular either.

"Three" my mother started her count down and my heart was beating so fast.

"Two" why did my mother do this? My palms started to become sweaty and clammy.

"One" my mother crossed her arms while I was nervously waiting for their answer. Why am I so nervous? This is me! It’s not like they're going to say yes.

"Now" everything slowed down. My ears heard only one word from both of them and that is "yes".

Brad went in Heath's direction and they now stood eye to eye. They looked like they're about to have a smack down. Heath's dark brown eyes were boring into Brad's jet black ones.

"Stop it" I stood in between them, my back facing Heath so you know who I sided with.

"Boys" my mother spoke once again but both of them didn't move an inch.

"Why do you have to do that?" I asked my mother but she gave a shrug.

"Mel, it’s time to let you know what they feel for you. I knew it because I'm your mother but you are naïve as ever." She grinned at me.

"It’s not funny, they're about to kill each other." I looked at them once again but neither of them broke eye contact.

So I do what I do best. I put my hands on Heath and pulled him down for a kiss. Heath responded immediately. We stood there, lip locked, when I felt the need for oxygen. I broke the kiss and my mother was grinning at me, while Brad was clenching and unclenching his fist.

"So I assume you asked my daughter to be your girlfriend." How does she know that? Why can't I keep anything from my mother? She sees right through everything.

"Yes" we both answered at the same time and Brad stormed out of the house. I heard an engine roar and then leave. Silence enveloped the room until my mother spoke.

"You are not allowed to stay in this house, you can go back to your parents' house, they hired someone to take care of them. And I will not have you both under the same roof when you're together." She stated and my mouth hung open.

"Do you want me to go now?" Heath asked, no, my mother isn't that cruel.

"No, you can go in the morning. Dana called me earlier to tell you both that you can go back to your house." She said as she went up the stairs into their room.

"Okay, thank you Gina." But my mother was already in their room.

"Do you want us to savor our last night in the same household?" He bowed and held out his hand and I had to giggle.

"Of course" I put my hand in his and he led me up to my room. "What about Brad?" I asked as he closed the door to my room.

"He'll be fine" he stated and locked the door. As soon as I heard the familiar click of the lock, I stopped breathing. My heart pounded against my chest and I was speechless.

He strode in my direction and just like that, our lips collided. I closed my eyes and just lived the moment. He grasped a fistful of my hair to hold me in place which made me let out a moan. He moved his head a little to gain more access and slip his tongue in my mouth. He took a step which made me land on the bed. His eyes looked hot, from dark brown to light and his eyes dilated a bit.

He stepped towards me and pressed his body against mine then his lips were back. I clutched the back of his shirt, not wanting him to let go. Our little moment was destroyed when my mother my mother shouted on the other side of the door.

"Use protection!" My cheeks heated immediately. How can she say that?

Heath got off me and sat on the edge of the bed. He ran his hand through his hair and let out a sigh. I crawled to where he is and hugged him. I kissed the back of his neck, then the crook, I was about to kiss his shoulder when he looked at me. "We can't." He stated but his eyes were telling me otherwise.

"I know." I said in a whisper.

"You will be the death of me" he grinned at me and pulled me on his lap.

We spent most of the night reliving the moments we had when we were children. But of course, without the occasional make out session.



Ta-da...A lot has happened in this chapter. I hope you like it. I prevented myself from ending it in another cliffhanger. So tell me what you think.



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