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Chapter 25 (v.1) - He Is Still Gorgeous

Submitted: September 21, 2014

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Submitted: September 21, 2014



Chapter 25- He is Still Gorgeous


I woke up feeling a bit better from what happened yesterday. After devouring every single food Brad brought, I rested my head on his lap while he leaned against a tree and stroked my hair until I fell asleep. He took me home after that because I did not have the energy to do anything else, crying for a week took all of my energy.

I didn’t cry myself to sleep so that must be a good sign. I blinked a couple of times, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I haven’t cried since yesterday. I rubbed my eyes, it’s still puffy but not like yesterday. Am I seriously moving on?

Heath, the name I haven’t thought of in the last 24 hours invaded my mind once again. Brad did a good job of distracting me from the memory engraved in my brain forever. Heath didn’t even try to come to Amy’s to make an effort to fix us. Maybe I’m not that important to him after all.

I switched my phone on, waiting for it to light up. I haven’t looked at it, scared that Heath would make our break up official. My phone vibrated continuously, telling me that I have thousands of text messages. I read all the texts from my mom, Ethan, and Brad. You may be thinking that Heath hasn’t texted me, you’re wrong, he left a gazillion text messages. I just ignored them, I’m such a coward.

Next, I checked my voice mails and I received plenty, 9 from my mom, 5 from Ethan, 6 from Brad and 30 from Heath. My mom kept on begging me to come home and I did, yesterday. Ethan kept on reassuring me that everything will be okay and he wanted to cheer me up, the last message he sent was last night. He basically threatened me to go with him somewhere or he will drag me by my hair to go with him. My choice.

Brad, well he kept on asking if I was okay, alright, fine, eating, sleeping, not crying. Of course, I’m not okay. First you can’t find your boyfriend in a stranger’s house, next, your bestfriend tells you in the morning that the slut and your boyfriend are in a picture together. I saw the picture, they were kissing, like really kissing. I then focused on Heath’s clothes, to make sure that it wasn’t taken in the past, but no, it was very much taken that night.

Next, your boyfriend shows up with the slut behind him. I was sitting in the damn bed when they got out of what I assumed was the bathroom, did they sleep on that bed?

Heath kept on telling me in voice mail that we should talk. When someone says we should talk, usually nothing good comes out of it. I bravely listened to all his messages, cringing every time. I hear his voice transform from composed to cracking then sobbing. One voice mail in particular had me crying like a baby.

“Hi Melanie, First of all, I want to apologize. I am so sorry for hurting you. I am so sorry for making you cry. I am so sorry for every bad thing I did to you. I seem to mess up everything with you. I make you cry and hurt you without realizing it. I messed up big time and I don’t know how to even start fixing it. I’m new at this kind of thing and I’m lost.” Hot tears were now running down my face.

“Sweetheart, please let me explain everything. I know there’s a part of you that wants to hear me out. I know you won’t rest unless you know what really happened that night, you slept like a baby and didn’t know what happened next.” I cringed at his pet name for me, in the past it made me annoyed. Then that one little word would send the dragons flying in my stomach and now, it hurts to hear it.

He is right on one thing, I won’t rest until I got the truth. Maybe I made a mistake of running away from my problems but I freaked out. First the phone call then you see them together, it’s exactly the kind of thing that would make a person run for the hills.

“Melanie, please come to school, let’s talk, you don’t even have to talk, just hear me out. I can tell you everything, give me another chance. I know its asking a lot but I can’t imagine my life without you. We can take it slow, as slow as you want it to be. This past week has been hell, I miss you so much it hurts.” He then began sobbing and I can’t help but feel sorry for him. “Please, just give me a chance.” He hung up the phone and I cried for another half hour.

I was crying waterfalls and no one could comfort me, not my parents, not Ethan or Brad, not Alison and definitely not Heath. He’s right, I should let him explain, and it might shed some light on that goddamn night. I changed to my sweatpants and sports bra, took an apple from the counter and jogged to their house. I know it’s a rash decision but I can’t let go of the feeling that I’m missing something or someone.

No, I haven’t talked to my mom yet. Yet. I told her I was too tired yesterday to talk so she let it go. This morning, I woke up alone, thanking the man above for delaying the talk with my mom. After an hour of panting, sweating, jogging, walking and breathing like my life depended on it. Wait, my life did depend on it! Sometimes I wonder if I lost my common sense. I climbed the familiar porch of the Wilson residence.

I knocked and it was opened immediately by the guy I wanted to talk to. He was still gorgeous. His eyes widened, obviously not expecting me to come so early in the morning. The more I looked at him, the more I realized he was not so bright after all.

The glints in his eyes were gone, leaving blankness. There were dark circles under his eyes, it was puffy and red. His lips were pale and dry, I can’t help but gulp. I tore my eyes away from his lips and back to his eyes who was staring at me.

I pushed the door open and I slipped in, the smell of pancakes and everything else invaded my nostrils and my stomach threw lightning. I was embarrassed when it grumbled so loud the whole house could hear it. We made our way to his room and he locked the door. My heart is beating a hundred miles per hour and I felt like I’m going to pass out any minute.

“H-heath.” My voice betrayed me and in an instant, I was enveloped in Heath’s arms. He nuzzled me hair and I buried my face on his chest, loving the smell of him, a hint of male and a lot of Heath. I was now crying truckloads and Heath was whispering reassuring words at me.

“I am so glad you came.” He nuzzled my hair once again and I can’t help but swoon. I got it bad.

“You still owe me an explanation.” He chuckled and we sat down on his bed, I was leaning against the head board and Heath was sitting in front of me.

“So?” I motioned for him to start explaining.

“Melanie, first off, I want to apologize-” Before he could say anything else I held my hand up to stop him.

“I came here to hear your explanation not your apology”, it may sound harsh but I want him to feel that I can’t be played with, that I’m not like his past girls that swoon the moment he says ‘I’m sorry’. I did swoon earlier but I didn’t give in, or have I?

He nodded and he took a deep breath before starting the story that took my heart and shattered it to a million pieces.

“That night, when we were on the bed, Brad saw us and he punched me square on the face. He thought I was cheating on you. I punched him back, naturally but when he saw you on the bed, he left without another word. I think it hurt him to see us together on the bed.” Oh yeah, the last thing I remember from that night was Brad’s face.

He continued with the story. “When I got up and saw you, you were sleeping like a baby so I watched you sleep. I know it sounds creepy but I like watching you sleep.” Yes, it does sound creepy but I’m not telling him that.

“Shayne slipped in the room with us half an hour after you passed out. She kept on pulling me from the room to dance with her but I didn’t want to leave you alone. Then she kissed me but I pushed her away and told her I’m not interested. She then told me she needed to talk to me, she said it was important. I looked at your sleeping form and told her it was okay for her to talk to me with you in the room because you were asleep.” He closed his eyes and took a very deep breath.

“She told me, she was pregnant and I was the father.” The color drained from my face, I knew he would have s*x with every woman he dates but Shayne? I thought he didn’t like her. Did he have s*x wit her while we were together?

“It’s not what you think, it was way before your date with Brad. (A/N sorry to put this in, he was referring to the first chapter where Melanie was supposed to go on a date with Brad) When I found out that you were to go on a date with my brother, I got myself drunk and Shayne saw me, she comforted me and one thing led to another. I regretted that night ever since.” He had s*x with Shayne, I can’t wrap my head around that.

“So yeah, when she told me she was pregnant, I told her to f*ck off but she was persistent. So basically, I spent the rest of my night arguing with her that the baby in her is not mine. We ended up in an empty room downstairs because I did not want you to hear her yell that I have a supposed kid inside her. Then dawn came and she had a bad case of morning sickness, I helped her to the bathroom and that’s when you came to view. I’m sure you know what happened after that.” He was now looking at his fingers, I’m at a loss for words. Shayne is pregnant? What are the chances of Heath being the father?

“No, what did happen after I left?” I tried to ask but it came out hoarse and breathless.

“Shayne felt bad.” I snorted. “She did feel bad which was short lived considering you hate each other’s guts. We then went back to arguing and we both agreed to have a paternity test when the baby is born.” What the heck am I supposed to do? You can’t spring something like that to people. I now regretted my rash decision to talk to him.

“How far along is she?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“More or less 4 months.” I counted back to 4 months back and it landed on the day Brad asked me on a date. Dammit! Where did it all blow out of proportion, if I didn’t say yes to Brad that day would Heath stay home and not get drunk? I was so excited that day because the guy I’ve been crushing on for so long asked me out and now, I regret ever making that decision.

“Melanie” He tried to touch me but I curled myself up into a ball and sobbed, I thought we’re going to fix our problems and now, I don’t know what to do.



Hey guys!! Again, I am so sorry but this needs to be put in. What do you think will happen in the next 5 months when the baby will be born or the next 9 months when the bet will end?

So I made this longer because I didn’t want to cut their conversation. So yeah, we only have 5-7 chapters left and I don’t know if I’ll write a sequel, I want to but I need your help if you want it to happen

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