Rubberband Love

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Realization Struck Me

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Submitted: September 22, 2014



Chapter 28- Realization Struck Me


“Brad!” I screamed as he carried me bridal style through the door of our hotel room. What are we? Married?

He opened the double doors that led to the bedroom and initial was his first response, his eyes widened, his breathing became ragged and his mouth hung open. He was staring at the bed where rose petals were spelled ‘I Love You Brad Wilson.’

His locked with mine, waiting me to confirm what is on the bed. I gave a small nod and his face broke into a wide grin. He kissed me passionately and put me down gently on the bed. His kiss transformed from sweet and passionate to needy and animalistic.

I unbuttoned his shirt and it fell to the floor, he started nipping and licking on my neck which sent different sensations to different parts of my body. He hands made its way beneath my shirt which sent another set of tingles. “I love you so much.” He murmured as he trailed kisses all over my body.

I wanted to say it back, but before I could, there was a knock on the door. Wait! Is it midnight already? I squealed and tossed Brad’s shirt back to him. “Come on!” He groaned, probably pissed that we didn’t do ‘it’.

“Where are we going?” The minute he fixed his shirt, I pulled him towards the living room and sat him down on the couch.

I opened the door and thanked the staff, I lighted all the candles and presented it to Brad. He wasn’t expecting this at all, there is a three tier cake in the middle of the room with two candles on each tier. There is one word written on each tier, ‘I Love You.’

He was grinning from ear to ear and pulled me to him for another kiss, before he could deepen the kiss, I pulled him towards the balcony. He groaned once again but complied when I told him “look up.”

His eyes were now beginning to water up, “what’s wrong?” Does he hate it? Did I overdo it? What did I do now?

“Say it.” He whispered but I heard him clearly over the raging fireworks saying, ‘I Love Brad Wilson.’

“I love you.” I whispered back. Am I sure? I placed it on the bed, on the cake, in the form of fireworks but I never said it before.

“I can’t seem to hear you over the fireworks.” There was amusement plastered on his face and I giggled.

“I love you Brad Wilson.” I said in my normal voice and the minute I said it. I am once again in his arms and his lips on mine. Wait! There’s one last gift to give him. “Wait!” He grumbled curse words against my lips as I ran away from him and into the bedroom where a small glass house my final gift to him. If he doesn’t find this funny, I am going to regret buying this.

I walked back to the living room and saw Brad on the couch, waiting patiently for me. I grabbed his hand and placed the small glass that housed a c*ndom and a note saying, ‘Break in case of emergency.’

He laughed immediately and I laughed with him. I saw this in the mall the other day and I can’t help but buy it. I bought Heath one too but I haven’t had the chance to give him my gift because he left after dinner. I bought Heath two gifts, one is the red colored c*ndom and the other is, well. I’ll tell you when I give it to him.

“You couldn’t resist the temptation to make me smile, could you?” He placed the glass on the coffee table and his lips were back on mine.


I woke up a little sore from last night, no! We didn’t do it! I found out last night that I wasn’t ready for it so we did everything except for that. I’m a little embarrassed right now, why am I saying this to you?

I glanced at Brad’s sleeping form and smiled, he gave me heights of pleasure last night with his hands until I can’t see clearly. I got back at him, it wasn’t fair if it was just me getting all the pleasure. I saw his ‘friend’ and I must say I was a little scared of it, I didn’t know if it’ll fit, will it? I’m not really sure.

I peppered kisses on Brad’s face, down to his neck. He let out a moan, damn! Even when moaning he still sounds hot. When he didn’t wake up, I peppered kisses down his chest, licking and nipping on the way. I stopped when I reached his navel. When I looked at him, he was wide awake. I grinned at him and got back to my side of the bed, my work here is done.

“Why would you stop?” He was almost pissed. I giggled at him.

“Because I wanted to wake you up, now that you’re awake, there’s no need to continue.” I shrugged and turned to my side, away from him.

“Oh no you don’t” He flipped me so I was now underneath him, I tried to cover myself but he removed my hands away from my body.

“You are beautiful, do not ever think otherwise.” He murmured and I kissed him, I didn’t care that we both lacked clothes. I wrapped my legs around his waist and began grinding into him. He took a sharp intake of breath and stopped the kiss.

“I am not going to continue Mel, we agreed last night, you weren’t ready and you’re sore. I bet you’re sore.” He gave me one last peck before disappearing in the bathroom.

I tried to stand up but my legs betrayed me, I landed on the floor with a loud thump. Why do my legs feel like jelly? I tried to stand up once again but my knees were weak, great! If this is the aftermath of doing ‘that’ then I need a little stamina. But they always said you’re first time would be painful and you’ll be sore in the morning.

Last night was painful, Brad was gentle with me so the pain subsided immediately. He gave me pleasure that no one ever did, not that anyone did. My mind then focused on Heath. Dammit! I should stop thinking about him when my boyfriend is in the bathroom.

I tried to stand up again and I went back to bed, I should just order room service. All thoughts on the other brother is gone.


The moment we got back to my house, Heath was waiting on the front steps. Heath asked Brad if it was okay for him to talk to me and Brad agreed. So here I am, back in Heath’s car. I missed the smell of his car, leather with a hint of Heath.

“Where are we going?” I asked but he chose to ignore it. I took this time to stare at him. His hair lacked life, he looked like he hadn’t had a decent night of sleep. There were dark areas under his eyes and his lips were pale. All in all, he looked like hell, he is wearing a plain v-neck shirt, denim jeans and rubber shoes.

“We’re here.” I looked out and saw a garden, a very beautiful garden, where are we?

“Where are we?” I got out of the car and went exploring, it almost looked like a green house. There were different kinds of flowers, from carnations to lilacs. From roses to orchids.

“I bought this place when I saw a for sale sign when I passed by here after the morning you ran away from me.” He bought this? Did he do this? Did he buy the place like this?

“Did you buy the place like this?” I turned to him, he was following me.

“No, when I bought the place, it was empty, lifeless and lacked color.” I looked up and saw plants hanged to get more sunlight.

“This is amazing Heath!” I smiled at him and I explored once again. I then made my way towards four benches that faced each other, in the middle is a small fountain.

“It is, I never showed this to anyone, just you. I promised myself the only girl I will show this place to will be the one I love.” My stomach dropped at the word ‘love.’

A realization struck me, he loves me? Heath loves me? Why me? I sat down on one of the benches and stared at the fountain. He loves me? I can’t go back to him. It’s a whole lot more complicated. There is still Shayne, we still don’t know who the father is. Then there’s Brad, it’s unfair if I leave him after telling him I love him last night.

I thought back to that day, the day I ran away from him. I ran away from him because I thought he was cheating on me. Then I find out he is accused of impregnating someone. What happened? I thought love conquers all.


That’s it!


I love Heath Wilson.

I love Brad Wilson.

Now the question is, who do I love more?



Please don’t hate me... I missed Heath so there he is...

Brad fans, here ya go!!!!

Heath fans, there’s a chance!!!!

I’m not spilling anything...

Please Comment!!! Thank you for reading...


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