Rubberband Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Earns you the title of Bitch

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Submitted: June 05, 2014



Chapter 3- Earns You The Title of BITCH


This is the life. Mani-Pedi's, massages. I could get used to this.

"Evie?" My mom said from the table next to mine.

"Yes mom?" I replied without opening my eyes

"Who kidnapped you?"

"Why won't you just drop the subject mom"

"Because I want to know who would do such a thing!"

I sighed "Heath"

She looked shocked, the poor woman "Wh-what? Heath? Why would he?"

"It's fine mom, I'm fine, I forgave him already"

She smiled, what is up with this woman today. "You did? I thought you hated him?"

"I do mom, just drop the subject"

"Okay, okay" she still sounded amused. Ugh!

Now, back to my relaxing day at the spa.


"What now mom?"

"Do you still have a crush on Brad?" She's smiling from ear to ear!

"Ugh! Mom! We are not talking about my crushes!"

"So you have more than one"

"Mom!" I sounded exasperated

"Okay, fine"

The next morning...

"Melanie! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

School! Right! I hate rushing! I jumped out of bed and into the shower, thank God I only took 5 minutes. I put on what clothes I can find. I can't even distinguish used from the clean ones. I should really consider being organized.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the first fruit I can take and kissed my mom on the cheek. "Bye mom"

"Stop rushing Eve, someone's here to take you to school"

I stopped in my tracks. Huh? Who would—

"Hey Melanie" Brad. Awe, he'll actually take me to school. It's just school, don't make a big deal out of it Mel.

"Hey Brad"

"Ready to go?" He gave me his lovable smile. Eeeeep!

"Yes" I am 100% sure, I'm in love with him.

As we stepped out onto the blazing sun, I heard "Hey Mel" Heath was waving at me from the car. And here I thought we're going to be alone. I sighed.

"Is it okay if you ride in the back seat? My idiot brother doesn't know where his car is"

Heath lost his car? How could you lose a car? Is it even possible? I guess it is possible, with Heath. I laughed at the thought.

"Thinking about me Sweetheart?" Heath asked

"In your dreams Wilson" I said as I stepped inside the car.

"Bitch!" "Why the hell is she stealing my dream husband" "Whore!" "User!" "I guess, she really is that desperate"

I sighed, what is wrong with these girls! I just took a ride with them. Apparently, getting in a car with the Wilson brothers earns you the title of BITCH.

As I enter my classroom, two girls, blocked my way. "What do you want?" I asked, I sounded so tired. I went to a spa yesterday and I sound like I haven't had a decent day in my life.

"We're your biggest fans" They said in unison, the sound of their voices makes me want to be deaf. They seriously need to soften their voices. Or maybe cut their throats!

"Huh?" I replied, dumbfounded. 

"No one has ever ridden with the Wilson brothers, ever!" Again with the screeching voices!

"So?” It’s kind of weird I'm replying in single syllables.

"You're our hero!" Stop it! Stop with those high pitched voices! It's killing me!

"How does that make me a hero?"

"Well, you've ridden with the Wilson brothers so that makes you the new queen bee which makes Shayne step down" I still don't get it. Apparently, riding with them also gets you the title of queen bee. Not good! I wanted to lay low!

Shayne, the queen bee, captain of the volleyball varsity. Uses her body in order to get high grades. So unfair, unlike the rest of us that needs to study hard in order to get as high as her. She's also crushing on Heath since like, uhm, forever!

I am so dead! Shayne is going to kill me for sure! I can’t compete with her! I can’t even do a simple serve. Calm down Mel! It’s not like she’s going to challenge you to a volleyball game. Right. I should just lay low for a while.

After class, I was the last one to get out, I wonder what the fuss is about. As I got out of the room, guess who’s waiting for me. I sighed. “What do you want Heath?”

“How dare she talk like that to our beloved Heath!” The girls murmured as I walked into the hallway.

“Wait up Mel!” Heath was jogging to catch up with me seeing as I am now pacing to get away from him.

“What Heath?” I turned to look at him.

“Mel, what’s wrong? You weren’t like that this morning”

“It’s nothing Heath, I just have a migraine, that’s all”

“Doesn’t sound like ‘that’s it’ at all”

“Let it go Heath”

“Fine Mel, this time only” He’s pointing a finger at me.

“Thank you” I replied.

“Wanna go eat?”

“How do you suppose we get there? You don’t have a car remember?” He cocked his head to the side, hiding his smile.

He then shoved his hand in his pocket and showed me his car keys. “What? I thought you lost your car?”

“You actually believed my brother? You’re so naïve Ross” He grinned

I slapped his shoulder, “I was going crazy wondering how you lost a car!”

“Awe Mel, you were really thinking about me”

“Shut up!” I got caught, no chance am I going to confess

“Let’s go Ross” He pulled me towards his car. He drove off immediately! I didn’t even buckle in!

“Are you trying to kill us?!” I shouted at him

He just grinned. The douche bag. “Where are we going?” I asked him

“Lunch” He simply said

I am not getting anything out of him, I looked out the window and sighed.

“Wake up Sweetheart, we’re here”

“Shut up Wilson, I’m sleeping” I mumbled incoherently, though I think it came out something like this “shum-umwilshling”

He laughed at my failed attempt at words, “Ross, you are so amusing when you’re half asleep. Come on!” He put one arm around my shoulder and one arm under my legs and pulled me. He was actually carrying me to lunch. “Hmmm” I leaned to his chest. OMG! He’s carrying me! I opened my eyes at that realization.

“Put me down!” I screeched

“Ow! Sweetheart, you don’t need to shout” As soon as he put me down, my legs betrayed me. They felt like jelly, I clung to Heath.

“Can’t let go of me princes?” he grinned, what is it in his grin that makes me melt!

“Shut up! My legs feel like jelly”

“Excuses, excuses, All you need is ask” He carried me once again and put me down on my seat. The whole restaurant was now staring at me. I am so embarrassing.

Heath ordered for me seeing as I’m still half asleep. “So sweetheart”

“I looked up at him “What?” I don’t mind him calling me sweetheart, it kind of grew on me.

“Brad, huh?” I don’t get it

“What do you mean?” I asked him

“Don’t deny it Melanie, I know you’ve been crushing on Brad since we were kids”

I turned red. “I do not!”

“I see the way you look at him Mel, don’t deny it”


“I just wish he would stop being a d-bag and man up” He muttered

“What?” I asked him, did I hear it right?

“Nothing, let’s eat”

“I would but our food’s not here yet” I laughed at his mistake, he’s cute when he’s nervous. Did I seriously call Heath ‘cute’?

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