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Chapter 1

I was lying in bed with my hands cupped behind my head and my ancles crossed when I heard it... Glass shattering. I jerked up in bed. My parents weren't home, my brother was at his friends house, and my sister spending the weekend at my grandparents house. I slowly stepped off my bed and walked to my bed room door as silently as possible. I could hear footsteps coming from down stairs, to my horror, they were heading for the stairs. I froze as I heard the footsteps start coming up the stairs. My mind raced. I quickly turned, hid behind my door, and peeked out through the crack as I waited for the person to come into view. My bed room just so happens to be beside the stairs. Then I saw it, the person. He, which I knew due to lack of femine body parts, was huge! He has to be maybe 5'9 easy, his build, even in the dark, looked like that of a person with no body fat on him what so ever. He didn't even bother to look in my direction, just kept walking straight into my parents room. I seized the chance to get away. I, as quietly as possible, opened my door more, and slide into the shadows in the hallway between my parents room and my room. I held my breath, and listened to him rumage around in my parents room, as I moved steathly to the stairs. I slowly started my desend, grateful, for once, that I'd learned how to dodge the squeaky stairs. About four steps down and my parents light turned on. I froze and knew instantly I'd been caught. I quickly, not caring about the squeaky steps ran down thte stairs, turned left, and ran into the living room. I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs, only they were slow, as if he knew I were terrified. I pushed th living room window opened and quickly tried to make my exit. As luck may have it, as I was climbing out the window, my foot hit the lamp next to thte window and it crashed to the ground.

The figure started quickly towards me. I turned and finished climbing out the window. A strong hand brushed my bare feet and I squeaked in terror. I caught my footing and bolted from the porch. I was at once glad I was on the track team, and glad I didn't I have asthma like my best friend, cause this would be hard. Footstpes behind me caused me to speed all the way up. I knew I had to get to the neighbors house, if I didn't I was screwed and most likely dead. I ran as fast as my long legs would carry me. I came to my fence that bordered my property and my neighbors, I put my right hand on the top of the fence and lept over it full speed. I landed running. I heard thte cling of fence as the guy jumped it and felt fear build in my chest. He was gaining and close judging from the footsteps. I leaped over a bolder that got in my way. Headlights flashed startling me, and causing my to stumble over a rock. The irony of the situation hit me hard. I cleared a fence, cleared a bolder, and tripped over a rock. How pathetic! My stumbling caused the guy to catch up fully. he slammed into me with a powerful force that knocked the wind from me. I screamed as he pinned me down. "Shut up!" He whispered urgently. I screamed again. His fist connected with my cheek and jaw. I quit screaming as pain washed over my face. My cheek hurt as I tried to scream again, but, I couldn't get it out. He pinned my hands above my head as a guy ran up to us, he was holding rope. I struggled more fiercly, but to no preveal.

He tied the rope tight around my wrists. It was rough and it cut into my skin. "Get her into the car." One guy ordered. My heart skipped a beat as they jerked me to my feet. I dug my heals into the ground, but one of the guys shoved me from behind. They threw me into the back seat and the guy who'd chased me climbed in beside me. his hand grabbed my arm nd he leaned in close. "Don't say a word or you'll regret it."It sounded more like a warning than an actual order. Fear hit me like a load of bolders coming down from a rock slide. I leaned back against the seat and scooted as close to the door as I could. The lock disappeared into the door with a click. "Where should we go, Travet?" The driver asked. "I don't, Steve. I think we should be safe in New Stanton." Travet said. Steve nodded and Travet looked to me. "What's your name?" He asked. "F-Felicia." I stammered. "How old are you?"Travet asked. "Fifteen." I know I shouldn't have answered, but I was too scared not to. Travet nodded. "I see." He whispred to himself. What are they going to do to me? I asked myself. "Slow down. Do you want to get a ticket then jailed for kidnapping?" Travet growled. The car slowed. Kidnapping? I shivered at the word. I never thought it could happen to me, but I guess I was wrong. Images swirled through my mind at the stories I had heard about what happened to kids who were kidnapped. I shivered again. NO!Don't think about them! They're not you!

About an hour leter- after slow driveing- we pulled into a motel parking lot. "I'll be back." Steve said. Travet nodded. Steve left and headed inside. Travet leaned in and put ducktape on my mouth. "Just until we get inside, thten you won't have to be taped.." He stated grinning. I nodded and tried -unsuccessfully- to hide my fear. Steve came back and got behind the wheel. He drove around back and stopped the car. "Room five, floor one." Steve said tossing Travet the keys to the room. "Right, see you in a few minutes." Travetagreed."Come on," he said opening the car door and climbing out. Islid from the car and he grabbed my arm. "Not a word." He ordered. I nodded and he lead me to the room. When we entered themedium sized room with two beds he closed and locked the doot. he turned tand pulled the tape from my mouth with lightening speed. I winced. "On the bed." He ordered. I froze. "But you said-" "I said 'you won't betaped.' I'm notrisking you trying to escape." He interrupted. It was hard to swallow past the lump in my throat. "Go," He ordered pointing to the bed furthest from the door. I sat should've tried to run, but I didn't. I walked to the bed and sat down. "Lay down on your back." He ordered. I listened. He strode over and redid the ropes on my wrists to where I was tied to the bed. As he did a knot I started to thinkabout Brittany, One of my best friends, and felt ashamed. She would be struggling, screaming, and trying toescape, despite the punches she got. She wouldn't be afraid. She'd probably be calm and sassing them.But I'm not her. I'm the level headed one, but I should be struggling, shouldn't be afraid. Come to think of it, why aren't I struggling? Yeah, I'll get hit, but they can't hit too much harder than her on a bad day. Why am I afraid of these low lifes? It's ptiful. Simply pitiful. Think Felicia! Think! You're an A honor roll student. You can out smart these guys.Fight! Try to beat them. Use your head! Yeah right!! Who am Itrying tokid, I can't do this. Why me! As Brittany would say, try or live as a coward. Her favorite saying ran through my mind. 'I'd rather fight. I don't want anyone saying I died running away.' She sid it all the time, so much it got real old real quick, but she wasn't lying -neverdid. She'd never run away, never give up, never let these guys get the best of her becauseshe was afraid. That'd only make her all thte more determined to win, to beat these guys into the ground. That's it! I'm going to at least try, The first chance I get! I'll show her I can fight back too. The lights flicked off blinding me.

Mom's going to kill me!

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where's the next one? cliff hanger, majorly!!!

Mon, September 29th, 2008 5:42pm


Lol, my bad. I just couldn't resist a cliff hanger. I love it! And I love that you like it. Thanks DrangonsSong!!! You're making my day:)

Mon, September 29th, 2008 2:26pm


hay, this is a good plot. but the lack of paragraphs are annoying, the ones you do have seem to make the story not flow as well because of there length i suggest you try and make a few more. also when a person is talking you should hit enter befor and after so what the person is saying dosent melt into the paragraph...hehe i might not make sense to you but i reccomend that you read other peoples stuff and get a few ideas (punctuation ideas) from there storys or mine to help better your story. my work was alot like this after getting a few 'fix your paragraphs' 'make more sentences' i did fix it and yea people werent so annoying with the fix this and fix that. anyways this is a good story so far, i like the plot and am intrigued as to whats gonna happen next. sorry if i offended you in any way, im just tryin to help you out. ciao. -Renee

Tue, October 21st, 2008 3:40am


Lol, thank you. I'll do that. That was one of the first one's I posted, so it was one of the expiriments... Lol, you're amazing! THANKS!!!!! :)

Tue, October 21st, 2008 9:48am

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