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Aurora feels like she'll never be happy despite that she has a loving boyfriend. But when her mothers close friend has an ugly breakup, her and her son moves into Aurora's house for the time being. Aurora thinks nothing of it, he's practically her brother, they've known each other since they were kids but... why does she suddenly find a flicker of hope that she'll find happiness with him? Why is it him, of all people?!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ragged

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



beep. beep. beep.

I sitirred from her slumber

"Crap..." Peering through my slightly drawn curtains i could see the rain. It was chucking it down. "Uggghhhhh" I collapsed back into bed. I seriously can't be bothered today. 1. It's raining and i have P.e. 2. Elliot's walking with Mellisa today and i don't want to be walking next to them with them cuddling under an umbrella and confessing their love to each other again and again and again... 3. Davids on a family trip so i'll be all alone. 

"Aurora! Come downstairs! There's... some things we kind of need to discuss" My mum called for me from downstairs. I swear she doesn't even need a microphone, her voice can reach china. "Aurora! Honey, are you getting up?!" God, give me a chance to gather my thoughts at least!!


"Coming!! Give me a sec to get changed!" I shouted down back at her. I waited for a moment. Nothing... good. I rumaged through my drawers. How can i have so much clothes but have nothing to wear? I ended up grabing my jeans and just a... top i guess. I didn't know where i got it from but it had a nice design so i chose it. I jogged down the stairs with my hair abnd in my mouth but i stopped halfway when i saw my mother on the settee with my aunt Evelyn. She was... crying? I ran down the stairs. Dad... where is he? 

"Mum... what's happened? Where's dad?" I was trying to get answers ot of her frantically but Evelyn just held her hand up to signal me to 'shut up' in a very poilite way. Her face was blotchy red, she had been crying too. What on earth happened? I sunk down next to her and held her hand. "Mum?" i said soothingly. She just looked at me with her brown watery eyes and sobbed into her hands again. I gve up in the end and went to the kitchen to grab a piece of fruit. I was 2 hours late to school already. Oh well, i was probably going to skip a few classess anyway. I sat at the counters and thought. Thought hard. 

A little while passed before my mum came in the kitchen, her face looked half normal again. But she was still scaring me. I didn't speak for a while, neither did she. It was a long awkward silence, the one's that you imagine but never actually happen. She was the one who broke the silence. "Uncle John... he was cheating. He kicked Evelyn out of the house. She has nowhere to stay so she'll be staying with us for a little while." Wait... what? Uncle John? It might be an awfull thing to say but it didn't exactly surprise me. It probably didn't surprise Aunt Evelyn much too, i mean, of course she would be devestated and heartbroken and just... feeling like utter crap i guess but my mum was always niave. She only ever saw the good in people and was oblivious to any 'strange' behaviours. Sh was probably the most shocked out of all of us. 

"Aurora?" She murmered, startling me slightly. I got wrapped up in my own thoughts again. 

"Umm, yeah. Ok." I responded. It wasn't much but it's that i could think of right now.

"Aunt Evelyn will stay in the guest bedroom and Elliot will be in the room next to yours. Is that alright?"

"Mmmhhhhmmm. Just as long as he doesn't play rock music durring the night" I half-heartedly smiled. It was my lame attempt a trying to lighten the mood. "Where is he by the way?"

"What do you mean? Ohhh for goodness sake! Look at the bloomin' time! Your so late!" She was practically shoving me out of the front door with my umrella in hand. How could she send me off to school halfway through the day when something like that happened? And more importantly, why did Elliot go!?

It only took me fifteen minutes to walk to school and i was already freezing to death. I sat on the bench and waited for third period to finish. I could go to Art after that i guess. You could hear the rowdy football players in the background. David's on the football team. I wonder how he's doing.... I've been with david for almost a year now. He made me feel so special when we were first going out but now... i mean he's a nice guy and all but i haven't had that racing feeling in my heart for ages. I slipped out my phone and texted him.

'Heya xx Are you doing ok? How is it out there? x Is it nice and warm? It's freezing here, so wish i could be with you'


Some people would say that im stringing him along but im not. I do honestly love him but it's just not the same. Were just together, he makes me feel safe. That's what matters isn't it? The bell started ringing and people slowly started pouring out of the buildings. And there he was. Approaching me like always. Mr know it all ladies and gentlemen! Elliot Orbox! Wierd last nae huh? Yeah i know. I tease him about it all the time.

"Yo, where were you today? Skipping again?" He laughed like he didn't have a care in the world. It kind of distubred me. Isn't he supposed to be upset?

"Hey, Elliot aren't you the least bit sad about your dad?" I mumbled?

"Not really. I could see it coming. I mean, i already caught him cheating with his asisstant."

"You what?!" I was honestly shocked. He knew that his father was cheating and he didn't say a thing?! "What the hell is wrong with you?! Why didn't you tell anyone!"

"I did, i told Mel."

"And you didn't bother to tell me? Come on, i walk with you like every single day. How could you even continue like that?!"

"I don't know. It was a couple of years ago. Before me and Mel even started dating."Of course. Mel and Elliot had been going out a little longer then me and David.  " Anyway, thanks for letting me stay over at your place for the time being" he continued. He took my apple from my hand and took a massive bite out of it.

"Did i even have a choice?!" I snapped and took my apple back starring at the huge hole from where he had bitten. Huge mouth.

"No!" He laughed.

"Oh stuff you, big mouth. I swear you hve the hugest mouth i have ever seen." 

He stuck his tounge out at me and winked. What an idiot. But i still smiled at him. He always cheered me up. Ever since i was little i had been with him. He never changed, he was still as big as an idiot as he was back then but at certain times when he was with Mel there was something different about him. I dropped my head. Ugh. Why can't i just find someone who could be special? Just... special towards me? Someone who can make me happy. I secretly know that Davids not doing that but yet i still can't let him go. Im scared. Scared of being all alone again.


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