Cold Nights

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Lailah and I talked a while longer until I was called away by Caden. Being the head vampire, it would have been a bad a idea to refuse his offer. After raising up and leaving my sister, I went to Caden's 'office' and sat down across from him. I haven't really been alone with him after the events that led to my situation at the moment. It was odd. I have an even gaze to him and when I speak, my voice is equal. 

"You called for me?" I ask, uncrossing my legs and sitting up straiter with my hands resting on my knees lightly. 

"Don't be nervous." He says, sensing what my actions meant. 

I sit back in my chair, crossing both my legs and arms. 

"Fine, tell me what you want, then." 

"Honestly? I want Faylin dead. But, let's start with this. She's sent three of her minions to look for you. They don't know where you are but it won't take long to find out. They know about your sister, they were the ones who cut her throat. They aren't interested in her. Only you. For some delirious reason, of course." Caden said. 

"Who did she send? I'll kill them." I say, my blood boiling. 

"Her first and right hand men and, well he isn't her servent, but her brother." 

My breath catches in my throat. I set my jaw and hold my head higher. 

"Maybe he just wants his jacket back." 

"What?!" He asks, outraged. 

"Yeah. I have his jacket. It's a long story. Send word that I'll meet them on Galice road." 

"No way!" 

"Caden. I'm going. I don't want them to come here and hurt people." 

"Terra. No." 

"It's Lilith now." 

I stand and walk out of the office and to my room, gathering all my things. 

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