Blue Bell

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What does it mean when a boy must take on the role of void.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blue Bell

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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 Fur Milla,

I place a hand on to your breast ; feel your softness and gentleness. I see in your eyes both angel and devil and I welcome and desire for both. I call to you Milla and motion my lips to your neck and then to your chest. I leave a mark to let others know you are my lover and my lover alone. I am both afraid and excited of my desire for you; it causes my skin and bone to flush and tighten with a need of you. Milla you are addiction in flesh and bare the face Michelangelo himself could not make more perfect. Milla you haunt me and bring me the greatest of inspiration. It is not just from your body,but even more your very soul.

Your beloved, Gabriel in the year of our lord 1523.

It’s 1985 Hair Metal, Big hair, and Duran Duran have exploded onto this generation. Everything is changing and getting better; the world is more connected now than it has ever been before. The world is just a phenomenon right now! But of course I was born too early to enjoy all of these amazing things. The only thing I had was gym class and bad lunches. Yes, in this grand moment of the earth’s history I am stuck in high school: Goddammit.

As per the usual routine I sit in the back of the gym. To pass the time I listen to my tape player which is full of great music such as : The cure, Luna Sea, Christan Death. I also write and draw; nothing amazing just little scribbles here and there mostly of how I would like to kill my P.E. teacher Mr Sidberry. If I am not doing that I am usually fantasising over Airicka Paull who is the only other Cure fan in all of the school; I want her to have my children ahahaha. Me and Airicka don’t really get along anymore because I had the smart idea of telling her I loved her: BIG MISTAKE! I should have just kept my mouth closed and kept her as a friend.

Now I am lucky if she even looks at me, let alone speak to me and when she does it’s only to borrow a smoke. The only person Ill talk to little by little here is this girl Amanda Wuest, but she really isn’t a friend; she is more like the generic good person. Though, to be fair I would stick it in her all the same if I could she is the queen of the hot girls in the school. The only reason why she knows who I am is because I stopped her friend Andrew Goodman from getting his teeth kicked in from a 8th grader when we were in the 6th grade. This allowed my existence to be tolerated by the popular kids since he was one of them. Hence, why I am left alone and not bothered by them even with my scraggly hair, black army boots, long trench coat, black eyeliner, and inverted cross bad religion band shirt.

HEY VAMPIRE BOY! Mr. Sidberry called out. I push my headphones to the side so I can hear him. What? I answered. Since you fall to take part in class I have a way for you to make up your grade he said with a grin. Great, I could hardly wait to hear this I thought. I asked him: Yeah? what is it?. With a smile still in full he said: You get to clean out the old locker room! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! THAT PLACE IS RUSTED TO HELL AND RATS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! I yelled at him. He just smiled and said: It’s either that or you fail and have to repeat the year. Let me just say this now, whoever came up with the idea of physical exercise is required to pass in academics is an asshole. Fine! I said to Mr, Sidberry in a beaten tone. That mother still had the smirk on his face; God I hate him. After class he escorted me to the locked door next to the current boys locker room. Here i’ll give you a mop and bucket so you won’t have to clean everything by hand kid, Mr. Sidberry said as threw the mop to me and proceeded to unlock the door.

As soon as he opened the the door a awful scent filled the hallway. Jesus! I said as I covered my nose and mouth with my shirt. Yeah that would be the smell of fifty years worth of rust and mold and rat shit Mr Sidberry said laughingly. He then continued: I will be back in two hours to check on you, I am not heartless all you need to do is give the floor on good wipe down and check inside the lockers for any left items. If you find something you like you can keep it I doubt anyone would want a fifty year old sock hahahaha!

Mr. Sidberry continues to laugh as he walks away. I walk in feeling the wall for the light switch, which by some miracle still works. The light, however is covered in mold and dirt so it gives the entire room a muddy green look. To my surprise I didn’t see any rats and the floor was barely covered in any dirt; I should keep in mind no one has been in here since 1950s era. I put on my headphones and take off my coat as not to get it dirty and place it on the outer door knob.

It took me no time to mop the floor of the room its only about 20 Ft across and 10 Ft across. The lockers are in two rows; one behind the other. It was a breeze especially when blasting Luna Sea’s - Dejavu track hahaha. There are only 10 lockers on each side so I was able to clean out most of them and others wouldn’t open due to rusted hinges. Alright, just one more to go and i’ll be able to get the hell out of here. I reach my hand to the locker hoping it is rusted shut like some of the others, but it isn’t just my luck.

I look inside to see if there is anything inside before I get inside with the mop. And nothing just like the rest. I push the mob into the locker first getting the top section and then the sides of the lower one and finally I go to do the bottom when I hear a metallic rip. Oh....shit! I thought to myself and immediately pull the mop away. I put the mop in the bucket and go to look inside the locker to see how much damage was done.

It is hard to see anything because the light is so dimmed so I take out my lighter and peek inside. The entire bottom ripped open and caved in due to years of rust and the pressure I put onto it from the mop. All I can see is orange soup at the bottom which is only about 6 inches in. As I move the light back and forth to have a final look I noticed something. Infact I notice alot of things. The entire bottom started to shine from underneath the orange layered water. I take a minute to think about is it worth sticking my hand in there and if I would need any shots afterward.

If there was anything interesting down there I could give it to Airicka as an apology. A nd if she doesn’t take it I could always give it to Amanda: at least she would appreciate it. Why not? I thought if anything did happen at least I would get sick time from school and maybe even get that prick Mr. Shitberry fired.

I reached in balls deep as they say and moved my hand around in the nasty smelling blood scent of copper and iron rust soup. I collect everything I feel to one side so I can grab it all at once. When I feel nothing else brush against my hand I pull everything out and dump it on the floor. I hear the chimes of metal hit the tile floor. As I look at what exactly I saw from the bottom of the hole. I see a pile of jewelry.

Jackpot! I yelled. I hurried and picked all of it up and put them into my rolled up lunch bag I had in my coat pocket. I cleaned up the spill from the locker ‘’Juice’’ , closed the locker I broke and closed the door behind me. I left the mop and bucket in the room. Not able to wait I rushed over to the drinking fountain at the end of the hallway in front of the school memorial. I get the paper bag from my pocket and quietly pour the jewelry into the sink of the fountain.

I run the water over the jewelry to clean it and use my coat to wipe away some of the dirt and rust. I am not afraid of anyone coming I checked the clock when I exited the room; it is 7 pm which is late even for the staff or clubs. It is likely Mr. Shitberry left as well. I removed most of the dirt and crap off of everything and rubbed them in my coat again to dry them off. Now, lets see what we got here.

My eyes widened as I see all of the pieces now cleaned and wiped. There is easly 10 rings an old watch and 2 necklaces. Some so old they barely had any shape left to them and other looked as if they were no more than 30 years old. THIS GREAT! AIRICKA WOULD LOVE THESE!!! I CAN EVEN GET THAT NEW BASS I WANTED!!! GOODBYE PROBLEMS!!! I yell to myself. I look back to make sure no one is around to be safe. I place the jewelry in my front left pants pocket since they are clean and dry now and wouldn’t damage my clothing.

There was one piece I left out: a ring. It was gold and had these cool looking moon symbols on it; I wanted that one for myself. I place it on my right middle finger and it fit perfectly ! I reach out my hand to see how it looks and I gotta say it was worth putting my hand in locker rust juice.

Whilst admiring my new find my eye caught something strange from the corner of my sight. The left half of the hallway has changed color; it was the same color as the old locker room: a muddy green color only slightly brighter due to the lights. What in the hell? I thought to myself. ‘’You should give me that’’ I heard behind me. I swiftly leaped to the side and turned around to see who it was. The person behind was a woman funny I didn’t think anyone else was left in the school. I am sorry did I scare you? she asked as she tried to keep herself from laughing.

The woman was beautiful: unnaturally so. She was about my height with long black hair which reached to the middle of her back. She had a pale and slim figure. She had one a bright red lipstick and had bright amber color eyes. Her clothes were a little odd though: She wore a long black dress and a white buttoned shirt. She looked like she belonged in a european movie.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here this late are you a new teacher or something? I asked her. No, now can you please hand over that ring? she said with a light tone and haunting stare. No way! I found this fair and square; I even cleaned off all the shit on it. Who are you anyway? I demanded.
The smile she had, had now left her face and she replied: My name is Lacie; I can’t explain it, but I just know I should have it.

I looked at her like she was insane. Sorry Lacie, but I found it and cleaned it so it is mine to keep. I have others I can give you though, I found a bunch of them. Others? she said looking confused. Yeah! I found a bunch of them when I was cleaning and some looked more ladylike than the one I’m wearing now. I think one even has a rose on it if I saw it right. I told her anything to try to settle this and doing anything I can to get away from this hot nut job.

I did not know there were others, tell me have you seen anyone else since you obtained the jewelry? she asked me. I answered, No you are the only one I have seen so far; do you know why half the hallway is covered in the ugly green color? Lacie smiled again and I felt a slow cold sensation go down my left side. My attention moved to someone coming from the corner behind Lacie.

It was Amanda what is she doing here? Unintentionally I call to her. She waves to me and begins to walk to me as if she didn’t notice the beautiful woman in front of her or the haunting split of color in the hallway. Lacie reaches out to Amanda when she passes in front of her to get to me. WATCH OUT! I yell to Amanda.

Amanda giggles; What are you talking about? For how quick everything happened it seemed as if it were in the blink of an eye and I never noticed how silence cuts through you like a voident sword. Lacie pulls Amanda violently from the back of her head and covers her mouth with her other hand to keep her from screaming. Now, she said: Either give me the ring or I will kill the girl.

I knew from the empty look in Lacie’s eyes she was deadly serious; it was similar to a caged lion who finally was given a chance of freedom. Okay, Okay Lacie I’ll hand it over its not worth the life of the girl I told her trying my best to show I fully understood the situation. I try to get the ring off of me, but the stupid thing won’t come off!

What’s taking so long do you want the girl to die! she screamed. I am trying, but the damn thing won’t come off it’s stuck Lacie! Oh? is it now I know a way for it to come off she said calmly. How?! I pleaded to her as I see the fear in Amanda’s eyes grow. From your corpse she said in a single instant she left Amanda and was in front of me.

Gabriel! Amanda screamed; Lacie Looked back at her in shock. Gabriel!? she said. She then turned her head back to me and looked down as did I. I feel something falling down in the inside of my clothing. Something cold, something wet; I am afraid. Everything is slipping, everything is falling...No, wait....that is me I am the one falling. Why am I falling? as I said before for how fast everything happened it seemed. All I know is I heard..I heard the sound of something breaking.

Now I am on the ground I wonder how that happened. What is that’s blood I guess that’s what I felt running down my clothes; it’s my blood..great. I look up and see Amanda she runs toward me, tears are running down her face like a fresh river, her lips are moving, but I can not hear her..I can not hear anything. I try to call to her to tell her to run, but I can’t; I feel my awareness slipping even more. I see Lacie calmly walking up behind Amanda. I need to warn her, I need do something: anything.

‘’Would fall into abyss to save her?’’ huh...? who is that don’t tell me there’s another nut job here. ‘’Would you burn your own name and existence to protect her?’’ Please if you can save Amanda i’ll do anything, just say her! ‘’ Is this your answer?’’ With the last of my strength I answer the disembodied voice: Yes. And that was last thing I did before I died. ‘’Let us see if you can truly accept your inheritance’’.

In that moment something arose from underneath the blood which circled Gabriel. it had the same appearance as blood in it’s thickness and emerald like appearance, but it possessed the color of dark blue instead of red. But, All Gabriel knew was the scene before him. What is going on where am I? He found himself standing in space without end; it was covered in a heretical pure white. The only thing he sees is a bowl left on the floor in front of him with the same liquid which covered his body he had yet to know of.

‘’If you drink this you will be able to save her, but in the process you may lose the you , you know of. Can you accept this? Can you accept the inheritance of those before you? Can you accept being a pillar of void?’’ I don’t know who you are or where in the hell I am; if this is even heaven or hell for that matter I said to the voice. But if it means I can save Amanda I’ll drink this nasty stuff I yelled. I bend over and pick up the bowl; there was nothing special about it just as white as everything else here, except for the dark blue water it is filled with.

Without a second though I swallow it all in one giant swig. I throw the bowl to the floor and yell to the voice. There I drank your nasty shit! Now send me back I need to save her from that......What the? Gabriel starts to violently vomit blood. he falls to the floor with his knees and hands pressed hard against it. He begins to see images flashing before him, are these memories he thought? No, They weren’t his; They couldn’t belong to just one person alone. There were as many as the drops it would take to fill the same bowl he drank from.

‘’Would you become a demon?’’, ‘’Would you become truth?’’ , Would you bare the weight of all those before you and not let yourself fall?’’ ‘’Would you allow yourself to become an echo of humanity?’’ The voice said. Gabriel screamed as a new pain engulfed him; a pain only those who have fallen by choice could know. The blue substance which surrounded his body back into the dimension where the girls were ,rushed back into his body. Slowly he began to rise and as if there was a connection to both plans both living and dead, but still neither. He has managed to stop screaming, to stop the explosion of images and most of all to stop the pain.

‘’Excellent you are truly worthy of your inheritance’’ The voice said. ‘’Now go!’’ Gabriel was pulled from the white dimension and awoke with his body standing in front of the two girls; both speechless at what they have just seen. If I must become a being who will have God’s apathy so be it, If I must wear the weight of humanities echo I will bare it, I do not know what I will become, but I know even if I have to burn my own name; even if I have to hand over my soul to the devil himself it would be worth it if it means for a moment I am able to protect her. Gabriel said in both his voice and another Amanda has never heard before.

What Amanda and Lacie saw was not the Gabriel they saw only seconds ago. He was now covered in a blue light which had the appearance of steam, it was if the very air around him was afraid to touch him. His once long and up black hair was now completely white and straight down, his eyes showed a voidfull pale purple, The ring which was originally a clean gold was now a bright pearl black and the moon engraving it had shined with a white luminescence: Gabriel now looked like a being god himself would cry for.

He has become the being whom the Catholics have hunted since their spanish inquisition, the one whom the jews condemned as a demon, and the Nazi themselves were too afraid to attempt to restrain or capture: Gabriel has become Veritas of the void.

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