Caramel Strum (Re)

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Immortality is more of a comedy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Caramel Strum (Re)

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




You ever felt like you didn’t belong? You were born in the wrong time period? Wrong country? Do you feel limited in this era of boredom and lack of what you feel is essential for you to live? Welcome to the shared thought everyone has had at one time or another. I always found it funny, no matter who the person is or what station in life they belong too; they always wish for not necessarily more, but the other.

I knew a woman who said she would be infamous throughout time and will always be known from the small child to the eldest of men. She ended up getting her wish, but not in the way she imagined it. Everytime I see her I end up falling in love with her all over again. This month marks our anniversary, thought she would not remember. It has been over twenty years since we have last seen each other.

We made a promise to each other that no matter what we would always find each other and this was my turn. I found her working in a fashion boutique; she has not changed at all since I have first met her. I picked up a sapphire for her on my trip to Israel while meeting an old friend of ours. I hope afterward she will be happy.

I decided this time I will not lose her; I couldn’t bare to again. As I walk toward her I look over at the shop next to hers. It was nothing fancy just an old painting shop which made its business selling reprints of famous works. I saw Circe by George Romney, Madame X by John Sargent, Miss Auras, The Red Book by Sir John Lavery, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

If only people knew they were all painted for and from her I wonder how they would react. I myself couldn’t stop giggling she was always one for the peoples attention so I guess it really wouldn’t bother. But, The thing is you can’t really go around telling people you have been around since 1300 AD can you? This is why being immortal is so tricky you always have to have another face; another name and another voice.

I personally never changed though. The name Joshua is pretty common in any time frame or country and my skin tone goes unnoticed in any country since I am of mixed parentage. When it gets to feel old I just move on and settle in another city or country; it is actually pretty fun. I always enjoyed learning something new and seeing new faces.

My wife on the other hand......she always like to fill up our closet with shoes...countless shoes. It got to the point where I would start selling ones she had to either auctions or museums if they got old enough and she wouldn’t even notice. I love my wife and all, but damn does she know how to collect. Anyway, I have to awaken her memories first before anything. Being immortal is alot like the movie
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

When we get sick of life and want to die we just revert back to our time as a newborn and seal away our memories into a momento and wear it as keepsake until the time comes when we will need it again to remember who we are. In our case we used our wedding rings.

As I enter the shop she comes and greets me. ( Which I doubt was not her choice considering how much she hated people. I always found that funny too how can you hate people and yet want to be famous?) She looks around the age of when we first met; twenty three.

I have to admit I am caught off guard by her beauty; I always am. I focus back into reality and listen to her greeting: Hello and Welcome to
Diamant Linie: My name is Katrina how may I help you today sir?

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