Caramel Strum (Re)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Taste The Moon.

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013




 Katrina my love; my life. I am lucky to have met her and even luckier to be born who I am in the world. Well, that was a lie hahaha. In truth luck had nothing to do with it. In my youth I discovered I had an ability: a useful ability. You see everyone is born with this potential, let us call it Adam’s Privilege.

You see when ‘’God’’ made the first man Adam he also instilled in him limitless potential as a gift. Some might think that the fruit of knowledge was the reason why he was kicked from the garden with Eve. No, the actual reason was that ‘’God’’ saw that Adam was becoming too consumed by his gift and started acting as if he himself was ‘’God’’.

Long story short ‘’God’’ kicked his ass right out. It was like when a teenager thinks he is tough and finally able to fight his father. But, in this case it was more like an almighty spanking for Adam. Anyway, something happened which even ‘’ God’’ himself didn’t think would: Adam’s offspring started to unlock their potential like their father. But, nowhere near as powerful since they were not a direct creation from ‘’God’’.

So, as you got through the frame of time humanity you will see those who have inherited this ability and were able to fulfill their potential. Such people as: Harry Houdini, Adolf Hitler, Leonardo Da vinci, Solomon, Cerdic of Wessex, Emperor Jimmu of Japan, Moses (Only when he was high though) and last, but not least myself. I would list some music and entertainer’s too, but they are usually just drug induced when they unlock their potential so they are not credible.

I should also note Immortality is not my gift nor my wife’s. Although it could be for someone else; just not us. No, we obtained Immortality through...on second thought lets save that for later. Anyway like I was saying MY gift is a bit of a good one if I don’t say so myself. I have the ability to control life! ….okay, I don’t really. But, it sounded cool in my head and I always thought it made me seem more heroy.

I have the ability to alter pathways in my life and the life of anyone I see. I call my privilege: 87 Nights. The name has no relevance to my ability; I just stole it from a band I saw in the 1980’s. When I use my ability basically I am able to see the stream of future events in all outcomes and push the one I want most to happen into existence.

However, I am unable to use my ability more than once on a person unless they have awoken their own ability. I cannot stop someone’s death, but I can say for example have an ambulance driver make a wrong turn somewhere and pick them up as they happen to have a heart attack. And a person needs to be in my line of sight for my ability to affect them.

So say for example if I saw a beautiful girl and wanted to talk to her; by that I mean sleep with her. I would use my ability to make the odds in more my favor hahaha. Nothing too extreme like say I happen to be taking the same bus or taxi as her. Or, I happen to bump into her by ‘’accident’’ while going to get my morning coffee.
I remember when I first saw Katrina; she was flaunting over one of the Byzantine Empire’s soldiers. She is one of those women who lose it when they see’s a man who looks like he was cut from stone. At the time I was working as a fishermen, but my real way of earning money was through jobs I would take from those willing to pay my asking price.

I was coming in from a days catch when I saw her with a soldier near the cove where I would dock my boat when I would come in at the end of the day. The problem with soldier’s is that they may be good to look at, but their brains hold the weight of a grain of sand. And to make matters worse they usually believe they can get away with anything because of their status and title.

This one was no different. As I walked to shore I saw he was attempting to rape her. I usually try not to get involved in other peoples affairs, but when Katrina caught my eye I couldn’t turn away. I knew I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I walk up to them and ask the soldier to stop and leave. It must have a been a sight for him, just some random average built guy dressed in poor mans clothes was telling him a soldier someone with title and status to stop and leave.

He told me to go away before he killed me. I asked him again, but instead of ignoring me he got off from a top of Katrina and pulled his sword from his sheathe. I was not a stranger to death when it approaches, nor am I afraid of it. As the soldier went to swing his sword at me I placed my index finger upon his chest and he fell instantly.

You see my 87 nights also has another ability: Along with being able to see and alter the pathways of life. I can also see the major pathways of blood in someones body. For example by placing enough force to certain spots on the human body I can break apart their internal organs. This was how I was able to truly earn money for myself; it is amazing how much people are willing to pay to get rid of someone who has crossed them.

Katrina rushed to my side and I gave her one of the spare robes I had in my boat, since hers were ripped by the soldier. The authorities arrived quickly since a witness informed them of the death of the soldier. I explained to them the situation and showed them my letter of exemption with Caesar’s seal ( I obtained it after a job I did for him, I asked him to draft it just incase something like this happened).

They let us go and I took Katrina back to her home. After that she would come by the cove when I was finished fishing everyday. She was very interested in who I was in how I was able to eliminate the soldier with such ease considering I was only average build. She also was curious how I had obtained the letter from Caesar. I figure I’d tell her the truth, it was so unbelievable I knew she would just brush me off as a joke or insane.

But, just like Katrina she did the complete opposite. Instead she asked me to tell her more about myself. Who was I? How did I obtain my ability? Could she have an ability? What will I do after I leave this town? It was one of the happiest times of my life. Then...we got married.

The problem was that Katrina liked to live lavishly and I did not provide the means for such. She would often lay on the arm of some politician or wealthy merchant. I suppose more than anything it was to make me jealous, since I always possessed a calm and still personality it bothered her to never see me express myself.

She also never understood why I didn’t use my abilities to amass great fortune. I told her that by doing so would cause more problems than it would solve. Which was true, plus I hated when attention was on me positive or not. The real issue started when Katrina unlocked her Privilege of Adam.

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