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Book by: Gammastarlight


Genre: Horror




Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks!



Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2011



Part 3

I woke up the next morning on the couch, I had a headache I saw Jermey come out of the bedroom.

\" How was your shift last night at the hospital?\"

\" treated lots of coughing, stomache, common colds, the real odd symptom that i wrestled with all night was flucating fevers, my team is resarching on the fevers as the patients come in we are gonna have a variable graft to record the data.\" Jermey said as wewalked toward the couch.

I sat up and scotted over on the couch to make room for Jermey, I picked up the black tv controler with the yellow and green buttons on itI pressed the blue power button, Ourblack flat screen samsung tv came to life, Iflipped through the channels,I put on the style network and watched a show about business fashion and business makeup. I watched the program on tv while Jermey got up and cheeked on the turkey. I finshed watching the show about business fashion in the office and I got up off the couch and cooked for ten hours straight. I put all the cooked items for the chirstmas party in there containers it was sunday and the chirstmas party was on monday. Jermey got called back into work just as I was brushing my long blonde hair out before my shower. Jermey left as I turned on the water for my shower. I took a quick shower and got into my pajamas the phone rang it was jermey.

\"Hello we have gathered data from the fevers and it looks like this isn't the common cold\"
Jermey said

\"What is it? \"

\" my team of doctors believe it is just the flu just a new kind of flu there looking into it' Jermey said on the phone

\" Thanks for telling me Jermey, are there any precautions I should take or anyone at my office for this flu?\"

\" no\"

\" ok please keep me posted i love you\"

\" I love you to olivia goodbye\"

I hung up the phone and the house had a chill i walked up to the thermostate and turned on the heat, I grabbed the afgan brown throw on the couch and wrapped it around my shoulders, I went into the bedroom and I sat on the bed and layed down on top of the covers and warmed my body warmed up on this chilling evening, I drifted off to sleep.

\" welcome to the party everyone here at Jessica James hospital \" Jessica James said from the brown Podemum with the sliver microphone curling up from the bottom like a snake. Jessica James had her brunette hair done up into an updo, Her body frame was Perfectly toned and thin her bright orange long dress with the sparkles on the top was goregous it captivated her figure beautifully. Jessica James took a drink of water from a small clear glass she set the glass down gracefully. Her Beautiful brown auburn eyes looked out to the audience.

\" my journey began in college were I gained a nursing degree, A Medical doctor Degree, A Degree in sports medicine and gained adoctorate degree In Physical Therapy a final doctoratedegree inoccupational therapy. I opened up a smallmedical clinic, this allowed me to gain new staff members that had doctorates in psychology, Neurologly, Cardiology and other body systems. This allowed us all a few years to get experience and gain paitents. I closed the small clinic, I bought the buliding we are standing in now and turned it into jessica james hospital. It became a sucessful hospital with great specialists and great patient care and great patient accomendations. Im proud of my hosptial I am proud to be head of the whole hosptial thanks everyone.\" The appulase echoed in sync.

Christmas music came on and echoed in theHospitalaudtiorium, Everyone had plates of my food after they were done eating everyone came up to me to say ...

\" olivia your cooking is amazing\"

\" Olivia your meal was the best for the event!\"

I replied \" Thanks\" To a group, I felt Gratified inside and was smiling ear to ear

The groups of people just kept comming to say there thanks

I gathered the dishes for oliva and wrapped what food was left to be taken home

I walked up to Olivia with my arms doing a balancing act to hold all the dishes

\" Honey Olivia it's time to go\"

\" do you want my help Jermey?\"

\" No\"

Olivia and I both felt a cold wind sweep and wrap around us as we headed to the parking garage, Olivia and I walked up to my red Bmw Olivia opened the passanger door for me and I sat down and olivia closed the passanger door she walked around the car with her arms wrapped around her and she rubbed both arms, Olivia Sat in the passanger seat and shivered and closed her fists of her blue leather gloved hands. Olivia put the keys in the ignetion we drove out of the hosptial parking garage and headed home.

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