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Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks!

Chapter6 (v.1) - Downturn Begins

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Olivia gets hit with sickness in this chapter You will have to read the chapter to find out what else happens in this chapter.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 16, 2012



I walked out of the hospital that night and there was snow comming down and covering everything in white, I walked to the parking lot and got to my car quickly and in my car quickly and I put the keys in the ignition and Turned the knob to put the heat on full blast, I turned on the radio and flipped through channels until I found a station that was playing Classical and jazz music and left it on. I arrived home at 1 am and I got out of my car and shut the door. I walked into the house and I saw a note on the kitchen counter from Olivia, It read in her neat hand writing " Jermey I all of a sudden Had a terrible fever started the time I got home from work and I had terrible aching all over my body, Can you please exam me when I wake up in the moring.? I took a tylenol P.M. and brewed a hot cup of teaI went to bed, Love Olivia" I walked into the bedroom I could hear Olivia breathing in the bed and all the lights were off so I walked up to the bed and slid under the covers and put my arm around Olivia, Her Body was hot as an oven and radiating a ton of heat she had a fever and had the virus that was mainfesting itself and striking everyone in town and it was the virus that killed my paitent. I put my head on the pillow and fell alsleep. The next morning Olivia woke up and walked to the bathroom and hunched herself over the toliet, she vomitted and vomitted and she clenched her sides and screamed, Olivias stomach gurgled and churned and she hunched over the toliet and out of her mouth came yellow bile mixed that smelled rancid. I woke up and I rolled to the side of the bed and I saw olivia kneeling beside the toliet with hands clenching her sides in the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom to Olivia and kneeled behind her and rubbed her back.

" Am I Going to be Ok?" Olivia asked me

" You have The Virus that killed my paitent so i am not sure if your going to be ok Olivia"

" Jermey am I going to Have to go to the hospital today I am worried. Because I have work in a few hours at the office."

" Olivia honey You can go into work, If you get sick though again or feel tired or thirsty please come back home."

" Ok I can do that"

" Olivia lets get you cleaned up and get you on the couch, I want you to rest on the couch and ill bring you soup and water and ill take care of you i just want you to rest on the couch"

" Your a doctor even at home Jermey."

" Olivia I know now lets get you cleaned up and get you on the couch."

Olivia I helped on the couch, I Gave her a cup of water and she took it and clasped her hand around it and sipped a little water from the yellow cup and set it down on the coffee table.
I turned on the tv, for olivia I found The shining on tv and left it on.

I sat on the couch in front of Oliva I cheeked her vitals,everything seemed fine.

I sat back against the couch and I watched The Shining.

Towards the end of the movie olivia started sweating terribly and she looked tired.

I looked over at Olivia when the movie was over her head was slumped over to the side on the pillow, her eyes were closed the sweat still glistening on her face.

I looked over and saw Olivia set the black alarm clock on the back of the couch and I saw she set it for work by the red button glowing in the corner of the black clock.

The red numbers glowing on the alarm clock showed 11 am, I started work at 6 pm the sametime Olivia started so I laid down next to Olivia on the couch and I put my arms around her waist and held her and fell asleep.

Beep Beep Beep, I put my hand on the top button of the alarm clock and pressed it down, the beeping stopped,

I leaned over and kissed Olivias cheek, Her eyes opened and she looked up at me.

" Is It Time to go Jermey?"

" Yes Honey It is"

" Ok Jermey Please let me get up "

Jermey got up off the couch first and let me get up after him, I got ready for work fast and left in a hurry.

I got ready for work as soon as Olivia left I shaved and I brushed my teeth, I drove to the hospital with the heat blasting in the car because it was cold and snowy outside.

I went in to the office in the hospital and I found out which paitents I had to see, I went out to the nurses station and I walked up to the black cabient wth drawers with sliver handles.

I opened the cabient and i took out one patient folder, I closed the cabient and I walked to the patients room.

I walked into the paitents room to find an older man, vommiting blood into a pink bed pan that was he was holding, I walked over to the paitents bed to find a nurse lying dead on the floor next to his bed. , I went over the to the paitent in the bed and I asked him.

"How Long Have you been sick for charles?"

" Only A few Hours doctor."

"Charles What Symptoms have you had?"

" I started out with just vomitting and a fever and sweating, I started to feel stomach pain and thats when I came to the hospital doctor."

" Was Marry the nurse thats on the floor dead did she come to cheek up on you charles before her death?"

" yes doctor she did and as soon as she was about to inject my iv with meds, she started coughing up blood and she ran to the bathroom and vomitted up blood and how i know she vomitted up blood she came back to continue to put meds in my iv and there was a little blood left on her mouth. As soon as she picked up the syringe to putin my iv she fell to the floor and gasped for air."

Charles then started gasping for air and he coughed up a little more blood.

I heard looked over to the heart monitor screen and saw a flat line.

A Nurse came to the door her name was Jessica

" Doctor we just had five people die in a row."

" Jessica were there any Symptoms before there death ?

"Doctor Jermey Coughing up blood gasping for air were there symptoms."

"Ok Same as Charles and Mary The nurse thats dead on the floor."

" Doctor Jermey I forgot to tell you the Emergency Room is full theres at least fifty people in the emergency room with stomach flu symptoms and were understafffed please help out in the emergency room?"

" Ok Jessica Tell the staff in the E.R. Im on my way."

I walked into The Emergency Room all I heard was the beeping of heart monitors and vomitting, the whole wing smelled like blood.

I ran over to The First patients bed i attended to that paitent and I ran to the second paitent and i attended to that patient, I ran from paitent to patient attending to the paitents, The Emergency Room felt like a war zone.

I was sweating profusely, as I saw more paitents came into the emergency Room with The same symptoms as the paitents that were in the emergency room already, I went to the nurses station in the emergency room and made an order for them to call in more nurses and doctors.

We were fully staffed for the emergency room ,We had three paitents die just as 9:00 pm apporached.

I walked to the lab and I took a blood sample from a sick paitent, I brought the blood sample into the lab.

" Please mark can you take a look at this sample of blood under the microscope?"

Mark was a lab intern that just started a few days ago.

" Sure Doctor"

Mark took blood filled tube from my hands

He sat down at a microscope and adjusted the lense and he snapped on white gloves, He put a little blood on a slide and looked into the lense on the microscope.

" Doctor Jermey this virus is very aggressive and its multiplying fast."

" Ok Mark thanks let me take a look"

Mark Scattered out of his chair andI sat down were mark was sitting I peered into the microscope. The cellsof the virus were multiplying by the second andthe viruswas unstoppable. I kept focusing the microscope to see what kind of virus this was. It was in the blood, People were puking up blood and then someone else got sick. So that told me it was an airborne virus and a aggresive virus that would keep spreading, As the virus spread it would get more aggresive. It was a modern day plague. I named The disease I saw in front of meVarilolas, I wrote it down the name and i sent the name to The offical journal of medicine online and I sent the offical journal of medicinea description of the virus. I would be a world famous doctor in an hour, gosh it felt good. Treatment wise The offical journal of medicine would decide on there own what they wanted to put as treatment of the virus I had no control over that part.

I told my team in the lab to put out spread the word about the new disease I just discovered and spread the word to the local medical clinics, I walked back out to the Emergency room ward and I spread the word about how bad the virus disease was and we put all the paitents in confinment rooms. I looked at the clock it was already 6:00 am, I made sure each paitent had a team of doctors and nurses to take care of them. I punched out and I got in my car and drove home.

They were standing on there front porch inthere winter jackets each smoking a cigarette

" Hows it Going neigbors?"

" Good a bit cold out withthis snow comming down Jeremey"Ginger Responded with her face flushed from the cold and the whiteness falling in her red hair.

Gingers Husband Bob with his blond hair put his arm around ginger " Have a nice day Jer."

" Have a nice day Ging and bob" I walked inside my house and shut the door behind me.

I looked down on the floor and Olivia was lying there with her eyes closed, I bent down next to her and I cheeked her neck for a pulse she had a pulse but it was faint, I called the hospital that I just left, They sent an ambulance.

The paramedics were there in seconds, They Put Olivia on the yellow stretcher and took her to the ambulance and closed the door and put the sirings on and sped out of the driveway.

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Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror




Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks!
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