Not just a novel

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Based on the events that changed my life..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Not just a novel

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



It was 26th June 2011..not like any other day. It was special.I had to leave for my hostel, for the first time in my life I was to part from my parents.At about 10.30, my journey started with my school friends.I knew staying away from my family would be a tough one but I had my friends.We all had decided to pursue our higher studies together and gladly we all got our respective admissions in the same school and the same stream(science). After we reached hostel we started with abit of chit chat and unpacking our things.That whole night we just talked and talked we didnt even realise that we had class the next morning. Phewwww.. 27th june.. Morning.It was raining like hell.We just somehow managed to reach school.We were introduced to our classmates.In the fear of being ragged we stuck with each other like a swarm of bees:P Anyhow the first day of our new school ended. The next days were quite uneventful with the regular studies and trying to get used to our new lifes. About a week or so later a maths test was conducted.. All the students were made to sit in a haphazard manner(means the girls and boys were mixed up).Unlucky as I am I was made to sit with the most \"khadoos\" guy of our class :( I was the kind of gal that was uncomfortable in communicating with guys. The paper was quite tough but I somehow managed to complete it. As I was busy revising the answers I heard someone calling my name. I knew it was Rahul(that khadoos). I ignored. He called me several times but I acted as if I was busy and didnt pay attention. After class ended we went back to hostel.Kakali said that she had a surprise for me.I asked what. Kakali said\"That guy Rahul of our class he loves you.He has been asking every little thing about you since the first day\". I was too numb to react. He was quite smart,of dark complexion.but but I wasnt ready for this stuff. Gitashree said dont worry dear we are with you.. Time passed and he started stalking me. Wherever I used to go I was being followed..library,playground,class eveywhere.. Those days were the worst.. But somehow I came out of this situaton and later He hated me like hell . Ok so this was the first part of my life.. I dont know how it was.. If you want me to continue I would publish the next part of my first n everlasting love.. Hope you like it.. :)

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