Not just a novel

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Sonia said\" Gayatri, Pranjal loves you\". I was like \"what!! Stop kidding. I dnt even him.\" She handed me his phone number beautifully written in a piece of paper with a heart inscribed and said\" take it.I have already provided him your number.Bye\". And she went away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Describing about Pranjal.. He was a cute guy with dimples but I never noticed him in class as I was too busy with my studies.He always used to get scoldings from the teachers for being too mischiveous.I have till then never talked with him not even the normal hi hello and all. That night Pranjal texted me saying that he has fallen for me and all that stuff. I vehemently rejected saying that we could be just friends. \"I swear I will make you mine oneday\" Pranjal declared. It made me smile I didn't know why. Next day at school for the first time we spoke. He asked me for my water bottle. As I handed over the bottle I felt something unusual. He stared at me. I looked away. Everyday he used to keep a choclate for me in my desk with a beautiful\"I love you\"note. I started falling for him. 11th aug 2011. Finally it was an yes. I accepted him. We went out to the park for a small walk that day. \"You are the first guy in my life please dont break my heart. I dont wanna lose you. I want you to be my first and last\". I said half crying. He held my hand and gently planted a kiss on my cheek. He gave me an infinity ring and said\" I fell in love with your innocence. I know I dont deserve you but believe me I will always be with you till my last breathe\" Aahhh that moment I felt as if I was the most blessed girl on earth. We hugged each other with tears in our eyes. We used to share my tiffin and notes. He wasn't too good in mathematics I used to explain him the sums and all he did was stare stare stare stare. He bunked his practicals as we were in different groups, just to spend time with me and I scolded him for that. But deep inside I hated when classes ended coz I missed his stares. Everything was so perfect. Then the horrible thing happened................... continued in next chapter <3

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Not just a novel

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