Summer Surprise

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 04, 2012




Chapter 13

7 Years On


Tyler’s POV


It’s been seven years since I walked away from the girl I loved and left her standing in the rain, and there wasn’t a day that went by when I didn’t wonder if I’d made a huge mistake. Since Cassidy there had been a few women but it never worked out, and it was because I still loved Cassie and I always would. The day I left her I waited for a phone call from her… it never came; I was too much of a coward to make the call. I waited for that phone call for a year and a half, but after that I knew I had lost my once in a lifetime love.

A lot had happened in seven years, and I had Cassie to thank for that. I was the kid who everyone had expected to fail, everyone I had ever known had believed that including Caleb; but then Cassie came along and she believed in me. So when we were over I knew I had to do something to prove her right.

Tyga industries had started out as a small business, it was only known locally for a while but then word spread and it became massive. We produced and sold Tyga Motorcycles; one day I would be in New York and the next I was in Paris. I’d done pretty well for an ex-drug addict, and I knew I had pretty everything a man could wish for, I was 25 now and was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world; but I would’ve given up the money, the girls, the partying to have Cassie back.

Sometimes when I was sitting in my office I would look out the window and think back to Mexico and Cassie. I wondered; what was she doing now? How was she? Was she married? Did she have children? Did she think about me, like I thought about her?

‘Hello Sir, you have some messages that have just come through.’ I turned around to see Dana standing there, she was a constant reminder of that summer; she was still in touch with Cassie but we never talked about her. Dana and Caleb were still together and were extremely happy, and I’d actually become quite close to Dana and come to think of her as a sister. I still couldn’t believe that after 7 years Caleb hadn’t proposed, but they insisted that they were happy as they were.

‘Dana, I’ve told you don’t call me Sir… it’s too weird.’ I laughed.

‘Well then Ty, some messages have just come through.’

‘Hit me.’ I said.

‘Ok well,’ She shifted her position slightly and began to read, ‘Caleb wants to have lunch with you today and…’ She continued reading them but I blanked out.

I knew that the rest would be about meetings and charity functions.

When she’d finished she looked at me, her eyes full of sympathy, ‘You ok Ty?’

‘Yeah I’m fine thanks Dana.’

‘Ok well take it easy, we have a meeting at 4 o’clock, so have fun with Caleb at lunch and tell him I love him.’ She patted my shoulder and then left the room.

Once the door was firmly shut again, I turned my chair back around and carried on staring out the window.


Cassie’s POV


‘Will you marry me?’

I laughed, ‘Sure I will Mr Stephens, but I just need to check your temperature first.’

I’d been a fully-fledged doctor for almost a year now and it was moments like those that made it all worth it. Sure there were times when you wanted to shoot yourself because it was so depressing, like when a child died and you had to give the new to their family; it would take me back to my brother’s death, and sometimes I would have to hide my tears.

‘Hey Cassie!’ I turned around to see Freya bounding towards me.

‘Hi, Freya! Guess what? Mr Stephens just proposed to me!’ I jumped around faking excitement.

‘Oh my God,’ she shrieked, ‘I’m so jealous!’

After complaining all the way through medical school Freya had finally decided that she’d made the right choice, and we both loved our jobs. I would be forever grateful to Freya; seven years ago when the boy I loved left me standing in the rain, Freya found me lying in the gutter shivering and crying; that was my lowest point, straight after Tyler left me I couldn’t hear his name without breaking down. I often thought about Tyler, even though I had moved on I often wondered what my life would be like had we stayed together; I’m sure it would’ve been incredible, but the life I had now was just fine too. Dana was living in New York with Caleb now and she told me Tyler was very well and had become extremely successful, this made me happy.

‘Are you going to be at the dinner tonight?’ I asked Freya.

‘Yeah of course I am, I couldn’t miss it could I?’ She replied while grinning hugely.

Before I answered her I fiddled with the engagement ring on my fourth finger on my left hand.

‘No not since, I want you to be my maid of honour.’

Tonight was the night my Fiancé and I would announce our engagement.  

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