Summer Surprise

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 04, 2012




Chapter 14

Rehearsals and Engagements


Cassie’s POV


‘Clink Clink everyone,’ everyone looked up at the speaker, ‘Now many of you know the reason Cassie and I have asked you to come here tonight but some of you don’t so… Cassidy and I have asked you here so we can officially announce our engagement! So everyone please let’s make a toast to my beautiful bride-to-be Cassidy!’ As Tom finished his speech everyone toasted and clapped.

He bent down and kissed my cheek ‘I love you Cassie.’ He whispered.

‘I love you too Tom.’

Tom had asked me out 5 years after Tyler had left, he’d understood that I’d needed time and for that I would be forever grateful. When he asked me to dinner 2 years ago I agreed reluctantly at first, but eventually I found that I was ready to begin a new relationship as I could not dwell on the past forever. Tom was patient with me, God knows it must have been hard for him those first few months when I would burst out crying after we slept together or cry when we watched a movie about a summer romance.

Of course my Mother had never been so happy; she’d gotten what she’d always wanted. I must admit I was glad that my relationship with my Mother was repaired but I would never fully forgive her, knowing that she was one of the major reasons that my first love and I had broken up.

Tom told me he’d loved me since the moment he’d met me but if I was being honest I hadn’t fallen in love with him until last year; but my life was good now, we were getting a lot of money from our jobs as we were both doctors, this meant that the long shifts didn’t affect our relationship as we saw each other at the hospital.  However Tom was trying to become a consultant a course that took 2 years training, he’d started it last year so only had one year left to go; we would get married after he’d finished the course.

‘Oh my goodness Cassie! Let me see the ring,’ I held out my hand to Eliza, ‘Oh my gosh that’s no ring it’s a rock!’

I laughed falsely, I hated Eliza. Since Tom had started training to become a consultant we’d become part of a crowd that went to fancy parties and charity functions, where people were posh and looked down on the poor. I hated this as it wasn’t my job to judge others but to heal others, the women who went to these parties – Eliza for example – would judge a woman for working after having a child. I would never judge a woman for doing that! I would be doing that when Tom and I eventually started a family. The thing I hated most about this crowd though was that they refused to call me Cassie and instead used my full name all the time.  

‘Yeah Cassie you’re a lucky girl, Tom’s just incredible… he lights up a room.’ This came from Leah; we’d recently got back in touch. She was a big shot lawyer now, who was married with a child! Paige however didn’t talk to any of us anymore, she’d become harsh and bitter and no one knew why, either way it wasn’t much of a loss… she’d always judged us.

‘Thanks Leah,’ I gave her a hug.

‘And he’s so sensible, you know you will always be financially secure,’ Eliza patted my knee as she said this. Like I gave a crap about his money.

I knew all my single friends were jealous of my relationship with Tom; they watched in envy when he held the car door open for me and told me how beautiful I looked. I love Tom don’t get me wrong but when I’m with him I feel perfectly fine; when I was with Tyler I felt like I was on a rollercoaster, like there was always adrenaline coursing through my veins! I missed the urgency and the frustration.

But Tom was reliable, he gave me space and he cared for me. He got along with my Mother so well, and if my Father was alive I’m sure they would’ve sat at the dinner table and talked about business and the stock market. He’s charming and endearing and I’m luckier than most women my age so I don’t complain.

I looked at my ring again… every time I look at it I see Tyler, and a part of me wishes it was him who had given me this ring. I look up to see Leah staring at me, she knows what I’m thinking.

‘Are you sure you want this?’ She mouthed at me.

‘Of course I’m sure, I love Tom.’ I mouthed back.

She nodded then and dropped it.

‘Does he know?’ She asked me quietly; she was asking me about Tyler. Tom didn’t know that I spoke to Dana about Tyler every week.

‘No I told Dana not to tell him.’

Her eyes widened but she nodded anyway.

I felt Tom come up behind me then and say, ‘Aren’t we so lucky Cassie? We have everything we ever wanted.’

‘Yes.’ I whispered.

That’s when Freya began her speech.


Tyler’s POV


‘You’re getting married?’ I was shocked; I’d thought Caleb and Dana were happy as they were.

‘Yes… in 3 months!’ Dana cried.

3 months? Jeez, that wasn’t very long. But I suppose they’d been together for 7 years now and wanted to make it official as quickly as possible.

‘I’m happy for you bro.’ I hugged Caleb and then Dana.

They shifted around awkwardly then.

‘What?’ I asked, ‘What is it?’

‘Sit down Ty’ Caleb said to me.

I did as he said. ‘What’s up? You’re worrying me.’ I said.

‘Tyler,’ Dana began, ‘we really want you to be a part of the wedding, I mean, Caleb want you to be his best man, but we need to tell you this as it might affect your decision on whether you want to come or not.’

‘Of course I’d want to go, nothing could stop me.’ I said confused.

‘Tyler… we’re getting married at the hotel in Mexico on the 7th of July; the day we met the girls’ Caleb began.

I began shaking my head.

‘And I’m inviting Cassie,’ Dana added, ‘I’m going to ask her to be my maid of honour.’

‘I have a meeting in ten minutes.’ I said and walked out of the room.

I walked to the conference room and began pacing. 

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