Summer Surprise

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 05, 2012




Chapter 15



Cassie’s POV


It was mornings like these when I realised how happy I was; Tom and I had saved for years and had finally bought this gorgeous apartment in London. On this particular morning I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper, Tom was in the kitchen making pancakes; we both had work later so we were going to make the most of our morning off.

‘Last night was fun, don’t you think?’ He said to me.

‘Yeah it was great, I’ve haven’t seen my Mother so happy in years.’ I smiled as I said this.

‘I was worried she wouldn’t be happy.’ Tom told me.

‘Tom don’t be so ridiculous, my Mother has always loved you.’

After I’d said this I knew it was the worst thing I could’ve said; although I’d meant it as a light-hearted compliment he took it as a stab at him. He always worried that I blamed him for my break up with Tyler. He went back to making the pancakes without a word.

‘How many pancakes do you want?’ He asked me.

‘Just one please,’ I teased, ‘you wouldn’t want a chubby bride, would you?’

He laughed and kissed me; I knew I was forgiven. I heard the post sliding through the letter box.

‘I’ve got it!’ I told him.

‘One second,’ he said. Unexpectedly he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard. ‘I’m so glad you said yes.’

‘I am too.’ I whispered.

I went to the doormat and picked up the post shuffling through it; bills, bills, opticians, and what was this?


Albetino and Annie Leong

Request the pleasure of the company of

Cassidy & Thomas

At the marriage of their daughter

Dana Leong


Mr Caleb Hudson

At The Viva Mexico Hotel

On Monday 7th July of this year.


I turned the invitation over and saw in Dana’s handwriting.

‘Cassie, can you believe it? We’re finally getting married! Phone me ASAP!’

I walked back into the kitchen.

‘Was there anything interesting?’ Tom asked me.

I handed him the invite and watched as his face at first became angry and then calm.

‘I’ll go book the flights.’ He said.

‘We’re going?’ I asked confused.

‘I think it will be good for us.’ He replied simply.


After we had eaten breakfast I went to the phone and called Dana.

‘Hello?’ It was Dana, she had lived in America for seven years now and her British accent was almost completely gone.

‘Congratulations!’ I cried.

‘No congratulations to you!’ She said excitedly.

What was she talking about I told her that I’d gotten engaged a month ago and she was congratulating me?

‘Why?’ I asked confused.

‘Because you are my Maid of Honour!’ She screamed.

‘Oh my God!’ I was shocked, ‘thank you so much!’

‘Just one thing,’ she said, ‘Tyler is Caleb’s best man… which means you’ll be walking down the aisle with him.’

Oh shit. Tom would freak out.

‘That’s fine,’ I heard myself say. What was I saying?

‘Ok and there’s just one more thing.’ I waited knowing it couldn’t be good by her tone of voice, ‘Caleb, Tyler and I are going to Mexico a week early to make preparations and I would like you to join us.’

‘I’ll see what I can do.’ I whispered.


Tyler’s POV


‘Look I’m sorry I can’t give you such a huge discount on such a new product!’ I shouted.

I hated companies like this, the ones that couldn’t take no for an answer. I put the phone down, knowing that they would call back tomorrow when I’d cooled off; they still weren’t getting a discount, but it was late and I was impatient.

Yesterday Dana had told me that we would be travelling to Mexico a week early and that Cassie would be joining us. I couldn’t lie I was excited; I wanted to see her again, to hear her voice. I knew that if given the right amount of time I could fix the one mistake I’d made in my life. I could make Cassie fall back in love with me. I knew I could.

Seven years ago we’d met in Mexico on the 7th of July and now seven years later we would meet again only this time we wouldn’t end. I could provide for her now.

I was going to get her back. Just wait and see.

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