Summer Surprise

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 05, 2012




Chapter 16



Tyler’s POV


‘Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! Couldn’t you just die?’ Dana cried.

Yes, yes I could. I didn’t want to hurt Dana’s feelings by saying so but all I had heard since their engagement had been announce was wedding this and wedding that.

‘Well I’m happy for the both of you,’ I replied.

‘Are you excited though?’ Dana asked with wide eyes.

‘Yes I’m very excited!’ I faked a smile. I wasn’t excited I was nervous; I was going to see the only girl I’d ever loved for the first time in seven years in a month! Not only that we would be reunited in the very place that we had first fallen in love.

‘Good.’ She replied and walked back to her desk.

Later on Caleb came in to see me.

‘Hey brother.’ He said whilst giving me a quick hug.

‘Hey man, I really need to see you. Today has just been a nightmare! I’ve been getting calls left, right and centre can’t even think straight.’ I complained.

‘Why don’t you tell me what’s really bothering you?’ He knew me so well, ‘Tyler I’ve known you for years, and we shared a bedroom for nearly 17 years for Christ’s sake. You love your job so tell me… what’s the real problem?’ He leaned forward and linked his hands.

‘Caleb…I still love her man. I always will I know it.’ I said this and let my face fall into my hands, ‘I’m scared that when I see her I’ll fall apart, I mean I’m gonna have to walk down the aisle with her! What if it’s too much for me? What if she hates me, I mean that day seven years ago I just left her standing in the road?’ I was scared for the first time in years.

‘Dude she won’t hate you, I promise that.’ Caleb said. ‘How about you come to our house for supper and a glass of wine tonight?’

‘That sounds great.’ I smiled, ‘thanks so much Caleb.’

‘It’s cool, what are brothers for?’ He stood up smiling as he said this.

He left then and closed the door.


Caleb’s POV


Once I’d made sure Tyler’s office door was firmly shut, I walked quickly towards Dana’s desk.

‘Dana! I knew it, he still loves her… what are we going to do, he doesn’t know she’s engaged?’

‘Caleb, he never stopped loving her. And he doesn’t need to know yet, if he finds out he won’t want to come to the wedding! He just needs to see her and that will be it, he just needs closure.’ She replied calmly.

‘I hope you’re right.’ I whispered.

I kissed her cheek and with that I left, I hated keeping something so big from Tyler but I had to respect that Cassie didn’t want him to know. I just hoped that Tyler could keep it together in Mexico.

Cassie’s POV


‘Oh Dana, their just so beautiful!’ I cried down the phone.

Dana had just emailed me a picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses and I couldn’t help but scream, they were beautiful!

‘I know right!’ She screamed back at me.

‘Tom!’ I shouted, he walked into the room looking worried, ‘look at how beautiful these dresses are!’

He leaned forward and looked, ‘they’re beautiful! You’re gonna look incredible.’ He said and kissed me on the cheek.

It was only a month until the wedding now and Tom had agreed to let me go a week early with Dana. The condition I had to stick to was that I called him every night, which I agreed to; he didn’t know that Tyler was also going a week early, I felt bad about keeping it from him but I knew that if he had known he would never have agreed to go.

Every time I thought about seeing Tyler, I got butterflies in my stomach; I didn’t know why but I did! It would be hard to see him again, but I knew we could be friends. I was scared to think about how Tom would treat him at the wedding, they didn’t exactly have the best history. But Tom was a gentleman and I trusted him to behave and be civil.

‘Well Dana, this wedding is going to be unforgettable.’ I said.

‘That’s for sure.’ She said this in a way that worried me. As if something big was going to happen; ah well, I pushed it to the back of mind.

After 10 minutes I hung up and went into mine and Tom’s bedroom.

‘You are so beautiful.’ Into my ear and then began kissing my neck.

Later that night after making love to Tom, I lay awake thinking about what it would be like when I saw Tyler again in Mexico; I don’t know why but I could feel something in the pit of my stomach… it was guilt. 

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