Dual Blades

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Yumitski, is a soul reaper and has been for a long time well not to her anyway. She just traveled a 1000 years into the future. So she's really only 120 years old. The soul society has now been shaken from the traitors , Gin, Aizen, and Tousen . Now need her badly to become one of the captains but things could get bad if Aizen finds That she can travel through time ans such. So come read as love blossoms, sadness hits hard, and adventure at every turn.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dual Blades

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



The captains watched as Head Captain Yamato was going to announce the new captains of the Third, Fifth, and Ninth Divison . Their was a deep pause in Captain Yamato before he finally spoke hushing the great hall of captains all except the lieutenants of the divisons . The replacments for the division's are of the following soul reapers. Their again was a pause of silence as he paused once more before he spoke. The New Third Divison Captain is Ranmaru Mioka. No one said anything as the next name was called. The New Fifth Division Captain is Naru Sozen. The New Captain of the Ninth Division is Yumitski Nanato. There pause was interupted as two figures stepped out from the door, revealing a Dark blue haired man who was 160 years old, tall and looked older than his age. Then the man next to him had Blonde shaggy hair, again 160 years old and is tall and again looking older than his age. The other waited for the third but was surprised by Captain Unohana of the Fourth divison.

Ah, you won't find Yumitski Nanato here yet she said smiling as she usually does.

Mostly every one raised an eyebrow at Yamato.

Were currently setting up an escort team she said now looking at captains.

The one's going are Captain Unohana, Captain Hitsugaya, and Lieutenate's, Momo, Kira, and Shuhei.


Um, are we going the right way? Momo asked from the middle of the walking group.

Well, I suppose we are for the reiatsu is coming from this direction. Unohana said smiling while continuing to walk forward.

Captain Unohana, You seem to have met Yumiski before? Hitsugaya asked from right next to her.

Why yes, she's quite an amazing person. She said looking down at Hitsugaya who walked right next to her.

Do you think she'll give us trouble since they sent so many of us to get her? Kira asked looking back at Unohana.

Well she never did like the thought of becoming a Captain? She said chuckling at her face when she asked her.

What do you think Shuhei? Kira asked looking at his silent friend.

Not sure, but for Unohana to complement her so is most difficult don't you think? He said looking back at Kira.

The group suddenly stopped as they heard the sound of a crying boy. The group stopped to watch as a red headed girl came and squatted right next to the child as she rubbed his head genlty and hummed a tune. The group was surprised to notice the child had stopped crying a giggled as he reached for her as she gently lifted the boy up. Hitsugaya had never felt his heart jump so franticly at the sight of the girl. At the same time Shuhei had the same weird expericence as he watched the girl. Her red hair was wavey and tied together at the side that fell well past her shoulders, she was small and about 4'3 but her eye's that glowed an earthy green caught them in a deep stare. They hadn't noticed her put the boy down as he ran away with his friend to go play.

Still, great with children Yumitski. Unohana smiled looking at the red haired girl.

Nice to see you again Unohana. The girl said while smiling.

Head captain Yamato needs you at the moment so I'm afraid you need to come back with us immediatly. Unohana said looking back at Yumitski.

The girls face didn't have a smile anymore she just watched Unohana for a moment.

Fine, you guys would be a pain in the ass to runaway from anyway . She said walking down the street.

The group huried and caught up to her.

Let me drop by at Kisuke's i need to leave my gigi and grab some stuff.

They didn't say a word as she walked into the shop and poped into her spirt form.


I pulled my gigi into the closet as i pulled my hair out of the hair tie as it fell past my shoulders. I looked at myself in my shimigami form, my clothes consisted of a red undershirt and a top of white that showed off the red undershirt with rips in both sides and alittle poofy sleves that opened up in a cut also like the sides. Her pants where black but they were genie pants, well that what she liked to call them anyway. The pants were puffy like her sleves but then quickly tighted at her ankles. Her shoe's were chinese-ish, they were black simple and very different then the normal sandles alot of shimigamis wore but she didn't mind as she grabbed her instrument and strapped it to her back and pulled her two Zanpakutos out as hooked them both to one side of her waist. One was a little larger then normal Katana's the other was just alittle bit shorter than other Zanpakuto's. The longer one had a gem tied with a string on the bottom of the grip, the smaller one had the same but they were both different colors. The longer one called Dawn had a orangish gem, the shorter one called Horizon had a red gem.

She shut the door seeing them waiting for her outside. She watched as they gazed at her, as she smiled up at Unohana.

Anyway, this is one of my first fanfictions i'm doing. Um, please comment and tell me how i'm doing or give me some ideas i could add. Umm...

Yumi: Geez, just comment for her already!

Unohana: That's no way to ask someone Yumi?

Momo: She's right Yumi, people won't comment if your rude and demanding like that.

Yumi: You know what, It dosen't matter as long as they comment.

HItsugaya: .................................

Kira: Hahaha, your really Funny Yumi.

Shuhei: yeah, but some manners could come in handy sometimes.


Unohana: What did you say Yumi, i didn't hear so please repeat that one more time? * smiles darkly*

Yumi: ah...? * sweat drops* sorry.......

Author: HAHAHA, anyway please continu to read as i finally finish chapter one after changing to a Buntch of times already . * thumbs up*


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