Grand Piano

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My stand still, has begun in a mysterious way. Some how i'll find out whats happened to me, and some how I'll find what happened that day. I must live the life taken from me long ago.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - stand still Piano

Submitted: December 25, 2012

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Submitted: December 25, 2012



He heaved the door open, as he droped his axe in the door way. I had remeberd him using that very same axe for chopping wood and trees. My mother had pushed me into the closet, as she glanced back. Her face in this moment was something i have seen very few times. Their was the heavy footsteps as the axe ruefully cut into the floor, splintering the wood. She looked back at me, as she placed her finger over her lips. I mirrored her movement, saying that i would keep silent as she had asked. She smiled, as if she had forgotten the impending danger. She leaned over kissing my forhead, i watched her as she closed the closet doors. I watched her do so as her face grew more panicked by the second, and sound of the footsteps nearing.

She walked calmly into the hallway closing the door behind her. I heard the mumble of chatter, as the axe contiued to be dragged closer and closer with heavy beat of his footsteps. My heart was beating out of my chest and into my ear drums. Frightened at the thought of him hearing it i covered my ears with the palms of my hands. I grew panic as the sound of crashing, and yelling filled the hall. I scooted myself back, pressing harder onto my ears. My heart became rapid my eyes burned, but i continued to listen. In fear for my mother, who had bravely gone to face the man. The scream erupted, my heart burst into pain. I heard her voice fade with each thud of swing, their was no more, as my breathing had become frantic. My eye's burned with tears, and my heart and the flow of my blood pounded my ears.

As the footsteps had walked slowly and heavily down , closer to the room. The axe dragged once more, closer and closer. I removed my hands from ears covering my mouth, as the door swung open with the door knob hitting the wooden wall with a thud. He had paused, maybe to listen. My breathing was uncontrollable as i failed to hold my breath creating a gasp of air. He noticed like a beast turning towards the closet. Gripping the handles axe with both hands. He flung the door open, his periceing gaze froze my body cold. He again gripped the axe with both hands. My eyes followed his face, as he swung the axe i had once watched cut wood and trees. I didn't have time to scream, nor plead. That axe will now not cut wood the same, nor trees alike.

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