Life Within The Still

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life Within The Still

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



The world, the times we cherish could be paused in that breif moment sealed into an image.

My lense seeks what the world has to offer all the moments we find ordinary could lead to be extrodinary,

pictures are my all literaly my everything. Where flowers can never die nor smiles ever fade, my images that

shall last forever even if lost. Even the one's that should be erased still hold in that one still frame, life...

My lens longed for the beauty of the world, life in its fullest. For what is more beautiful than the simple joy of ordinary day life. I would have never guessed my job was to take pictures of the opposite of my passion, death in its liveliest form. She seemed to have been beaten from the bruises and her broken nails including the countless burns along her body. She seemed still alive with her eyes closed, her hair beautifully tossed and her makeup luminous from her colorless complexion.

This was Jack Frosts doing. Jack Frost is a serial murder killing woman just like jack the ripper strangling her, then slicing the neck leaving the body in an open place for anyone to see, he even took the heart. The reason the serial murder got frost was because the body was frozen to where the decomposition was stopped not allowing police to get an accurate time of death. Taylor? I looked up.

Yeah chief? Tony’s replacement is coming today give him welcoming for me. Chief didn’t like the idea of replacing tony, sure. I snapped pictures of her cracked nails and burns and cuts.I paused leaning over the victim; she could’ve been in college doing something she loved to do.

What happened I wonder to this girl? Taylor! You mumbling to yourself again? I looked up from my desk it was my senior Keith, I rubbed my forehead pressing my fingers. You’ve been staring at that file for a while now he said huffing. I closed the file tossing it back in with the rest of the files; I leaned forward resting my head with my palm.

Can’t I mumble to myself I asked lazily? He grew somehow taller his belly growing bolder, of course you may not! He huffed It distracts real detectives from their work. There we go again I grumbled that same old fart not liking the idea of me working for the…Um excuse me but is this section 7? He was…so….tall!?!?

Keith shriveled back down, I snorted finally of his fat high horse. Uh…yeah where section 7?! Aw good I thought I was lost he said reaching down to grab his brief case, heading to the empty desk that used to be Tony’s . No way?! He turned looking at me; I had to bend my head literally to the ceiling to see his face. Are you the replacement? He nodded his head. For Tony right? I didn’t say a word I was too shocked.

Let’s all give a warm welcoming to Tristion Adams. There was a gathering of claps from section seven. Keith was briefing him on the recent murder case we were assigned to. He seemed enthralled into the case as he carefully ran across the information and pictures. AHHH! I

sat their spazzing, messing up my hair. OMFG, I was staring at the new guy and even detailing him! God what is wrong with me today, first I’m zoning out, I’m tired and now I’m doing the googily eyes on the new guy!!!!???? I sat the files back down on my desk, grabbing my jacket and a pack of cigarettes. No they didn’t have any tobacco in them just calming herbs that I grow myself.

I didn’t wait for Keith to comment on my random escape from the office. I glanced at the snow frosted letters on the glass door as I was welcomed by fresh air. I pulled a cigarette out from the pack as I flicked my lighter into action. I breathed in deeply closing my eyes for a rest that they eagerly need. I recalled the body from this afternoon, the file case of an abusive boyfriend.

As I dragged the smoke out from my lips, it felt like releasing all the pollution from my heart out into the open air. It felt ecstatic in the very presence of releasing and finally blown away by the dusk setting air. What kind of smell is that? I glanced back near the entrance of the building, it was the new guy. He smiled as I went back for a deep drag. Herbs I said between letting the smoke lose between words.

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