Reborn Legends

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A reincarnated reaper has begun Anew in the ninja world of Naruto uzamaki. With her godly powers and knowledge watch she changes the shinobi world along with the great Konoha 12.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The birth of the non Uchiha!

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



To say i was surprised was an understament, it was more in the lines of "what the fuck" and "That bastard". To clearly put it my name is Nathan Fox, well was anyway. Which will sadly be missed even though it was a rather odd name for a girl but come on the name just grew on me. Anouther good fact to know about me is I'm a retired reaper, a god of death more like. I was the big man; kami-sama's right hand man well woman anyway. To put it after about a 12,000 years in my line of work Kami-sama deemed me the blessing of being reincarnated , and as such my readers that is what has happened to cause me to begin this story with the first colorfull words i am sure you will here through out the story. But as such this is my first time being reincarnated and i was not i repeat not expecting to be a tiny and rather helpless baby. So far i'm doubting this to be a blessing.


To say Daisuke Aoi was ready for this was the understatment of the year, he was never ready for this. Having done this with his two other sons he couldn't help but impatiently walk back and forth in the hospital hall, Not that he wasn't happy or anything it just really killed him about worrying for his wife and new born child. He continued pacing back and fourth as his son's sat paitently and tired at being dragged here in the middle of the night after their mother had gone into labor. Stopping in his tracks a doctor made eye contact with him giving him a sudden twist in his gut.

Nice to meet you , Daisuke Aoi. Please follow me . The doctor said waving his hand in the direction of the hallway .

Looking to his son's who sat their sleepily in the waiting room who sat paitently watching him and the doctor. I'll be back, you two stay here ok. He said before walking down the hall with the doctor who looked down at his clip boardbefore he stopped infront of a hospital room. The doctor opening the door ushered me inside as i say my wife. Her brown hair was tied messily in a pony tail and her brown hazel eye's tiredly looked my way giving a warming smiling that set my mind at ease.

Before we bring in your baby I have something to discuss with you both. The doctor said warily knowing that parents tend to be rash in situations like this and who could blame them.

My baby's alright isn't she? His wife asked hoarsly, as she seemed on the edge of a break down with tears building to her eyes.

Your baby's doing just fine Mrs. Aoi, she's nice and heathly too but thats not what i wish to discuss with you. The doctor pausing to let the news sink in to the mother who took a deep breath but still looked like a nervous wreck.

Getting back to explaining the doctor continued. It seems your child Mr and Mrs. Aoi has been born with the Sharingan.

Your daughter the doctor said continuing to explain, is one of the very few and i mean few to be born with the sharingan without being born in the Uchiha family. She also seems to have it fully matured also, he said adding on to his sentence.

His daughter had the sharingan, he thought. Not only did his daughter have the sharingan but how the Uchiha family would react was beyond him but he didn't care. He had his wife and child and they were both safe, so for now all he wanted to do was meet his new baby girl.


My first time being alive and outside was really just a big blur, Nurses cleaning me and finaly one managed to wrap me and save me from the freezeing cold hospital air which didn't help with me being wet and naked. A nurse cooing at me with a warm smile seemed to be walking down the hall for what seemed like hours, probably cause even though i may be a baby at the moment does not mean i'm gonna be entertained by this baby shit so i was abit annoyed by this nurse. Hearing the sound of a door opening we entered a room different from the one we came from when i was handed off to anouther set of arms. Suspecting to see anouther nurse i was surpirsed to see a tired and worn out woman but still undeniable beautiful and some how i knew looking at this woman. She was my mother, the woman who i wish to come to know and love. 3 pairs of eagar eye's took my attention from my mother, to see a man was mostly definetly my father and two brothers. My brothers i thought surprised for the third time today. And with that a name, a name that will become my new name and life and as given to me by my mother i was known as of that day as Katsumi Aoi.



Sorry for it being so short, but please comment and keep reading my story and give me loads of help by telling me what i did wrong anf give some ideas. XD anyway Thanks for reading!

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