Reborn Legends

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The secret and the party~

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



~ Four years later~

My fathers voice was filled with humor and love, it was wonderful to be awoken like that everyday.

Katsumi~chan! His deep voice would purr in a loving way.

While i fained pretend sleep and awaited his unshaven face that he always used as tickle tactic of some sorts.

Pulling the blankets away from me i indulged myself in laughter as the man blew into my tummy, giving me the warmth and love that i have never felt in all the 12,000 years i have lived. Before he picked my up in his arms, as he went from my room down the stairs towards the kitchen.

Haveing been four years living with my new family I've learned alot about them. My mother is Ayame Aoi, she's weapon maker and a damn good one might i add. My father is named Daisuke Aoi, he's a Joinin ninja and a very loving father. My brothers include the oldest Shigeru and the second oldest Tatsuya, shigeru's offically a genin just of yesterday actually after passing his jonin's test and Tatsuya is one year away from graduating the academy.

I was interupted from my thoughts at the smell of pancakes. When i first had them i was very confused about what the brown like fluff was until i tasted them with syrup!;ending up to becoming my morning weakness. Pancake's I nearly screamed outloud as i started to wrestle myself from my fathers hand, even though i was a 12,000 year old reaper who was reincarnated it still felt good to act like a child again; hell it felt amazing! My father gave a laugh that made my mother join in as she saw my obession for the sweet treat as i finally was put down. I ploped myself at the table seeing my brothers holding their sides as they try'ed to contain their laughter, "try'ed" being the main word they burst into laughing fits. As i puffed out my cheeks in annoyance like any child my age would do. No sooner my mother came in smiling with a stack of steaming pancakes as my father came out with bacon, toast, and sasuage . Noticing my struggle at putting the pancake on my plate, shigeru chuckled and layed my pancake on my plate as i poured syrup rather sloppily on my pancake.

My hair is light peachy with a red hue tint making it look rather beautifull, well thats what my mothers friends always gush about. My eye's are like my mothers a Brown/green hazel eye color that goes really well with my hair color. Likeing that my hair isn't some obnoxious hair color like pink (pinks not a bad hair color) or yellow (sorry naruto... ) it's somthing i won't get a headahche from by glancing in the mirror.

To say my family knows about my sharingan is more like their trying to hide it ,not like i didn't know about it. Using it is no problem but it turns on when i don't expect it, so using a traning method i created back in my reaping days i just kept my eye's closed and saw things by smell, chakira, hearing, and vibrations and to visualize the presence of everywhere living thing which led me to start and label the different chakira's i felt. Though It's easier said then done, but i had 12,000 years to perfect it. It worked until my mom saw and the she seriously freaked when i kept my eye's shut during lunch one day thinking that somthing was wrong she hauled me hallfway out the door before i got the chance to explain.

Playing with the left over syrup on my plate, I tuned in on the conversation my parents where having.

Your father and I are going to the Namikaze's estate with your sister for Naruto's birthday. My mother said talking to my brothers who seemed to be mostly making plans while our parents were gone.

Having observed my family for the last four years and read higher level books that no child my age could manage i had learned about the Namikaze and their clan not to mention that Minato Namikaze is our hokage with his son and Wife Kushina. Having also learned more like figured out. The third had sealed the nine tails into their son killing the third hokage, having already seen this world in my reaping days i find that it has changed drasticly with my appearence; well not that drasticly but has indeed changed.

Come on Katsumi~chan! My brother Shigeru called happily. Let's get you ready for the party so we can go get a gift before you go. I didn't have to open my eye's to feel his bright and loving smile, nodding my head and smiling back i was lifted into his arms as we headed upstairs to go get changed for the day. ~yay~

Happy that At least my older brother wasn't terrible at picking clothes out like Tatsuya, just thinking about it gave me the chills. Inwardly shuddering i was handed Navy Blue shorts , a light blue flannel and some knee high socks with regular van type shoes. After he helped with that he undid my two easy like pigtails and brushed my air as he retied them back up.

(search the pic up to see her hair

Charmingly holding his hand out like a prince i couldn't help but laugh at his idiotcty, But i also couldn't help but love it; but not only him my family and sooner the village and maybe my friends and somehow i got the feeling that somthing was pulling me down a certain road a choice not sure if it's bad or good. I might let myself be lead in the darkness to protect what i had come to love so dearly.

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